Sengoku basara oichi ending relationship

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sengoku basara oichi ending relationship

Oichi (お市, –) was a female historical figure in the late Sengoku period . She is Their marriage was through political means, ensuring an alliance between the Oda A story relates that Oichi sent her brother a sack of beans tied at both ends, There's even a version of her in the Sengoku Basara series of games. In Sengoku Basara 2 Oichi is the only character with a unique ending sequence Their marriage was through political means, ensuring an alliance between the . At the end of Chapter 1 of Oichi's Story Mode in Sengoku BASARA 2: Heroes, as a mediator, the progressively worsening relations between the Toyotomi.

Kenshin pardons her and took her in as a spy. However, because of her failure to assassinate Uesugi, she was exiled from her village. From then on Kasuga served Kenshin and became his most loyal ninja. In Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi, it is also said that it was when she entered Kenshin's employ that she "became human", due to the love she felt for her master- in comparison, Sasuke "became human" due to having Kasuga to worry about back in their village.

Oichi (Sengoku BASARA)

Kasuga often gushes about her lord Kenshin, going so far as to have "delusional" hallucinations where she calls out his name as she braces herself tightly. When these things occur, sometimes other notice and find amusement, while at other times those around simply brush it off.

sengoku basara oichi ending relationship

When alone around Kenshin and not on the job, she tends to be quite amiable- but can become very reserved when Kenshin dotes upon her. However, if Kenshin goes too far with his compliments, Kasuga may have one of her episodes. That being said Kasuga can be very dour, whether on the job or not. She clearly takes her job seriously and is powerful enough on the battlefield to be called a "goddess" by some Uesugi retainers. She isn't humorless, however, and has been known to act sassy towards both enemies and allies alike.

She is not without kindness, however, and displays warmth towards those in the Uesugi army and concern for her allies. She in fact seems to loathe killing, only doing so in order to achieve the world Kenshin wants, Kasuga has a rivalry with Sasuke, in no small part due to the friendship they shared.

When Hideyoshi appears, he parts the sea with his fist, immobilizing Motochika on the dry surface. In fact, he also blocks a cannonball shot by Motochika with only one hand. Hideyoshi jumps onto the Fugaku and confronts Motochika head on, easily beating him up. Yukimura and Oyamada, with Sasuke tagging along, have witnessed this battle, planning to support Motochika's forces. While trying to clear a path for Yukimura, Oyamada is consequently killed in the process.

sengoku basara oichi ending relationship

During the duel between Motochika and Hideyoshi, the Fugaku is ultimately destroyed. As Motochika has fallen to his defeat, Hideyoshi has his victory secured. A New Encounter as a Man for Yukimura!! Yukimura, Aratanaru Otoko no Deai! He also reports to Takeda that Masamune is attacking Hideyoshi's forces disguised as Takeda's soldiers.

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After Sasuke lets Masamune know this, both Takeda and Masamune are then able to defeat Hideyoshi's forces. Still on the way to Satsuma, Yukimura comes across men from the area, only for him to be led to and fend against Musashi Miyamotoan untrained swordsman from the village of Satsuma.

After a brief fight, Yukimura orders Musashi to bring him to see the leader. Upon meeting the leader, Yoshihiro ShimazuYukimura is surprised that he is still alive, since it was known that he was supposedly killed by Oda. In Kai, Takeda and Masamune that Hideyoshi would face them both if the two form an alliance and attack him. However, Masamune refuses to do so and wants to fight Hideyoshi alone in Osaka. Meanwhile in Osaka, while Hideyoshi and Hanbei discuss about their next plan and the arrival of a new weapon, Keiji arrives and demands to speak with Hideyoshi.

Memory of the Day Etched with Blinding Obsession! However, after Keiji asks why Hideyoshi killed Nene, a girl whom he first loved, Hideyoshi says he had to let her go in order to strengthen the country. Of course, Keiji and Hideyoshi disagree with what is best for the country, so Hideyoshi tells Keiji to leave.

In Satsuma, Yukimura meets with Shimazu and discusses a possible alliance with him. Seeing Yukimura's determination to take down Hideyoshi, Shimazu accepts the offer. Later while on the beach, after Musashi cooks fish for them, Shimazu explains that his former ally Motonari was the one who had manipulated Oda in the past to attack Kyushu before heading to Setouchi.

In Osaka, Keiji is surprised when his pet baby monkey Yumekichi suddenly falls ill, then he also crosses paths with Hisahide, who does not recognize him, at the same time. Keiji remembers that Hisahide is the one who had beaten Hideyoshi up long ago. Keiji had tried to save him, only to be beaten up himself, all before Hisahide leaves. After the two had come across a group of monks of Honganji, Hideyoshi, feeling angry for being weak, unleashed his fury on the monks.

Hisahide meets with Hideyoshi, also whom he does not recognize, and Hanbei tells Hisahide to stop Masamune's forces in Owari. Meanwhile in Owari, as Masamune enters the territory, he is approached by Motochika, revealed to still be alive. Clash and Roar in Owari! The Combined Forces of Date and Chosokabe!! In Aki, Motonari and his general Motoyasu Akagawa are witnessing that the Fugaku is being rebuilt and being renamed the Nichirin.

In Satsuma, after Yukimura and Musashi train by unusual means, Hideyoshi's forces soon arrive to face Yukimura and Musashi's forces. However, Motonari's forces will soon appear as well. In Osaka, Hideyoshi and Hanbei begin their next plan to conquer the east, already aware that Motonari has deceived them.

Later, Kasuga delivers a message to Keiji that Toshiie will be joining Uesugi to defend Echigo from Hideyoshi, aside from the fact that Toshiie is in no condition to fight. During this time, Yumekichi disappears with Keiji's pendant. As both Masamune and Motochika's forces discuss their plan to attack Wasaka and Yamashiro, a throwing dart appeared with a note on it, and as Masamune reads it, he recognizes that it was written by Hisahide.

The Great Fortress Rebuilt The Menace of the Sun Heads East!! In Satsuma, as both Yukimura and Musashi has begun an assault on Hideyoshi, they are confronted by Motonari.

Meanwhile, after jumping across the canyon filled with explosives, Masamune and Motochika have fallen into Hisahide's trap. While looking for his pendant, Keiji is informed by Kasuga that Hideyoshi is heading towards Odawara, so Keiji decides to leave Yumekichi to Kasuga.

In Satsuma, after the enemy forces retreat, Yukimura feels guilty for the people he struck down, but Shimazu encourages him to remember that they are fighting for their desire for peace. Shimazu sends Yukimura with some of his men to track Motonari, bidding him farewell. In Osaka, Hideyoshi is aware that Hanbei has succumb to his gradual illness, telling him to rest.

sengoku basara oichi ending relationship

Nearby, Masamune and Motochika, having survived the blasts, witness Hideyoshi's forces leaving for Odawara. Earnest Keiji Draws Sword in Heartbreak!! In the command center, the three realize that Hideyoshi is planning to attack Uesugi and Satsuma.

In Satsuma, as Motonari heads for battle in the Nichirin, he kills Akagawa, knowing he was a spy under Hanbei.

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Motonari fires the cannon at some of Hanbei's scouts at sea, and Yukimura witnesses its power at a distance. As Hideyoshi leads his forces to Odawara, Keiji tries to stop him, but Hideyoshi is rammed up and his sword is trampled on. As he lies on the ground, he is met by Masamune, who acknowledges his views of peace before leaving.

As Yukimura makes his way to Satsuma, he lets Sasuke know that he does not need any of Takeda's forces from Kai as backup.