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RATTER. 34K likes. Emma is watched by a stalker who hacks into the technology that What if her teacher wants to take their relationship out of the classroom?. It is important to mention Ratter has since developed into another thrilling hidden gem. and the two begin a relationship that seems too suspicious at first. expect nothing short of amazing in the end, which they delivered. That paranoia is at the heart of Brenden Kramer's RATTER, a thriller completely The film ends on an abrupt, frightening note, with a great post-credit tease .. The core friendship is a relationship that's been part of American.

When Emma has photos and videos stolen from her computer, she begins to think Michael is not the person he says he is. Then, Emma and her best friend, Nicole, go out to a club to de-stress a little, unaware that the hacker is following her every move thanks to the camera every electronic devices has.

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Emma comes home drunk and immediately falls to sleep, giving the hacker the upper hand; he sneaks in the apartment while Emma is sound asleep. Still from Ratter Eventually, Michael tries to make things right with Emma by giving her a kitten so she does not feel lonely and they both make up.

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Emma realizes that her apartment has been broken into and still does nothing about it. Michael informs her than he has received a threatening email from the hacker and this urges Emma to call the police; which are not able to do anything about it. Things escalate quicker when the kitten is found dead and Emma tries calling Michael, but there is no answer.

Emma is ready to move away and waits for Nicole to arrive later that night so she can keep her company. While Emma is video chatting with her mom, the lights turn off, leaving Emma in the dark living room. Her filmmaking teacher Scott Adsit tasks her with creating a short film that, if successful, will play at a local talent contest judged by Tina Fey, no less.

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Telulah thinks of the most practical thing she can shoot and edit really quickly; a breakdown of high school life, as she sees it. Worse than that is the fact that this love interest never really figures into the story in any meaningful way, and just occasionally pops up to make googly eyes and flirt with Telulah. Film Festival tomorrow at 3: The Nees have dusted off a property no one was really dying to see, and did something with it that was creative, original, and still faithful to the original text; no small feat.

We open with a little backstory, showing Tom co-director Adam Nee and Huck Kyle Gallner as kids repeatedly getting into trouble before Huck finally takes a serious rap for their misadventures. In perfect contrast, Gallner plays Huck much straighter, and with real honesty; he serves as the heart of the film, and he comes off like a young Jeremy Renner as he broods about his attempts to reform himself and his fear of going back inside. She walks in her home and finds her cat dead.

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She tries to call Michael and tell him the news. However, he never answers or calls back. Feeling more vulnerable than ever Emma spends the day wandering the city so she does not have to be home alone. She makes plans with Nicole to hang out at Emma's apartment later so she returns home.

While waiting for Nicole, Emma and her mom video chat. During the middle of the chat Emma's power cuts off and she begins screaming.

The hacker appears and begins attacking Emma while the chat with her mom is still going. Emma's screams abruptly stop and her mom calls the cops.