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While games frequently borrow broad design ideas from their influences, developer Fat Shark's Warhammer: End Times -- Vermintide apes. Indeed, as far as romantic relationships go, this love affair is perhaps the is under threat by making a year-end gift to support The Guardian. The Earn Your Bad Ending trope as used in popular culture. Many video games have Multiple Endings, and among those endings is often at least one where.

Encouraging players to risk exploration or sacrifice healing in hopes of unlocking better loot is not only deviously clever, it also incentivizes teamwork: If any player finishes a level with a Tome, every player gets an extra die.

The loot system's by no means perfect, though. This whole setup can seem a little unfair when you go out of your way to locate the bonus dice but still end up with a low roll, but the bigger problem is a simple lack of items.

When I unlocked a flaming sword for the Bright Wizard early on, I was thrilled. When I unlocked my third generic broad sword just a short while later, I started to question the depth of the loot system.

You can combine unwanted items to create random new gear at the mission hub's weapons forge, but this yields repeat items just as often as the dice.

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Ultimately, the loot system provides some extra motivation, but without more varied and plentiful unlocks, that motivation steadily wanes the more you play. Encouraging players to risk exploration or sacrifice healing in hopes of unlocking better loot is not only deviously clever, it also incentivizes teamwork. Vermintide's missions also grow a little tired over time, though there's actually enough inventiveness to keep players invested through at least a couple difficulty levels.

Most missions challenge players to make it from point A to point B while facing consistent waves of enemies, and nearly all contain obligatory objectives that stand between you and the finish line. While these objectives are uniformly predictable--detonate the three exploding barrels, protect the six magic staves, and so on--the diverse level designs help pick up the slack: A massive shipyard becomes a sort of vertical maze. An abandoned graveyard provides a creepy, slower-paced experience.

An eccentric wizard's tower confuses when its walls and ceilings suddenly flip. The diversity is memorable, and generally speaking, levels offer a strong mix of claustrophobic hallways and complex open areas, with the occasional hidden pathway thrown in.

Outside of those short, optional side areas, though, the route from A to B will always be the same. Given that you'll be playing the same 13 missions over and over again, alternate pathways would have certainly helped to keep the experience fresh. Fortunately, Vermintide uses random item spawns and dynamic enemy placement to keep the gameplay from getting too predictable.

Just because you faced a Gutter Runner and a Pack Master Vermintide's versions of the Hunter and Smoker zombies around a particular corner last time doesn't mean you'll find them there again in the future. New weapons aren't always better, per se, but they often open up new strategies.

At higher difficulty levels, this unpredictability creates dread and tension that propel the game forward and lead to intense gratification when your team survives against seemingly impossible odds. But the key word there is "team. You might get lucky and connect with a friendly, helpful group of Steam players, but that's not a guaranteed solution.

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Plus, Vermintide suffers from other issues beyond its braindead AI. The game doesn't tutorialize anything, so prepare to be embarrassed as you slowly learn the ropes. Movement feels just slightly too slow, and in the face of frenetic action, it can actually feel frustratingly lethargic. And most importantly, Vermintide offers no alternate game modes. Where Left 4 Dead innovated with an asymmetrical versus mode that put half its players in control of the zombie horde, Vermintide fails to branch out in any direction.

Still, the bread and butter co-op experience shines just bright enough to compensate for this relative lack of content. Though the action is mostly mindless, its gruesome details and varied characters still make for satisfying gameplay.

You then get a bad ending where your character becomes a fish merchant. Getting the absolute worst ending in Conquests of the Longbowwhere King Richard finds Robin guilty of all his crimes and has him hung, requires a lot of effort, as getting every Character Witness to hate you enough without outright getting yourself killed is tricky, seeing as this is a Sierra game. This also involves going out of your way to avoid getting any treasure or other points, and letting Marian die at the one point the game doesn't immediately kill you for it.

The bad ending of the first game could only be achieved through 2-player mode, and requires both of them to follow an esoteric list of steps. X asks if the players want to work alongside him, both of them must have conflicting answers, and they will then fight each other. X will ask the surviving player again, to which they must say "no" that they would rather take his place and defeat him in the ensuing match.

The surviving player will then take control of Mr. X's criminal enterprise, going against everything they fought forwhile the game sarcastically congratulates them for it. Failing to save the chief in Streets of Rage 3 has the player deviate from the main storyline to stop the imposter chief, culminating in an extra boss fight against Shiva, who is even harder than the final boss fight for the good ending, after which the main characters arrive at a dead end as to Mr.

Urban Brawl has in total five regular endings, two good and three bad, with the two good endings split between two routes the player can take.

One leads to the Big Bad at the Phylex corporation, who reveals the protagonist's daughter is actually his own, conceived from an affair, but nevertheless ending with the protagonist rescuing his daughter and killing the Big Bad. The other has the protagonist get sidetracked after he's nearly killed in the subway, getting rescued by a woman whose son has also gone missing, taking on that case and confronting a pedophile cannibal, ending with the protagonist never finding his daughter and left to assume his savior's son is dead, but starting a new family with her.

However, there's one ending you get by going through both paths, starting with the kidnapper, rescuing a police officer during the search, and getting a tip leading to Phylex With just how much carnage the protagonist has wrought across the entirety of the game, his daughter doesn't see her father — she sees a violent sociopath, and she shoots him to protect her real father. The protagonist promptly commits suicide in the hospital by overdosing on painkillers, knowing that the one thing he had left in his life doesn't want him as a part of hers anymore.

Fighting Games In the story mode of BlazBlueseveral of the "Bad Endings" not that the canon endings, or even the gag reels, are always full of rainbows and sunshine require the player to do some very specific or unintuitive things for example, to get Tsubaki's, you have to finish off Carl, Jin, and Noel with either her Limit Break or her Finishing Movecausing her to go blind from overusing her weapon.

By finishing said match with certain moves, you get an ending where Daigo collapses dead and the last scene has Akira crying over his body, while Edge and Gan swear revenge Note that unlike most examples here, getting this ending is a requirement to unlock Demon Hyo unlocking him requires completing all scenarios in story mode. Hack and Slash The first ending of Drakengard is bittersweet, but all the rest go from depressing to horrifying to worse-than-the-end-of-the-world.

Each is progressively more difficult to unlock, too, with the final one requiring the player to collect all 65 weapons many of which have Guide Dang It! Given that the most common theory about the princess is that she's a metaphor for the atomic bomb, this is likely intended to show how pursuing something obsessively is not necessarily a good thing.

In DuckTalesthere's a bad ending that you will see by having exactly zero dollars' worth of treasure at the end of the gamewhich requires you to spend everything you get just by playing, and there are only so many ways to spend it and obviously you can't spend money if you don't have enough, so you have to collect exactly the right amount.

In the Famicom version of Kid Icarusyou can have the end where Palutena turns Pit into a monster if you defeat Medusa without any life or arrow upgrades, no special weapons, and with a minimalist score.

This, however, has been cut in the NES version. The reward for finishing Deadlight on Nightmare difficulty is the alternative Downer Ending instead of the normal Bittersweet Ending. Collecting all the secret items in Pause Ahead unlocks a Brutal Bonus Level you can access instead of fighting the final boss.

Completing this area gives an ending that's far more depressing than the regular one, as it leads to a computerized screen where you learn that you've done exactly what you were supposed to do and were terminated, as opposed to escaping when you beat the final boss.

Ancient Powers plays this trope unusually. What may be the best ending of the game is the easiest to get; just leave after talking to Kalish, avoiding the first boss battle and accepting her death.

The next ending is a bit ambiguous, as you get the soul key so you can sacrifice yourself to bring back the girl, but in the process, you unleashed the evil demon Harold. If you defeat Harold, it is too late to bring the girl back, so you might as well not have done anything at all. Super Mario Land 3 has an ending that varies depending on how many coins you end up with. You need to avoid collecting coins and treasures at all costs to get the worst possible house for Wario, the birdhouse.

In the same vein, in Wario World you have to free none of the Spritelings beyond the first one you meet to get Wario's smallest castle, a tent in a swamp. Clarence's Big Chance 's worst ending requires Clarence to go out of his way to ruin his date in every possible way, some of which requires figuring out what your date likes so you don't risk getting the answer right by accident during the final quiz segment.

His date is then repulsed by Clarence and leaves him. He meets a group of people like him at the bottom of the lake and decides to spend the rest of his days with them. Puzzle Games Some Grow games have a secret "wrong" ending only available by doing everything in an unintuitive manner.

Galves Adventure, made by the same Grow creator, has a "devil" ending so obscure that many players don't even realize it exists. To get this ending, you have to notice that one inconspicuous pebble is clickable and deliberately pick two specific "wrong" choice sequences for the red ball in a row to be able to hit the lion with it. If you do all of this right, you can then make a choice near the end of the game that would otherwise kill you.

You have to release the necromancer at the beginning of the game, then at the end, follow the path the sword directs.

The ending implies that you the player will eventually become just as much of a threat as Lord Bane. In Meteosthe only way to get the worst ending in Multi-Path is to allow an incredibly easy opponent to survive for a certain amount of time before defeat.

This is complicated by several factors. Firstly, like all story mode battles, it's a Timed Missionso your actual window in which you can defeat the enemy for this ending is a mere 30 seconds. Secondly, the game mechanics allow a hopelessly overwhelmed player to stick around for a very long time before finally succumbing. And finally, the enemy you face here might just plain die without you doing anything to it.

Riven has nine possible endings. Eight of them are bad to some degree or another, and each of them requires doing something you've been specifically warned not to do, to the point that they're nearly impossible to get by accident. Three of them involve opening the Star Fissure and signalling Atrus early. At the beginning of the game, you are given the two explicit goals of capturing Gehn and rescuing Catherine before you open the Star Fissure.

One of those endings requires reloading an earlier save to access since you have to figure out the password to the Star Fissure cover before you officially learn it. Four of them involve trapping yourself in the prison book, which you are explicitly told is a prison book. Two of these endings require doing so after you have already successfully tricked Gehn into trapping himself in it.

The eighth bad ending involves not trapping yourself in the prison book at the one time the game prompts you to do so. Even then, you have to do so three times before Gehn gets fed up and shoots you. The second time, he warns you that while he's letting you go, he won't be so forgiving in the future if you don't cooperate. In Haunt The Housegetting the worst ending where you frighten the guests so badly that all of them commit suicide is almost as difficult as getting the best ending where they all just run out of the house, because even if you get the mood up to maximum terrifying levels and scare the living bejeezus out of everyone you see, the guests can easily choose to safely dash out of the front door instead of jumping out of the nearest window if you scare them in the wrong locations, depriving you of the Kill 'em All ending.

In Disease hidden object the endings are sequential, and the good ending is a prerequisite for the worst one. The good ending requires finding hidden dolls in each of the areas and solving an extremely simple puzzle. The worst ending however requires doing that, and also finding a different hidden object in each area and solving a significantly harder final puzzle. Your reward for doing this is the person you went to all the trouble to save sneaks away while you are asleep and goes on a murder rampage, killing anyone who is even remotely related to the people who imprisoned him, and then thanks you, the player for giving him the opportunity to do so.

Once unlocked, you then have to complete the stage and fight a slot machine boss at the end that can take anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes depending on your luck. In the first House of the Deadgetting the bad ending where Sophie returns as a zombie is even harder than getting the good ending where she's miraculously alive.

This is doubly true on the PC version. The bad ending only occurs if your number of continues used ends in a 0 for most people, this means they can't die at all to get the bad endingwhile you get the good ending for scoring more than 62, points by the end of the game which is fairly easy to do. What really makes the bad ending fall into this is that the good ending overrides the bad ending; thus, to see the bad ending, you need less than 62, points and to have a number of continues ending in 0.

Rogue-like Games The Binding of Isaac 's standard ending isn't particularly happy or at least it is at first, until it's revealed that it was All Just a Dreamand Mom is still hunting down Isaacbut some of the endings you get for progressing even further in the game get even worse.

Some of the items you obtain after beating The Womb come with cutscenes like finding a rope in a chest and hanging yourself with it, transforming into a demon, and having Mom's hand bursting out of the chest and dragging Isaac into it.

Beating Sheol, the Cathedral, or The Chest each comes with their own unique bad endings. Rebirth ups the number of bad things that happens to Isaac when he obtains an item from the chest in The Womb, and adds two more unique bad endings both requiring the clearing of even more Bonus Dungeons and Bonus Bosses than the previous endings. Its expansion, Afterbirth, adds two more.

Playing as a Chaos Knight in ADOM is a trial in and of itself, since most of the Non Player Characters will be unfriendly or hostile to your character and not committing enough atrocities to stay Chaotic will strip your character of all their powers and constantly damage them. The "reward" for completing the main quest and closing the Chaos Gate? Since it was the source of your very essence, you immediately wink out of existence. The ending in question is dubbed "Most stupid follower of ChAoS".

Getting any other ending as the Chaos Knight also requires temporarily becoming Neutral or Lawful to gather the needed artifacts, and ends with you replacing the Big Bad. In Tales of Zestiriaif you manage to defeat Heldalf before Zaveid is recruited, then the party never finds out about the infected Maotelus until he becomes too powerful to be stopped, and the world is destroyed.

However, to do that on your first run, you have to go through a miasma-infected area where your party is crippled, and every enemy becomes a Beef Gate. Then, you have to beat the Final Boss while still in this crippled state. It requires far more effort than just following the plotted line. The bad ending of Tales of Xillia 2 requires you to defeat the rest of the party in a battle using only Ludger. Anyone who knows how much of a pain fighting just one party member can be from playing the previous Tales series games will likely be horrified.

This is made even worse than in other Tales games because Xillia's token battle mechanic is based on linking your character with one of the other party members to unleash your more powerful artes.

So while your opponents four at a time, from a pool of eight are linked up to do extra damage against you, you're stuck flying solo with only basic attacks, no Overlimit, no Linked Artes, and no Mystic Artes. Even your Chromatus is of little use because the time it takes for it to charge is more than enough to get yourself killed, and it doesn't charge while you're trying to free-run your way to safety.

Dawn of the New Worldsimilar to Xilia 2, requires you to take on a Hopeless Boss Fight with a single character and win to claim your bad ending. In this case, Marta and Lloyd at the gates of Nibelheim, using Emil with none of the monsters you've spent the whole game befriending.

In Mass Effect 2you have to put at least as much effort into getting Shepard and the rest of the crew killed during the Suicide Mission as into getting the Golden Ending where Everybody Lives. As long as you bring two loyal squadmates with you to the final battle, they and Shepard will survive even if every other squadmate dies in action.

Mass Effect 3 escalates in this regard. Getting the lowest possible War Asset score requires planning and precision to make sure there are no loose ends. And then there's the "N7 Special Ops Team" asset, obtained through promoting characters in multiplayer 75 per promotion. Unless you're on the PC version of the game, there is no way to remove the asset, giving you a permanent boost in the war effort for better or worse.

The trilogy as a whole requires a very specific sequence of game choices to arrive at the worst possible Pyrrhic Victory over the Reapers where Joker is pretty much the only major character to surviveas outlined here. In Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portablethere are ways of turning the main characters into witches in certain routes.

Most notable is Homura's witch Homu lillyas you have to beat Walpurgisnacht under very specific conditions in order to see a screenshot of her. Also serves as a little foreshadowing for a redesigned Homulilly's proper debut in The Rebellion Story. In Final Fantasy X-2it is possible to get the horrible ending of Shuyin winning and destroying Spira — you just have to wait half an hour to let Vegnagun fire. Torment handles death in an There are, however, a few ways to get a Game Overbut most require doing something stupid.

Some Torment fans make a point of finding every one. Some of the possible ways to lose the game for real: Anger the Lady of Pain twice. The first time, she just sends you to an extradimensional maze.

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This one can also cause an Unwinnable by Mistake situation, depending on playstyle — when the main character angers her, she will execute retribution only when he leaves the current map, making it entirely possible to create a doomed savefile where you can't exit the zone you're in. Agree to become king of the Dead Nations, which is extraordinarily unwise as the appointment is, well, for life.

It is implied that the binding is magical as well. This route in particular requires getting enough favor from the Dead Nations' denizens to convince a certain NPC to lead you to the throne. Threaten Lothar, a magical priest of godlike power. Get Marissa the medusa to remove the veil that prevents her from petrifying you.

And piss her off to the point she will actually want to do so. Get Coaxmetal the iron golem to build you a weapon that will kill even an immortal, then use it on yourself in the final dungeon. It won't work anywhere else. Fail to prevent one of your other incarnations from forcing you to merge with it. Kill someone who has information that is essential to your quest there are several such characters. None of the death scenes are pleasant, either.

After all this heartache, you face down the Big Badbut don't actually fight them, as Nepgear has just achieved their goals for them and irreparably damaged the world in the process; see Cruel Twist Ending. The only way to get the bad ending in Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls is to defeat the Time Eater the first time it shows up, which results in the time getting reset again, but this time IF didn't go back to the Library, thus the After the End world she lives in never gets fixed.

Eaten's Name quest in Fallen London requires the player to spend ludicrous amount of resources for no reward at all, while utterly destroying and ruining their character repeatedly, even as the game itself repeatedly tells them to stop. The final step of the quest even requires the player to make their character account unusable. Oh, and the quest has Multiple Endingsso if you want to see all of them, you'll need to either compare notes with another Seeker or create a new character.

The game warns in very plain terms that there's no interesting flavour text for you to read, your character will die, and you'll spend the Fate for nothing. And people have done it.

In an aversion, it does not actually make your character unusable, but anyone doing this will be rewarded with the unique quality Scorched by the Sun. Sunless Seaset in the same universe, has the Carnelian Exile's unlockable Ambition, which involves running all over the Neath in order to unlock a special way East. Doing so doesn't render the game unplayable or delete your save file, but it does drop all your stats except Hearts to 1 at the moment of victory, take away all your money, destroy your Will, get rid of your mansion and heirlooms, and remove your Scion quality, significantly worsening your next captain's starting position to being only marginally better than that of a completely new save file.

There may also have been plans for an even more self-destructive Ambition, known simply as "NORTH" and requiring at least one point of Unaccountably Peckish implying a possible connection with Seeking Mr Eaten's Name, or at least Mr Eatenbut only placeholders for it appear to exist in the game's current design.

The Accomplice Ending in Persona 4: Golden requires you to not only rise Adachi's Social Link to as high as possible before a specific date, but also choose a specific set of answers where even the villain doesn't believe how stupid you are for actually doing that. Getting the "Nobody" title which is essentially the closest thing the game has to a bad ending in Book of Mages: The Dark Times requires you to finish the game while never earning any other title along the way.

This is harder than it sounds, as titles are awarded for extremely trivial achievements, including picking dialogue options at some points.