Mst3k laser blast ending relationship

The Annotated MST - Laserblast

mst3k laser blast ending relationship

[Name in credits: Eddie Deezen.] Ah, so you know it won't be funny. Laserblast was the nerdy character actor's screen debut. He went on to appear in Grease. I was never into the whole story line of what was going on but after watching the ending of Laser Blast I had to ask what the hell happened? I. Movie: (Note: "Leonard Maltin's Movie and Video Guide" gives "Laserblast" There appears to have been some causal connection between the two events. . The main thing I think about when I consider the end of the Comedy Central years.

In a bit of co-incidence, Stang, like Deezen, has also done animation voice work. He was the voice of Herman Mouse in the Herman and Katnip series of Harveytoon cartoon in the s and '50s. Stang was also the voice of "Top Cat" and played various roles on "Courage the Cowardly Dog" Roddy McDowall and Dave Allen! After making his motion picture debut in 's Murder in the Family at age 10, McDowall went on to appear in more than films. His roles are too numerous and varied to even attempt a listing here, but he is probably most famous for playing a number of intelligent talking chimpanzees in the Planet of the Apes series of films.

Many jokes based on McDowall's career are coming up, so we'll deal with them then. Despite Crow's sarcasm at Dave Allen's credit, Allen here responsible for the stop-action aliens had a long career in film special effects, some at-least-okay films e. CavemanPuppet Master 4 and Robot Wars I hope he comes to our town and helps us party it down. I'm not sure how similar the music in Laserblast is to Hawkwind. The few shorts clips I've heard remind me of Spinal Tap.

This long list of musical acts are all of either the new age, progressive rock or new age variety. English composer Mike Oldfield 's biggest claim to fame is his album Tubular Bells. This album consist of just 2 songs, each more than 20 minutes long and featuring a bizarre, but oddly successful mix of instruments including bagpipes, the flageolet, Spanish guitar and, of course, tubular bellsmost played by Oldfield himself.

Building on the success of Bells helped by use of its music in The ExorcistOldfield continues to release albums to this day. McKendree Spring, named after one of its members, Fran McKendree released eight albums between and before fading from the music scene.

Musician Rick Wakeman appeared on albums by such acts as Black Sabbath and David Bowie before joining Yes in ; he became key in shaping the band's progressive-rock style. His own solo albums often have a science-fiction or fantasy theme to them, such as 's Journey to the Centre of the Earth based on Jules Verne's novel and deep breath, now Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table He is for dazzling concert spectaculars at locations like the Great Pyramids of Giza with audiences in excess ofspectators.

Keith Emerson is considered one of rock music's most talented and technically accomplished keyboardists. A group that never quite rose above their cult status, Gentle Giant released a dozen album between their formation and their disbanding in Similar in style to Yes, they still have a dedicated following, which has led to a number of later releases of their old material. Japanese composer Isao Tomita was inspired to learn to play the synthsiser after hearing Wendy Carlos' album Switched-On Bach.

As well as his own compositions, Tomita intrepreted the work of his favourite classical composers on albums like Mussorgsky: The German electronica band Kraftwerk was formed in and released their first album, Kraftwerk 1, the following year.

Dance club music before there were dance clubs, their synthesiser and drum machine compositions were very experimental for the s. Autobahn, also mentioned by Mike, was their album, featuring a minute title track.

Fievel Goes West was the second motion picture to feature the animated adventures of the young immigrant mouse Fievel Mousekewitz voiced by Phillip Glasser. The Mousekewitzes move out to the Old West made up of desert and cactus, like the shot seen here to escape the cats that oppress them, only to encounter yet more feline trouble. He also co-founded Nothing Records in Like many performers of his generation, Reznor is a dark, broody figure and the figure slouching his way across the screen is reminiscent of him.

The ponderous voice over from the narrator tells us that "It was after the apocalypse" and describes the "Robot Rebellion of '33" and points out that "the world had been brought to its knees by the Crow is, of course, just being silly by substituting "apocalypse" with "Acropolis," famous ruins of ancient Greece.

Robert Smith is best known as a member of British goth rock band The Cure, leading them through its various incarnations, contributing vocals and guitar to their usually slow, gloomy dirge-like music. Unfortunately, the inventor dies before Edward is finished, leaving the confused young man with scissors instead of real hands.

The spaceship coming over the mountain sort of looks like the razor in the animated "flying electric razor" ads around Christmas. Santa comes flying into town on a huge Norelco razor instead his more traditional sleigh.

Yeah, right, like Santa'd do that. The ads featured the tag-line "Even its name spells Merry Christmas. Elmer usually hunted the mischevious Bugs Bunny also usually voiced by Blanc and often shushed the audience and asking them to "Be vewy, vewy quiet. This was followed by his goofy trademark laugh. The Extra-Terrestrial, the wrinkly alien called E. Or, as he puts it, to "phone home. You left your shell in the ship! King Yertle is ruler of "everything he can see.

Eventually, the bottom turtle, Mack, decides he's had enough and leaves, toppling Yertle. Seuss based the power-mad Yertle on dictator Adolph Hitler some of Seuss' early sketches for the character even show the turtle with a Hitlerian moustache. It is said that a flying saucer crash-landed in the Roswell area in and Roswell quite reasonably milks the rumour to increase its tourist trade.

The city and its UFO mythology featured heavily in the science-fiction teen drama "Roswell" Vannelli's first big hit was "People Gotta Move" from his album Powerful People ; his most popular song was probably 's "Black Cars" from the album of the same name. The Virginian was the foreman for the Shiloh cattle ranch in frontier days Wyoming. Being a western, one would assume that there'd be a lot of shoot-outs and such. Kirk William Shatner on "Star Trek" and the subsequent feature films.

This particular quote is from the episode "The Savage Curtain. The "good" side includes Abraham Lincoln Lee Bergerewho is kidnapped by the "evil" side.

Did I fire six gorlocks or only five? When he has the suspect, who is also armed, cornered, Callahan psychs him out with this dialogue: But being as this is a. It opened its first service station presumably complete with washroom key in Cessa is named for founder Clyde Cessna and produced the first plane with a cantilevered wing in Oh, no, it's her. I'm not sure what to make of this. Metrical was the first liquid diet, introduced in the s, while Slim-Fast, begun in the '70s, is still around, with a wide range of shakes, powders, bars and actual meal with actual Correctol, on the other hand, is an orally-taken laxative featured in products like Metamucil and Phillip's Milk of Magnesia.

Despite what Skinny Lady might do with it, for heaven's sake, don't take bunches of it in an effort to lose weight. Pusser sees nothing but corruption and rampant crime in the Tennessee town where he lives. He successfully runs for Sheriff and begins dispensing justice with a 4-foot long wooden club!

This "hixploitation" film was followed by sequels in and and a television series. It was first produced in to treat angina. The drug, which was freely distributed by physicians before prescription drug controls were tightened, evaporates at room temperature, so, when inhaled, it causes your veins and arteries to dialte suddenly and the flow of blood to your heart to surge, giving you an intense, but short-lived, rush.

The show depicts like lives, loves and extrememly unlikely tribulations of the citizens of a city called Salem. That should last you the month. Making a big deal out of their use of the whole grain, the cereal has become popular world-wide. Underalls were a line of undergarments made by Hanes, combining pantyhose and panties into a single garment, so that panty lines would become invisible. Again, this probably just refers to the desert-like scenery.

The show was followed years later by a follow-up series, "Kung Fu: Their first album done that year The Great Spectacular was recorded as a class project, with Free Fall in being their official debut.

Their album, What If was probably their most successful. They broke up inbut still reunite occasionally. Preston started his music career very early, playing with gospel diva Mahalia Jackson by the age of ten. Later, he toured with Little Richard and was a regular performer on "Shindig" As of the census, the city had a whopping total population of Probably not a really happenin' place. The Group only released three albums: And you thought Willie Aames was hot! Later, Aames became a children's pastor, touring with the Reverend Billy Graham and producing and starring in a series of video for young children, "Bibleman.

After being expelled for these activities, Alpert travelling to India and studyed Hinduism, karma, yoga and Sufism, eventually taking the name of Ram Dass. On his return to North America, Ram Dass founded a number of spritual foundations, such as the Prison-Ashram Project, designed to assist the spiritual needs of prison inmates. Hush, Sweet Charlotte starred Bette Davis as Charlotte Hollis, a possibly insane, wealthy southern spinster believed by her community to have brutally murdered her husband years previously.

When it looks like her mansion is to be torn down to make way for a new highway, she calls on her cousin Miriam Olivia de Havilland for help, but Miriam doesn't seem to be on her side. The Final Insultthe laughable straight-to-video Skyscraper and a slew of soft-core porn videos. She has also starred in her own show, "The Anna Nicole Show"which shows her rather scary day-to-day life.

Smith married millionaire J. Howard Marshall inwhen she was 26 and he was almost He died a year later and Smith became embroiled in a nasty legal battle with step-son E. Pierce Marshall over her late husband's estate, with the younger Marshall claiming that Smith had married her father only for his money.

And how much do you think he cared? In the course of fighting crime, the pair spent a lot of time in their memorable red and white Ford Torino. Rastafarians treat the smoking of marijuana as a sort of sacrament. It appears to be about a nun, Sister Mary Elephant, trying to teach a class of none-too-bright, stoned kids.

Like most Cheech and Chong humour, it's probably a lot funnier when your stoned yourself. They had a successful series of comedy albums and, during the '80s, a few forgettable films. After breaking up, they both went on to relatively successful solo acting careers.

Howard later went on to bigger things, directing some of the most popular films in motion picture history, like SplashCocoonWillowBackdraftApollo 13 and the Oscar-winning A Beautiful Mind The show featured unnumberable car chases, usually involving police vehicles and the Duke brothers' souped-up Dodge Charger, the General Lee.

Episode Are You Not Edged? - Overthinking It

For years, only the Teen and Baby Burgers remained on the menu, but inthe rest of the Family was re-introduced at least here in Canada. Callahan was a super-tough cop who broke all the rules Known for his reckless and frequent gun-play, Harry returned in four more films: Keller, like Billy, owned a van and Hi, I'm Max Keller was the opening narration line of each episode.

The series was edited into a number of made-for-video movies, including Master Ninja I and Master Ninja IIwatched by Joel and the Bots in experiments and Frank Lloyd Wright didn't design Wright created "organic architecture," building styles that harmonised with inhabitants and their surroundings.

Lindholm Service Station in Cloquet, Minnesota, built in The station is still functional and open to the public. For much of her later life, Carpenter suffered from severe anorexia nervosa. She became so thin and weak that, at one point, a Carpenters European tour had to be cancelled.

She eventually passed away from heart failure, cause by her eating disorder. All right, quick version: From there, he went on to make appearances in a number of s television programs, like "Family""Cannon" and "CHiPs" and in more films like the Walking Tall films see above and The Outsiders During the 70s, Garrett and his tousled blonde hair also becames fixtures in magazines like Teen Beat and Tiger Beat when he did a stint recording "bubblegum pop," with his biggest hit being 's I Was Made For Dancing.

The boat of a car driven by the approaching idiots looks a lot like the one Kennedy and his entourage were riding in that day. He also had a solo career, beginning with a self-titled album in which included his hit single "Love the One You're With. He has more money than you or I will even see in our lives; just goes to show what a nerd from Seattle can do when he sets his mind to it.

It features a lot of wicked drum work note our loser pounding away on his van's sun-visor. In this episode, the starship Enterprise encounters a space probe named Nomad Monad's a fair approximation of itsent to seek out life. But, after accidentally melding with an alien probe created to sterilize soil, it becomes confused and instead begins to destroy any life-forms it deems "imperfect," which, it seems, is pretty much everyone.

Referring to everyone as "units" "the Scotty unit," "the Spock unit" and so onNomad is finally tricked into destroying itself when Captain Kirk William Shatner convices Nomad that the probe itself is imperfect as well.

Mind you, Nomad's just a titch harder to fool that Monad, who's kinda pathetic. This, of course, is only ever used in casual play and often involves saying "Pleeeeease? Movie Act 2 "Lady! When I'm with you I'm smiling! Coca-Cola's see above biggest rival for most popular soft drink in the world, Pepsi cola was originally called "Brad's Drink," after its creator, North Carolina pharmacist Caleb Bradham. The name change to Pepsi came in Like all Natives, they had their land usurped by European settlers during their colonisation of North America.

The Navajos have gotten some land back over the years, more than 24, square miles 64, square kmin fact, throughout New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. This is, however, hardly, "good land"; it is mostly desert-like and arid and won't support any decent amount of agriculture or livestock.

The Adventures of Lyle Swann told the story of Lyle Swann Fred Warda motorcycle champ riding through the desert accidentally caught up in a time-travel experiment. He finds himself and his motorcycle trapped in the Old West. The song is about the temporary nature of existence and features the refrain, "All we are is dust in the wind. It is sung by someone who has been through the desert on, well, a horse with no name.

Apparently, it was good to get out of the rain and, in the desert, he could remember his name. The rest of the song doesn't make any more sense. Written and drawn by Tom Batiuk, the strip's main character was high school student Funky Winkerbean who our film's main character probably does resemble from the knees down, with the bell-bottoms and big feet. The strip has taken a more realistic view of time than many others, with Funky now a grown-up co-owner of a pizza place. Batiuk has also used his creation to deal with more serious issues, like teen suicide and guns in schools.

One recurring character even battled breast cancer. Albert Belle did cork his bat! The first player to hit 50 home runs and 50 doubles in a single season. InBelle was suspended for 7 games when he was found guilty of corking his bat replacing the centre of one's bat with cork to make it easier to swing. Belle maintained his innocence and claimed his bat was tampered with by rival team, the Chicago White Sox.

As Billy picks up the laserblaster, Tom sings the opening notes from composer Richard Strauss' "symphonic poem," Also Sprach Zarathustra. This theme is also used in the SF classic A Space Odyssey; there is a similar "picking up something slowly" scene when a prehistoric human picks up a bone, realising its potential use as a tool.

To think I was depressed from when 'Battlestar: Galactica" began its life as a TV movie written and produced by Glen A. It told the tale of a fleet of spaceships peopled by humans on the run from the robotic Cylons, who were determined to wipe out humankind.

The fleet's ultimate goal was to track down a lost human colony called Earth. An attempted revived called "Galactica " had the fleet reaching Earth, but it was so bad that nobody anywhere considers it canon. It has regained popularity recently, with comic books and a series of novel as well as a remake mini-series scheduled for early Ina year old boy from St. Paul, Minnesota, named Eddie Seidel Jr.

You know, one of those things you put a vinyl record on? Anyway, it resembles a turntable arm and Thorens is a German manufacturer of turntables. Poor Ralphie is repeatedly told, however, that "you'll put your eye out" by everyone from his mother Melinda Dillon to a department store Santa Jeff Gillen. Fortunately, Ralphie's father Darren McGavin gives in, and the lad gets his rifle.

That concert, recorded at the Winterland Arena in San Francisco, was the first time Frampton had headlined a show. It was, well, forbidden, by ape law, for anyone to enter this area, because the Zone contained proof that the apes' world was, in fact, Earth and that man had once been the dominant species.

T had a very These days, T is mostly reduced to appearances in long-distance ads. If you want to summon Yahweh From the King James Version: And he said, Here am I. She specialised in flowers and the American West as subject for her paintings; you can check out samples at the Georgia O'Keeffe Online Gallery. I'm quite lost on the limousine half of the gag, though.

The kind of fella who'd probably be pleased to have his own gas-station give-away mug. Over the years, they recorded dozens of albums featuring their instrumental pop interpretations of music both classical and modern. Some of their music was quite experimental, with effects added to the music by using materials like paper, sticks and rubber bands on the piano hammers. They also had their own briefly-lived variety show, "The Captain and Tennille" His music style drew from a variety of other genres, like jazz and folk.

Haggard has also spoken out against the Vietnam War and the war on Iraq and written a number of anti-war songs. And that's pretty much all I'm inclined to get into on this page. The Ziffels, unable to have a child of their own, treated their pet pig Arnold as a son. They never ran a bed and breakfast on the show, though.

mst3k laser blast ending relationship

Get out on the highway. Originally built in the 12th century by King Suryavarman II of the Khmer empire, the temples were eventually taken over by Buddhist monks when the empire fell and became one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Southeast Asia.

These were probably the source of "Baal" with a capital "B," who was the supreme male god of the Phoenician and Canaanitish nations. With a name translating as "lord" or "owner," the Hebrews considered Baal to be a false god.

This last song's "yellow ribbon" became symbolic of the American hostages held in Iran during the early s and the song was a huge hit for a second time. Like many '70s music acts, Orlando and Dawn hit their own variety show, "Tony Orlando and Dawn" Soul also had a relatively successful musical career; before getting into acting, he was a folk-singer and opened for acts like the Byrds and Frank Zappa.

He released five albums in a four year period during the late '70s, with his biggest hit being "Don't Give Up on Us, Baby" Actress Sondra Locke is more famous for her rocky 13 year relationship with fellow actor Clint Eastwood than her actual film appearance. Belle was one of the biggest jerks to ever play baseball. He was rude to both fans and players. In he got caught red-handed corking his bat to hit farther and then tried to switch out the confiscated bat and got caught doing that. A teammate later claimed that all of Belle's bats were corked.

Lame and a cheat. He was voted never to be admitted to the Hall of Fame. This is so great, I needed Hooker headers bad. Hooker headers are custom exhaust pipe systems only for American cars, intended to improve look and performance. They are run by Holley Performance Products.

Man, to think I was depressed when Battlestar Galactica got cancelled. The original Battlestar Galactica TV series ran from and spawned a few spin-offs. Paul, Minnesota, committed suicide by jumping to his death off a bridge. Does he always waltz around when he finds old Thorens tonearms? Thorens makes high-end tonearms for vinyl record players. The tonearm holds the needle cartridge steady and level.

To get the most sensitivity out of records, a very lightweight arm is more desirable.

Episode 232: Are You Not Edged?

A Daisy Red Ryder repeating rifle! Now, let's go find some ptarmigan. Ptarmigan is a variety of chicken-like birds, native to the arctic tundra. Frampton employed a guitar effect in which the sound he played was driven through a plastic tube he put in his mouth. By mouthing words, his guitar took on a vocal-like quality that fascinated people. See note on Amocoabove. Do the apes know that they are filming in the forbidden zone? You know those apes who stack boxes to get to the bananas figured things out a lot faster than this.

InGerman psychologist Wolfgang Kohler published The Mentality of Apes, the results of six years of experiments, in which he argued that apes are capable of reasoning and problem-solving. One of the experiments he devised was hanging a banana out of reach of his chimpanzees, which then figured out how to stack wooden crates and climb them like a ladder to get to the food. I think you are going to detail my van for seventy-five dollars.

Earl Scheib ran an automotive service company of the same name. Moses was a Jewish prophet who, in the Book of Exodus in the Bible, hears the voice of God in a burning bush on Mount Sinai, commanding him to lead the nation of Israel from slavery in Egypt to freedom in Canaan. Yes, Yahweh in a can. If you want to summon Yahweh … Yahweh is the name of the God of the ancient Israelites. Iron sights are a sighting mechanism on firearms, crossbows, or telescopes.

They are essentially two pieces of metal, one on either end of the device, which, when aligned, provide a basic way to aim.

The beautiful and familiar-looking saguaro cactus can easily live to or years if well cared for. Their impressive height, well-defined arms, and lethal spikes are a familiar sight in Arizona, where they are a protected plant species.

She lived in New Mexico for most of her career, and many of her paintings have a strongly Southwestern flavor. Want a Dick Butkus mug? Little orange ball for your aerial? Dick Butkus was a linebacker for the Chicago Bears, considered by many the greatest linebacker ever to grace the sport of football. Gas stations sometimes ran promotions where they gave away glasses and mugs with sports stars on them.

Union 76 gas stations also used an ad promotion of small orange plastic balls with the 76 logo that would fit on the top of car radio antennas. The Bill Bixby line of David Birney clothing. David Birney resembles Bixby a bit. He is a stage and TV actor who has appeared on St. Elsewhere and Serpico, among many other series.

Look at all the 8-tracks: Uh, my new Club magazine, I should wait till I get to the hotel. Club is an adult nudie magazine for men, a U. So he just drove off and we never saw him again. Beautiful, sweet man in the Palm Beach suit. Just drove out of my life. Pither cycles to music from the opera Faust by Charles Gounod. Thanks to Martin Anhalt for this reference. The county really provides great services at those picnic sites.

Bottle of Beaujolais, and Beaujolais is a light-bodied red wine produced in the Beaujolais region of eastern France. Beaujolais nouveau wine was wildly popular during the s, but by the turn of the century the craze had faded to such an extent that more than a million bottles of surplus Beaujolais had to be destroyed in Did they need to come to Angkor Wat just to have a picnic?

Angkor Wat is a giant Hindu temple complex that was originally dedicated to Vishnu. It was built in the 12th century C. Sondra Locke is a short, thin, pale actress best remembered for the action thriller The Gauntlet.

She had a fourteen-year relationship with Clint Eastwood, with whom she starred in several movies. The band was named by the music producer who manufactured them. The show was written and created by Buck Henry Get Smart. RadioShack is a chain of electronics stores based in Fort Worth, Texas.

Founded inthe company filed for bankruptcy in Adjust the comb filter here. A comb filter is a type of electronic filter that helps improve a TV picture. It applies time-delayed versions of the scan lines over each other to improve intensity. In modern TVs, they are not needed. This is DSS, huh? These systems offer more bandwidth and channels than cable TV, but require a small satellite dish and an unobstructed view of the sky.

He arrived in Hollywood calling himself Tony Cody in and claimed to be of Cherokee-Cree ancestry; throughout his career he made a living playing American Indians in Hollywood, and was active in Native American causes in his personal life. He married a Native American woman and adopted several Indian children. His true origins were revealed in by a New Orleans newspaper, but Cody went to his grave denying it. What else can go wrong? Good thing my slacks have memory. Permanent press fabrics are typically man-made things like acrylic and nylon and polyester.

They are difficult to wrinkle and spring back to their original shape hence, memory fabric. Engelbert Humperdinck on a very personal journey. Well, I thought I was supposed to film a Tareyton commercial out here. Did ancient astronauts make dirt bunnies? Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc famously set himself on fire in Saigon to protest persecution of his religion in Vietnam in Marlboro is a brand of cigarettes manufactured by Philip Morris.

Hey, bring it down now! Chippendales is a traveling adult erotic dance show featuring male performers, aimed at mostly female audiences. The men are bodybuilders who dance and put on a show before stripping. They have touring companies worldwide, and have a standing act in Vegas. Scott Baio is an actor who is probably best known for playing Chachi on Happy Days for eight years and continuing the part on the short-lived series Joanie Loves Chachi He also played the title character on the TV show Charles in Charge In Augustseveral Family members committed a string of seven horrific murders in Los Angeles.

Ultimately, five members of the Family were convicted of the crimes, including Manson. They were sentenced to death, but the following year the sentences were commuted to life in prison. Susan Atkins died inManson in at age 83; the others are still behind bars. It was unleashed to pursue and subdue escaping prisoners. We leave the movie for the Parade of Homes? The Parade of Homes is a local display of new construction housing, often showcasing the builder that made them.

A rumpus room is another name for a playroom. Hey, how are things in the Blue Lagoon? The Blue Lagoon is a film about two teens played by the curly blond-haired Christopher Atkins and a lanky teenage Brooke Shields who come of age while stranded alone on an island.

And Elway takes him down. The Microsoft meeting goes horribly wrong. See above note on Bill Gates. It is about a U. Civil War soldier who gets killed. Oh great, he lives next to Alan Parsons. Tough-guy actor Adam Roarke appeared in a lot of biker films.

Powered by a twenty-horse Evinrude, this Dodge Charger really … Wisconsin-based Evinrude makes popular outboard motors for boats. In they were bought by Canadian-based Bombardier Recreational Products. The Dodge Charger is a car built by Chrysler; several different models have carried the name since the original two-door version rolled off the assembly line in I dunno, schlemiel, schlimazel, whatever.

A reference to the opening of the TV sitcom Laverne and Shirley, which ran from In the credits, the two leads march down the sidewalk chanting a Yiddish hopscotch rhyme: Hasenpfeffer Incorporated was the name of the bottling company that the pair worked for on the show.

Dennis Cole was a blond, butch, surfer-type actor who worked extensively in television. His horn is caught in some kind of bebop rhythm. Bebop is a style of modern jazz. It is typically fast-tempo music with lots of improvised solo lines based on the melody and chord structure. The song appears on their album Waiting For the Sun. Cochise was the chief of an Apache tribe in New Mexico during the 19th century. He led his tribe in war against the Mexicans and later American settlers.

He eventually accepted a peace treaty in and retired to his beloved Chiricahua Mountains. In the Americans broke the treaty and removed the tribe to the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona, but Cochise did not live to see it; he had died the year before.

Yeah, they thought the spent plutonium rods would be fine in the trunk. The element plutonium is a radioactive metal used as a powerful energy source in nuclear power plants and also in nuclear weapons. It is highly poisonous and has in its most commonly used form a 24,year half-life, making it a tremendous challenge to store safely after its usefulness is over.

Great, another Larry Storch wannabe here. Larry Storch is an actor and voiceover artist best known for his role as Corporal Randolph Agarn in the TV series F Troop and as the voice of Koko the Clown in a lengthy series of animated shorts.

I just feel like you might not be ready for some football. See note on Hank Williams Jr. Are you saying I have an oral fixation? Sigmund Freud was an Austrian medical doctor who is generally considered the father of psychoanalysis. Thanks to Skyler Saunders for this reference. Yep, Whopper and fries. The Whopper is the signature hamburger sandwich from the Burger King fast food franchise. Hey, they got the name of your favorite band on the side of the car there.

These two were in True West for many years. True West is a play by Sam Shepard about two feuding brothers reunited at their mother's house in Los Angeles. It was made into a movie with Bruce Willis in It involved the Fishes adopting a rainbow group of orphan teens. This movie packs the unflinching humor of a Dik Browne panel. They are both rather droll, and involve ironic domestic situations.

A Touch of Evil is a classic film written, directed by, and starring Orson Welles. It was shot in black and white and represents late film noir. The president stops at the Westward Ho. It opened in and operated for 42 years before closing in Convy sported a round, tight, curly permanent hair helmet.

Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart. The items sold are typically in bulk quantities. It started inand is second in sales to rival Costco. An imitation of Florence Stanley, who played Bernice Fish. See note on Fishabove. Zantigo is a chain of Mexican-style fast-food restaurants in the upper Midwest. The chain has since been reborn in Minneapolis.

Franklin Mint is a Pennsylvania company founded in that makes collectible coins, plates, dolls, etc. You know nothing of my chest holes. See note on Roddy McDowallabove. Rumors have it that the late Mr.

McDowall was very well endowed. I was in a monkey suit, and suddenly I was in this movie. It starred Charlton Heston as an astronaut. His ship is thrown thousands of years into the future and crash lands on an earth-like planet, only to find it ruled by talking apes. Miniver was a long, long time ago. McDowall himself did not appear in the film, although he was a famous child actor at the time.

See previous note on Planet of the Apes. It is ape law. Players remove injured body parts without touching the sides of the entry hole to win points. If the sides are touched with the metal tweezers, a light goes off and a buzzer sounds. What if I stomp up and down on your chest?

The campaign was rebooted in It appears to be growing into a Wizard of Oz commemorative plate. Eight commemorative plates for the movie The Wizard of Oz, painted by James Auckland, were produced by Knowles China from to How Green Was My Valley was a long time ago. Paul Winter Carnival medallion. Paul Winter Carnival, first held infeatures a treasure hunt in which clues are printed in the local paper to find a medallion hidden somewhere in a local park.

The competition to find it is often cutthroat. Since the first treasure hunt inthe medallion has been hidden in a diaper, an Oreo cookie, a soda can, and frozen inside a block of ice. The Kitty Klinic is a feline-only veterinary facility that has been operating at the same location in south Minneapolis since I was getting into my ape role, and I threw some crap around. See note on Planet of the Apesabove.

Surprisingly, researchers have found a correlation between poop throwing by chimps and intelligence—specifically highly developed speech centers. The success of the movie Planet of the Apes spawned many sequels, a television series, and even a cartoon version known as Return to the Planet of the Apes. McDowall starred in most of the treatments.

Thanks to Scott Gillespie for pointing out the Russ Meyer reference. Written and originally recorded by J. Cale inClapton's version appeared on his self-titled debut album.

Clapton did a slower version of the song in for a Michelob beer commercial, which went on to become a hit in its own right.

Make sure there's a pin spot on Mr. In stage lighting and moviemaking, a strong spotlight with a very narrow, focused beam, called a pin spot, is used to emphasize a specific area or person, or one part of a person. A line from hammy comic actor Jim Carrey, from the comedy film Ace Ventura: It was actually the film The Mask that featured Carrey with a green face similar to the character in this scene, but close enough.

Roddy McDowall is Silkwood. So this is how Roddy McDowall died? He is now, alas: Mannix was a television series starring Mike Connors as Joe Mannix, a private eye in Los Angeles who indulged in frequent car chases, shootouts, and fistfights. It aired from He could play Gertrude Stein sooo easy. The rather mannish Gertrude Stein was an American expatriate poet and author in the first half of the 20th century; her home in Paris, which she shared with her companion Alice B.

Toklas, hosted salons attended by many of the leading artists and intellectuals of the day, including Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. He has also made some dreadful films, including Jaws: The Revenge, about which he famously said: However I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.

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