Metalocalypse doomstar requiem ending a relationship

Yes, I'm pretty sure Galaktikon II IS the finale (spoilers) : Metalocalypse

Abigail Remeltindrinc is a new producer for Dethklok after Crystal Mountain Fans speculate a lot about whether she'll remain at this status; the ending of Doomstar Requiem implies she has entered a romantic relationship with Nathan. After a break up, both parties like to exclaim about how nobody ever . So they weren't interested in putting out the The Doomstar Requiem. Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem Overall episode no. Eventually Toki makes a mistake at the end of the duel, and while the band says . Toki and Abigail develop a significant relationship during their captivity, and it.

This song is about the water beast speaking to Nathan and I think she even talks about Salacia. Which could mean Salacia wasn't always bad, just like he wasn't always the half man.

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At the end of Ocean Galaktik, Nathan is "ready to serve his planet now". NOW, what does the music video have to do with this? Brendon once said that Triton would appear in this album, but it wasn't his story.

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I believe that Triton is just a stand-in for Dethklok since Brendon can't use them. It's not actually about him at all, he's just being used since this album is under the name "Galaktikon".

I'm also thinking that Icarus has nothing to do with the story. I don't see how it ties in at all to any of the other songs.

Now you're probably thinking "Well, why would Brendon put a song in a concept album that has nothing to do with the story?

In response to the ending of the Doomstar Requiem : Metalocalypse

Brendon certainly wouldn't be the first. It could also be the reason why Brendon said Triton is in the album, but it isn't his story.

It's purpose could just be to throw people off and to make it less obvious that this is about Dethklok. I believe in this song, Salacia is talking to Murderface. He's manipulating him, turning him against Dethklok. The hair, fingernails, facial hair, etc was all the same. Now, some people are thinking that Murderface isn't the "Traitor Amongst Dethklok", I know he said this before Murderface was ever corrupted but honestly, who else could it be?

Here's the thing, Murderface is easily manipulated and can very easily turn on the band as seen multiple times throughout the show. I'm sure Salacia knew he could very well turn Murderface against them. This is also a god-like being we are talking about here who can teleport, project himself, possess people, etc. I don't think it's far fetched at all for him to know Murderface would be the traitor.

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Onto "My Name is Murder". After Salacia successfully turned Murderface, Murderface is now doing his bidding. I'm still not exactly sure on what Murderface is doing or why Salacia needs him, maybe you guys can help me with that. So, if this wasn't Murderface, why does the traitor need to be alive? Seems like a person supposedly this cruel and evil would be killed. I think it's obvious that Dethklok are searching for their own tubby bassist, William Murderface.

They need him alive because he is family, their brother. In this song, they realize that water is Salacia's weakness. Brendon might have been hinting at this since the beginning. You even see in "Breakup Klok" that Salacia has a problem with water. The band go into the water and escape Salacia. I'm thinking during this song, Dethklok finally captured Murderface and are trying to save him. Salacia is still in his head and trying to convince him they are not his friends.

They will end you, make you drown. At the end of the song, Murderface is saved and all five of them are endowed with power. Onto "Become the Storm". Toki then thinks of his happiness at the band's subsequent fame and fortune, and at his acceptance in the band "I Believe". A meeting of the Tribunal is shown, with Mr. They mention Dethklok's decision to rescue Toki, and discuss that they have a traitor within Dethklok's ranks "A Traitor Amongst Them". Before they leave, Offdensen resigns as their manager, saying he can no longer protect them "Before You Go".

Instead they encounter their old band manager, Skwisgaar's old guitar teacher, and old groupies. They harass Dethklok about how the band abandoned them. One member pulls Murderface aside to greet him, and "accidentally" cuts his wrist. The rest of the band grab Murderface and flee the club. Skwisgaar shows the band an old flyer for the rehearsal space where they auditioned Toki, and they head there to find him "The Depths of Humanity".

On their way they encounter a mob of zombie-like musicians and drug addicts. Realizing they cannot fight the army, they instead give them no reason to hate Dethklok - Nathan writes checks to the musicians, while Skwisgaar, Murderface, and Pickles donate their equipment to help them get started in the music industry. The junkies can't be bought off, though, and Pickles has no drugs to sate their addictions. All seems lost, until Dr.

Rockso suddenly appears with a giant bag of cocaine so that the band can escape "Givin' Back To You". Inside the practice space, they are ambushed by the Metal Masked Assassin.

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The band considers giving up and making a run for it, with Murderface pointing out that if it was he and not Toki, nobody would come after him. Nathan realizes he would risk his life for any member of Dethklok, and the four resolve to complete their mission "The Crossroads".

They succeed in locating Toki and Abigail and free them.