Max payne 1 ending relationship

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max payne 1 ending relationship

Relationships Mona is one of the playable protagonists of Max Payne 2. The game, played at highest difficulty level, presents an alternative ending during. The Secret Finale is a special bonus chapter of Max Payne, and it is playable after the game is Max Payne 1 - SECRET FINALE ENDING (Dead on Arrival). Max Payne is a third-person shooter video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and in connection to a crime case involving a designer drug named "Valkyr" and while doing so, is entangled in a larger .. PC Gamer US presented Max Payne with its "Best Action Game" and "Best Graphics" awards, and the.

Payne wounds him and chases him through the streets to interrogate him regarding Jack Lupino's whereabouts, and leaves him alive. In Max Payne 2 he has ascended to the rank of underboss, due to the high number of losses in the family in the first game.

He is less threatening this time around, and is again at war with the Russian mob. He is killed by Vladimir Lem, who detonated a bomb located in a "Captain Baseball Bat Boy" costume that Gognitti was wearing at the time. In Max Payne he is at war with the Mafia, outnumbered and outgunned, yet still manages to strike back at Jack Lupino.

He forges a deal with Payne to gain possession of a freighter full of military-grade weaponry that had been seized by Payne's adversary, Don Punchinello. During the two years following Punchinello's death, he has ascended to the top, becoming a powerful Russian Mafia leader, and even bought Jack Lupino's club, the Ragna Rok, turning it into a fancy restaurant called the Vodka. He also stopped wearing a military outfit and started wearing suits. Marko Saarestovocalist of the Finnish rock band Poets of The Fallserves as the model for the character in the first game.

In Max Payne 3 he is paid to find and recruit Max for a job in private security.

max payne 1 ending relationship

Max and Passos are paid to protect Rodrigo Bronco and his family when the Comando Sombra attempts to kidnap Rodrigo and his wife, Fabiana, and are able to save them. A couple days later, the gang kidnaps Fabiana and Passos' lover, Giovanna at a nightclub, Giovanna escapes but Fabiana is flown away and hold her for ransom. Before leaving Brazil, he apologizes to Max for dragging him into a plot that would frame him.

Passos and Giovanna leave to raise their unborn child. Michelle Payne - Max's murdered wife, she appears in the dream sequences of the game. Her death in the game's prologue, along with that of their daughter, is the source of Max's grief, and the reason for his determination in uncovering the truth during the course of the game.

max payne 1 ending relationship

It was revealed that she was killed on Horne's orders because she was accidentally sent the file about the Project Valhalla that Horne was running. Later on, Vladimir Lem reveals to Max that Woden sent the file to her because of her job as an assistant to the D. A, thus making Woden the reason of her death. Mona Sax — Mona is a hired killer, and a playable character in the second game. She laces his drink with a sedative and leaves him for the Mafia to forcibly interrogate him.

They meet up again later while she's looking to avenge the murder of her sister. However, she is shot and assumed dead. In Max Payne 2, Payne encounters her while investigating contract murders.

They become romantically involved whilst investigating a conspiracy; however, in Max Payne 3 it is revealed that Payne regrets their affair. In the conclusion of Max Payne 2 she was killed, leaving Payne aggrieved in the first two difficulties of the game, but survives in the hardest difficulty making her one of three main characters to survive both of the first two games.

However, it was revealed in the Max Payne 3 precursor comics that the first ending is the canonical one, and she is therefore deceased by the time the third game takes place.

In the film she is portrayed by Mila Kunis. Alfred Woden — A one-eyed U.

max payne 1 ending relationship

In Max Payne he is presented as a high-ranking member of the Inner Circle, and agrees to see that Payne avoid prosecution for the crimes he has been framed for should he neutralize a common enemy Nicole Horne. He is the sole survivor of inner circle meeting massacre in the first game. In Max Payne 2 he returns, now terminally ill with cancer and a wheelchair user, and is embroiled in the conspiracy around which the game centers.

He is killed by Vladimir Lem after confronting Lem outside the panic room of his mansion. He was betrayed and killed by B. Candy Dawn - A prostitute who works for the Punchinello family by obtaining blackmail evidence against her wealthy clients. Payne comes across her with Rico Muerte and both are killed by him in the subsequent gunfight. She was revealed that she was employed by Horne to blackmail Woden into silence since she was videotaping her and Woden in the act.

Boris Dime - A former member of Lem's mob who defected to the Punchinello family.

Ending (major spoilers)

He is killed by Payne on the ship. Joey Finito - One of the Finito brothers who is a subordinate of Gognitti within the Punchinello mob. He is killed, along with his brother, during a confrontation with Payne. Virgilio Finito - One of the Finito brothers who is a subordinate of Gognitti within the Punchinello mob.

Receiving payouts from Horne, he sends Max to meet agent Alex Balder at the train station and then shoots Balder dead, framing Max for his murder.

max payne 1 ending relationship

He eventually meets Max, who has determined his treachery, and is killed in the subsequent confrontation. Nicole Horne — A business tycoon and the key figure behind Project Valhala, initiated around the time of Operation Desert Storm to develop drugs to enhance morale and stamina, when the project failed to yield the desired results, she refused to shut it down, and years later began distributing it as a designer drug named Valkyr.

She is killed by Payne when he knocks her building's satellite tower onto her helicopter. However, he is just a minor player, and only resells the drug.

max payne 1 ending relationship

He is also a constant user of the drug, which has driven him insane, and a cult leader, signing a deal with the Devil. He operates from his shady nightclub, the Ragna Rok, which is bought by Vladimir Lem soon after.

He is killed by Payne in the club's inner sanctum. Rico Muerte - A hitman in the Punchinello mob and a former Chicago assassin. He was hired by Horne to assassinate the mayor, using a sniper rifle from a storage container from Boris the Dime, who defected from Lem, but he was killed by Payne in his club. Vince Mugnaio - The leading member of "The Trio", a sadistic enforcement team who serve as hitmen for the Punchinello family.

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He is killed along with the rest of The Trio by Payne in Punchinello's mansion; he is the last member of The Trio to die. Frankie "The Bat" Niagara - A hitman in the Punchinello mob, who is tasked with disposing of Payne after Payne was found drugged not far from where he killed Jack Lupino. He leaves Payne to get a drink from the bar where Candy Dawn and Rico Muerte were previously killed by Payneleaving Payne to escape, follow him, and confront him; ultimately killing him.

He got his nickname because he likes to beat up his victims with a bat. Angelo Punchinello — The godfather of the Punchinello crime family. A sadistic wife-beater, it is discovered that he is actually a pawn for Nicole Horne, and she was blackmailing him. He is killed by Horne's forces in his mansion. Later, Vlad is regretful of this. Mona manages to escape, just as Max sees her. Max showed up only when the cleaners had finished off the Mafia and were cleaning the place up, and taking the weapons to a more secure location, the Castling Insurance Company's construction site, which is basically their front building.

The Mafia then makes a daring attack directly on Vlad at his restaurant, killing many of Vlad's Russian guards and almost killing Vlad himself.

However, Max saves Vlad's life. Note his arm is in a sling from Mona's earlier attack. Vlad lies and says Vinnie is "wiping out everyone he sees as competition on the black market gun trade. Then comes the cleaners' attack on Max directly, at his apartment. Vlad likely ordered this they're mercenaries, and I doubt they'd do it just out of personal revengebecause he knew Max was getting into the case, and he knew how much trouble Max could be.

Of course, it didn't work. Max, trying to solve the case, hooks up with Mona, who is going to try to save Corchrane from Vlad's cleaners. Corchrane and other Inner Circle members on Woden's side live there. Therefore, this is Vlad making a decisive move in his war against Woden. Of course, Max and Mona arrive too late, and though Max kills many, -many- cleaners, all of Vlad's targets are eliminated and Max and Mona are found at the scene. Max doesn't even know what's going on.

Part 2 Bravura puts Max to a desk job. This doesn't last too long, because Vlad orders the cleaners to assassinate Mona. Winterson is seen talking to Vlad in this segment "They're taking the fall - both of them; Payne was with her when she was arrested.

Mona manages to escape unharmed, and Max chases to find Vlad pulling up in his Mercedes Benz. He willingly drives Max to Mona's place, knowing that the cleaners would be following; this was Vlad's way of tracking Mona down. It's more like fate. You have to do what you have to do. Vlad doesn't want to kill Max, but he will to keep him out of the way. So the cleaners are led to Mona's place and Max and Mona fight them off, with Max escaping in a cleaner's van and being taken to their "headquarters," at the Castling Insurance Company construction site.

Here, they take out a good deal of the cleaners and indirectly blow up one of their buildings. This would undoubtedly translate to a huge pain in the neck for Vlad. He sends Winterson to kill them both, thinking that Max would trust her enough for her to get the drop on him. What he didn't count on, of course, was Max shooting Winterson when he feared she would kill Mona.

Then Max gets shot and falls down a ways, ending up in the hospital. Part 3 Max wakes up and stumbles through the hospital, only to find that the cleaners have come to kill him. He witnesses Lieutenant Jim Bravura's shooting, and winds up getting to Winterson's body in the morgue.

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He feels remorse for killing her. Despite his injuries, he escapes and heads to Woden's manor to get him to tell him just what the hell is going on.

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Woden dodges the question about Mona, and tells Max about the Inner Circle rebellion and reveals that the cleaners were Vlad's men all along. Max takes this info and goes straight to Vlad's restaurant, hoping to find him.

Quantum Break, Alan Wake and Max Payne Are All Connected (and Here's How)

Instead, he finds and guns down many of Vlad's non-cleaner Russian goons, and finds out about Vlad's plan to terminate Vinnie. He goes there to stop it. He protects Vinnie all the way to the van and they escape. He tries to find Mona at the funhouse, but Vlad had planned for this and ambushed him there. He killed Vinnie and shot Max in the head, leaving the place in flames.

Mona showed up just in time.