Mairunovich ending a relationship

Mairunovich [Chapter 76] -Fin-

mairunovich ending a relationship

Also, most shoujo ends for a happy ending for one couple. a lot of boys and we could see each development in each of her relationship. MAIRUNOVICH FINAL [SPOILERS] I must say I loved the end of seeing all the ex-boyfriends of Mairu with new relationships, goals and joys. Overall there is always a beginning and an end (Most romance manga always You have to search up the ending though since they don't have a Tagged amazing, anime, art, artwork, break up, completed, couple, cute.

Fuyu waves to her and greets her a happy birthday. He asks if she put on make-up. Mairu says yes, she put on some herself. While he happily opens the box, Fuyu says that it is definitely homemade. Mairu timidly apologizes for she only wants to express her gratitude. Still pouting, Fuyu says what.

He laughs and says it really has her style. Fuyu asked Mairu if he can kiss her.

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Mairu told him that she is always, always thinking of such a mean thing. Truly treated me well. No matter what I do. Fuyu lay down in the bed and shouted that he surrenders. Fuyu complained that he obviously told her to give her answer to him on her birthday and in the end, he was quickly and thoroughly rejected.

He asked Mairu if they can meet on February 14th and can she give him a homemade chocolate. While eating the chocolate, Fuyu says that it is truly insensible that she rejected him for later on, he will become a popular photographer and she can take advantage of his connections and also handsome face.

For you, I carefully considered your birthday gift. Tenyuu is quickly coming over here. Fuyu tells her that an hour ago, Tenyuu already arrived at Haneda [airport] and he ought to be here soon. He laughs and asks if she is going to give him chocolate. Yamakawa blushes and is surprised by that. The guy says that upon seeing Emi, he realized that she is simply cuter in personal than on the pictures. Then, Emi calls out to Kudou who is waiting for her by the bushes.

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Kudou asks if she has finished writing the schedule. She exclaims yes, she filled it up for her to have time together with him. She apologizes for making him wait. Kudou says that it is okay for he has been eating the chocolate that she gave him while waiting, and for him, it is a heaven-like happiness. Then, there is an awkward silence for Moe realized what she just mentioned.

He tells her that ever since he quit from the convenient store where he worked and met her, a lot of things had happened.

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In order for a change, he went for a direct interview at a DVD rental store and unexpectedly, she has started working there. Moe says that it is truly such a coincidence. He says, for him, too. Holding her hands, he declares that she is definitely his fated person. Moe happily hugs him and exclaims, ya. While Mairu kept on running, a train passes by overhead.

The other guys start to get angry if it was the paper with the email and he should have given it to them. Mirai just keep quiet. His friend says that Mirai still kept on thinking of his ex-girlfriend. The others angrily say that they heard that when one goes steady for three years, it would take three months to forget.

Since Mirai only went steady for a day, then it should only take him an hour to forget about her. They urge him to quickly find the next target. Mirai says that even if they only went steady for a day, but he likes her for 10 years. His friend says then, it would take 10 months.


We get to see many different sides of Mairu as well as the other characters. I got a bit frustrated with Mairu because sometimes she was a bit careless and brushed off another person's feelings casually.

mairunovich ending a relationship

Especially when she got together and broke up with Mirai all in one day. If you're finally going to accept his sincere feelings but decide to the break his heart a few hours later just from seeing your ex, isn't that a bit cruel? Like I can understand if you go out for awhile but realize you can't love him, except you ended it in less than 12 hours! Sorry, i could rant on forever, but I won't.

Maybe it's just me. I like their chemistry as "father-daughter" as Tenyuu has mentioned. I really feel like Tenyuu has changed throughout the course of this manga in character and personality. I love how Tenyuu always comes to her rescue and helps her with her love problems. I was so mad during the 10 chapters or so when Tenyuu left and didn't appear much or none at all. I was dying in agony.

mairunovich ending a relationship

I disliked Naru-kun and I was wishing so hard that Mairu and him would break up so she can end up with Tenyuu.