Luminous arc vanessa ending relationship

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luminous arc vanessa ending relationship

For Luminous Arc on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled I really am starting to hate Vanessa. Mel has better Magic than Lucia, has better healing(Salvation > Heal Bomb), and the only difference is salvation u end up healing the other team most of the time because of it's healing area. Luminous Arc is definitely one of the most basic examples of the although the destructive actions of Vanessa, the witch of immolation, end up making the When Alph is next to a character he has a relationship with, both. For Luminous Arc on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled I also feel he wouldn't want to "get his freak on" with Vanessa or did it better by actually having those relationship reveal a special ending.

Poor Roland is subjected to her cooking in her Intermissions, especially when choosing the dialogue choices for a Best Break.

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The main guilty in this case is Sadie and Fatima, two highest magic character that is pretty much broken and make some other "balanced" character overlooked. Even with only the witches they're still broken. Depending on dialogue choices, Roland can end up with either Althea or Fatima, either by either siding with the rest of the witches Althea or trying to understand the Shadow Frost witch's motivations Fatimacausing the other girl to be jealous after he chooses the other.

Karen also crushes on him, in her Tsundere way, while being oblivious to Ace's interest in her. All the boys have crushes on the Queen. Rina is just a friend to Roland and Rasche, but acts like a Fangirl over Richter.

luminous arc vanessa ending relationship

He may or may not return her feelings at the end of the game, depending on how seriously one takes his comment to her about a wedding dress. There's some Ship Teases between Rasche and Dia. And finally, Kaph has a one-sided attraction to every girl in the game.

luminous arc vanessa ending relationship

Except Rina and Karen Love Makes You Evil: Althea, but only in Fatima's route, and only for one chapter. Luke, I Am Your Father: Master Mattias is Roland's real father. This attachment causes a lifelong bond which provides impetus for the plot of the game. As such, at the beginning of the game, she works towards removing the seal that was placed on him fifteen years earlier when the original Witches prevented his plan from being successful.

When Mattias is freed, she supports him and his campaign.

Hot Spring

However, once Bharva kills Mattias and the player is imprisoned by order of Queen Sophiawho has lost her faith in non-regulation of magic, Fatima escapes along with the player and joins the party. Depending on the player's story-line choices, Fatima and Josie may engage him in battle again if the player leans towards Althea as Roland's love interest.

luminous arc vanessa ending relationship

Following the battle, Althea commits suicide, but is saved by Roland's Love Magic. On the other hand, if Fatima is Roland's love interest, Althea will instead leave the party to battle Roland. Personality Edit In the beginning of the game, Fatima is portrayed as very motive-driven.

It is later learned that those motives are built on her attachment to certain personal relationships. In her past, she was socially rejected, so when Mattias reached out to her, she developed an attachment to him which gave her the drive to carry out her plans.

luminous arc vanessa ending relationship

A similar reaction is seen again if the player chooses to reason with Fatima in the story. In that case, Fatima becomes attached to Roland, which can escalate to a romantic level and alter the game's ending. Vanessa told them that they had better prepare to die, and revealed her identity as the Witch of Immolation.

Sir Andre then appeared to speak to Heath, and Heath urged him to leave quickly. Lucia attempted to reason with her to no avail, and the Garden Children fought her. Vanessa eventually lost the battle, and admitted she underestimated the group. Lucia then stepped forward to confront Vanessa and talk to her; however, Vanessa refused to listen and attacked her.

Alph protected Lucia, and in the process it was revealed that he is a Rym. After this discovery, Vanessa considers it briefly before making her escape.

luminous arc vanessa ending relationship

Vanessa remained a major antagonist throughout the game, fighting the player's group on several occasions. However, when Alph and company attacked San Reise to prevent Zehaal's resurrection Vanessa joined them, since their intentions were the same.

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She possessed the strongest power, and is stronger than Elicia Background Edit Vanessa is the Witch Of Immolation, one of the seven Witches created by the world to fight God.

She spent the majority of her early life within the confines of the Witch Village hidden in the magical forest of the Western Continent. Not long before the events of Luminous Arc, Vanessa left the Witch Village, disagreeing with the Witch leader Claire 's plan of action. Vanessa believed they should collect the Lapistier regardless of the human cost. After this plan was rejected by the other Witches, Vanessa set out on her own to collect the Lapistier.