Last weekend itv ending relationship

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last weekend itv ending relationship

What a brave close to this heartbreaking tale of abuse, crime and punishment. Photograph: Neil Genower/ITV his end in when Colin dragged him into the woods and strung him up .. Colin and Marion really need "re-parenting", and that's a bit too much weight to put on a normal adult relationship. Ibiza Weekender By using this site, you agree we can set and use cookies. For more details of these cookies and how to disable them, see our cookie policy. The Last Weekend is a three-part psychological thriller television series produced by Carnival Films in for ITV, based on the Blake Morrison novel of the same name. The publication anticipated a "thrilling yet unsettling end to what has been a great drama, with a disturbing yet subtle performance from Shaun Evans.

No doubt some of this was deliberate ambiguity but other elements felt rushed and muddled.

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The women in the story — particularly Laura and Ness — were left in a kind of traumatised limbo. The best TV shows of Why were the police so ineffectual? When she promptly blew the operation by being caught with a syringe in her wine glass, it was just the latest in a string of police bungles.

Ioan Gruffudd and Laura Aikman Credit: ITV One would also have thought that the three-week police manhunt for a fugitive rapist would cover the local marshes, which Laura visited almost daily and where Andrew had also been sighted.

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The CPS declining to prosecute Andrew was sadly believable, though. One of the least satisfying aspects of this finale was that rather lame sequence when Laura found the pivotal evidence. There was no climactic confrontation between the two antagonists.

last weekend itv ending relationship

It all fell flat and distinctly damp squibbish. ITV What next for the characters? As ripples spread outwards from that fateful night, all manner of secrets and lies came to light.

Ness and Jen were still together, albeit with a gap on the sofa between them.

last weekend itv ending relationship

Policeman Tom, fired from the force, was last seen looking rather lost. ITV Pleasingly, Laura was the character left with most cause for optimism. There were hopeful signs of romance with her likeable suitor Ian Kieran Bew from their Edinburgh hotel.

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He was coming down to Kent for a weekly, sweetly chaste date. As long as he lets Laura get the drinks, they might just have a future.

last weekend itv ending relationship

Was the series a success? It pulled in 6m viewers, rising to 8m when catch-ups and recordings were taken into account. There were inconsistencies, implausibilities and twists too far.

At times, it was carried by the superlative performances — not just of leads Gruffudd and Froggatt but also of Brown and Conn.

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In fact, this was a reminder of why Gruffudd really should be far more famous. ITV Should there be a series two? January 16, You wait for months for a psychological thriller, and then two come along in the same week and and on the same TV channel. The basic premise appears simple: We learn that Daisy was originally in a relationship with Ian rather than Ollie.

last weekend itv ending relationship

The sense of unease and discomfort that something is out of place under the surface keeps getting stronger. Is someone up to something? Then comes the bombshell when Ollie confides in Ian that he has an inoperable brain tumour and is dying.

A crucial piece of dialogue is obscured and lost to us and apparently also to Ian by a blast of car engine noise. The longer the first episode goes on, the more everyone seems to be keeping crucial secrets from everyone else, and the stranger and more unnerving the situation feels; even the music starts to evoke the soundtrack of a David Lynch movie. First he abuses dinners at a classy restaurant over a trivial misunderstanding; then he starts to grow suspicious over the interaction between his wife Em and his best friend Ollie on the drive home.

The final scene of part one sees Ian reacting very oddly altogether as Daisy greets the unexpected arrival of a male friend of hers; is Ian starting to grow psychologically unstable, or are we reading too much into this?

Then we realise that the way the scenes are being shot are also growing increasingly off-kilter: The whole thing conjures up a powerfully effective air of doubt and tension.