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lady fan tvb ending relationship

(Roughly translates as “Lady Fan - A Match Made From A Chance Encounter In Battle”). The Cast (In Cantonese with Chinese pronunciation in. The actress says that a sequel may give fans the closure they want for Natalie stated that since the ending to Cherie and Saving's story may. Fan Lei Fa (Jessica Hsuan) was destined to marry the person who can split her destiny ring into two rings. This marriage will bring peace and.

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New to the world never step out of home until she was Loved at first site of seeing Shan. Kills her father first time being abandoned by Shan for that and brother by accident.

lady fan tvb ending relationship

This story is famous for the account of 3 times where Shan abandon's Fa and 3 times where he tries to get her back. From his country, he has to walk 3 steps and kneel, walk 5 steps and bow all the way to her country, to ask for her return to Sit Home and for her forgiveness.

lady fan tvb ending relationship

Because they are enemies of different countries, they end up having to fight against each other. He's Fa's first arranged-marriage fiance that his father strictly approved but she didn't like him so she escaped the wedding. Think the Yang Saga or something. The story is about the saga of Tiet Nhon Quy. When little, Nhon Quy was mistreated by his uncle's family cause his family died off.

lady fan tvb ending relationship

He later came into the army of the King, and became a great General after a few obstacles. Later on, he had a son, Dinh San whom was trained by "tien".

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Dinh San became a great warrior like his father. However, Nhon Quy fought a battle, and lost, he got attacked by magic and he fled back. His enemy said that he've lost, and that he'll die by his own son's hands. He fled back, confused, and wounded.

Dinh San heard the news of his father's defeat, and went to look for him.

lady fan tvb ending relationship

Dinh San went through the forest and there was a tiger in his way, he felt threatened and wanted to save his dad, so he killed it. What he did not know was that the tiger was his dad's animal form he was the tiger zodiac or something. And to pay for his crime, he had to get Phan Le Que to fight the evil dude and protect the country. Phan Le Que was su mui classmate of the evil dude, and she destroyed that evil dude in battle.

The evil dude had feelings for Phan Le Que too.

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Kinda like the story of Moc Que Anh Ha-Tim fires her but continues to work with Kwong-Nam. Judy finds a suitable man at a speed-dating encounter set up by Kwong-Nam and Joe becomes her ultimate target to losing weight.

lady fan tvb ending relationship

However, Joe only sees Judy as a potential real-estate client. He admits Judy is not a typical HK-like girl, being sweet and kind, but still overweight. Kwong-Nam helps Judy realize she has changed from the typical HK girl to a nice and lovable girl. At this time, he also opens her eyes to her secret-admirer, Ho Gar-Jun.

Yam Mo-Lin is a tough female cop and devoted fan of Windy, completely following her ideology of living a single "full" life.

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Kwong-Nam runs into Mo-Lin at a lounge, playing drinking games. Intoxicated, Mo-Lin accidentally spills her secret admiration for a fellow co-worker at the police station, Wong Lung; however, Wong Lung always seems to treat Mo-Lin as one of the guys.

So, Kwong-Nam decides to help Mo-Lin attract the man she loves, whilst breaking Mo-Lin away from Windy's ridiculous concept of a feminist society. At Windy's meet-and-greet, Windy urges Mo-Lin to announce her new single life to the world but Kwong-Nam appears, convincing her to admit that she does still love Wong Lung. He sees her diligence and persistence on screen but also admits that he likes her the way she was before the lady lessons. Fa-Lui's mother, Lee Chiu-Ling, has always taught her daughters that the ultimate goal is to marry a rich man.

However, Fa-Lui's younger sister, Sing Fa-Yui, has always been a ditsy airhead so Fa-Lui puts it on herself to look after her younger sister.