Kofuku graffiti ending a relationship

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kofuku graffiti ending a relationship

Shiina (椎名) is Ryou's best friend from middle school, who comes over to spend time with her occasionally and enjoys her cooking. Shiina is a tall and petite girl with long, flowing, brown hair. She also has big, round, hazel eyes, perky cheeks. Koufuku Graffiti (Gourmet Girl Graffiti). Author . They either had a distant relationship (emotionally, they still lived together!) or no . Well you all this is the end. Ryou Machiko (町子 リョウ Machiko Ryō) is the main protagonist of Koufuku Graffiti, a second year middle Relationships Edit Koufuku Graffiti - OP - Large

That is, many of the shots incorporated are single framed, up close, in slow-motion, and quick to cut from one segment to the next. For at the end of the day, it is just food and talking, so seeing the jumpy camera work and swift shots gave a bit of life to this wholly slice-of-life show.

Speaking of the food, the anime does a wonderful job of making everything look quite appetizing. Grilled fish, steamed rice, fried noodles; the show never skimps out at giving the food a large portion in terms of detail. Ryou is supposed to be in middle school, yet her proportions make her out to be a young woman entering college.

At the same time, her plain clothes, plain face, and plain hair make her as common as any other plain Jane.

kofuku graffiti ending a relationship

Kirin steps it up a bit more, with her funny meat-looking travel bag, purple hair, and varied outfits to match her fun personality. But Shiina brings it back down, following the same trend as Ryou: The characters see a lot of bodily use outside of their mouths and hands for eating, with fluid actions taking place in most situations.

Ryou can usually be found cooking, Kirin is always bouncing around, with Shiina and the others either silently watching or participating in the festivities.

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Ryou, Kirin, and Shiina. As has already been discussed at great length, Ryou is someone who values others, more so than she values herself. One of the constant themes in regards to her person is the grandmother that both taught her how to cook and taught her how to treat those with her cooking. Kirin is arguably the strongest character within Graffiti, if only because she provides nearly all of the comedy that the show has to offer.

She acts as a kind of foil to Ryou; where Ryou is very calm, motherly, and quiet, Kirin is somewhat hyper, childish, and loud in whatever she takes part in.

Koufuku Graffiti Episode 9 Discussion

Such a dichotomy allows the audience to see how sensible Ryou is while showcasing how ridiculous Kirin tends to be. This is purposeful, because she represents the balance between the two. Ryou recently lost her grandmother, and her parents are always working overseas.

She may seem well off financially, but deep down, things get lonely for her. Every time Grandma comes up, I find myself shedding a tear, feeling empathetic for how Ryou must feel without anyone else around.

And every episode of this series has been joyous for that reason. Oh wait, but Shiina and Kirin still have a surprise!

Just as Ryou loves cooking for Kirin, Kirin also tries to cook things for Ryou too. It is through these kinds of relationships that showed that cooking is a very personal activity as it is a work of art. Culinary arts are quite competitive, and making the best dishes can make or break some of the best chefs out there. The food may not always be appetizing. It may just be something simple like a packet of instant ramen.

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But with a comfortable atmosphere, surrounded by those who matter most to you, any meal can be a fine feast. And if Ryou keeps that in mind, she will never be alone. Did I say I shed tears? I meant it, because it makes me happy. Along with very sensual eating ; Koufuku Graffiti is more relaxed and slow paced. While Shokugeki no Souma, judging from the first episode, is a lot more intense and fast paced. Recommended by Jalenese Two anime focusing on the sensual nature of eating food.

Koufuku Graffiti has a female lead and the ecchi is less explicit but the similarities are clear. Recommended by shushushu Similar Aspects: They never fail to teach you something about food, and makes you smile with a good comedy. Both MC are obsessed by food obviously Recommended by Xenocrisi well it's pretty obvious that the main similarity is that these are both food anime for anyone that has seen them.

But the most important similarity is how everyone in these shows gets really aroused when they eat food. Recommended by symbiotic Both shows are about cooking and contain scenes with mouth-watering food in it.

kofuku graffiti ending a relationship

The major differences are the studios behind it and the genres of the show.