Klonoa 2 lunateas veil ending a relationship

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klonoa 2 lunateas veil ending a relationship

Klonoa 2 Print by pengosolvent ” a big print for one of my favorite games! Source: catchsomeair.us klonoa klonoa 2 lunatea's veil king of . as usual if anyone is leaving tumblr or jusst worried my content HAS been but i'm gonna just make a general summary (NOT a direct relation to hero's. Next page: catchsomeair.us Another comic:catchsomeair.us Lunatea's Veil FINAL BATTLE. What is his relationship with Klonoa? :iconnekoni-klonoa2. who have experienced the touching ending in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. You see what was so special about this game was the relationship.

He is accompanied on his journey by two residents of this world Lolo and Popka who become good friends of his. Lolo - A priestess in training. Throughout most of the game, she accompanies Klonoa and provides the energy of Klonoa's ring. She has continuously failed the test to become a full-fledged priestess, but is asked by the High Priestess of the Goddess Claire to aid Klonoa in his journey to save Lunatea.

She become a good friend of his, though she is hinted to have developed romantic feelings for Klonoa because of his courage and heroism, this seems to implied in the ending.

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Popka - A dog-like creature who acts as the rude but charismatic sidekick of Lolo who also joins Klonoa in the journey while becoming a good friend of his. Baguji - The enigmatic prophet who apparently predicted Klonoa's arrival. Early in the game, the trio seek his aid and he directs them throughout the early parts of their journey.

Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

Leorina - The game's primary antagonist is the sky pirate and a former priestess who eventually lost her patience and set off to gain "The power of the gods. She accompanies Leorina in for most of the game. She shows a liking to Klonoa at the beginning of the game, giving off a few tips to Klonoa when he is pursuing her. Momett - An unusual resident of Joilant who loves new rides. He rewards Klonoa for collecting Dream Stones and Momett Dolls with pieces of the game's soundtrack in the "Hurdy Gurdy," time-trial versions of bosses, scrapbook images, and two extra Visions.

The characters in the game voice their own dialect of fictional language. Story The story begins with an unknown silhouette, asking for help.

Klonoa suddenly starts falling, right into water. A flying ship, carrying Leorina and Tat appears above him. Before they can take his ring, Lolo and Popka appears and they fly off, not wanting to risk losing the ring. Klonoa wakes up, and is greeted by Lolo and Popka. They tell him his presence was foretold, and that they should see The High Priestessand mention that Klonoa is now in Lunatea. Along the way to meet the priestess, Klonoa uses the ring, with Lolo in it, to ring the giant bell.

Lolo believes she rang it, saying that she can be a priestess now. After talking with the High Priestess, Lolo is granted the title of a priestess. Klonoa learns he must get the elements from the giant bells spread throughout Lunatea, but Leorina and Tat manage to get in his way, and take them.

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After catching up with them, Leorina explains that with the power she has, she'll make everyone realize sorrow, but instead, she gets cursed by it, turning into a giant silver bird-like creature. After Klonoa saves her, she decides to help him. With the power of the elements, Klonoa opens the gate to the Kingdom of Sorrow.

It is revealed that the King of Sorrow is the one who summoned Klonoa, in the end however, the king decides to use Klonoa as a vessel for the pain he suffered in isolation, and was killed in the battle with Klonoa. Before he died, Klonoa promised the King of Sorrow that the world would remember sorrow, saying they've come too far to give up.

Klonoa rings the bell, and the king turns to light and fades away.

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Sometime later, Leorina and Tat decide to restore the Kingdom of Sorrow, and Klonoa decides it is time to go home. Lolo is disappointed, but tells him it'll be okay because he said it's okay to cry sometimes, and that she'll work hard it was revealed that it was Klonoa, not Lolo, who rang the bell.

She breaks down and hugs Klonoa as he tells her that even though he doesn't belong in her world, they'll always be together, and with a final thank you, he walks away, disappearing to other worlds whose dreams are in danger or back to his own world. In the credits, it is revealed that the inhabitants of the four Kingdoms in Lunatea are now moving about freely to the other Kingdoms. Most were seen assisting Leorina and Tat in rebuilding the Kingdom of Sorrow while others were seen exploring the other four Kingdoms with curiosity and wonder.

Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil - All Bosses (No Damage + Ending) PCSX2/PS2 1080p 60FPS

Merchandise In Japan, Enterbrain released an official strategy guide to Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil in Another guide was released by BradyGames in North America. Soundtrack The soundtrack for Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil was composed by eight individuals. A 2-disc 71 track set was released exclusively in Japan by Scitron Digital Content on August 21, The score includes the vocal song " Stepping Wind ", sung by Klonoa voice actress Kumiko Watanabe in the character's fictional in-game language.

Despite this, the guidebook released by Enterbrain contains a Japanese translation for the lyrics. Lunatea's Veil soldcopies in Japan duringmaking it the 85th best-selling game of the year.

klonoa 2 lunateas veil ending a relationship

In addition to being able to jump, Klonoa can shoot enemies with his signature "Wind Bullet" using the ring he carries. Once Klonoa has shot an enemy with a Wind Bullet, the player can throw it or use it to double jump by tossing the enemy towards the ground after jumping. There are also special kinds of enemies that are required for progressing through each Vision. These include the enemies called "Boomies," which will explode after a certain amount of time and must be used to break certain barricades; "Likuries," which absorb the enemies they are thrown at, resulting in them changing color from which point the player can use them to break crystals of the matching color; "Erbils" that give Klonoa the ability to jump higher than normal; and "Kitons," enemies the player can use to fly for a short time.

There are also jet-like enemies and large cannons that rocket Klonoa towards distant parts of a Vision. Additionally, there is a feature that lets a friend use a second controller to make the character Popka give Klonoa an extra boost while jumping.

Other than that, however, there is no multiplayer mode in this game. Board-riding stages put Klonoa on a fixed, continuously-moving path towards the end goal. Boss battles normally consists of grabbing enemies or objects to throw at the boss until its health depletes. In each Vision, there are a number of items for Klonoa to collect. For example, Hearts will refill Klonoa's health and Alarm Clocks serve as a checkpoint in the event the player dies. Each Vision, aside from boss battles, contains at least "Dream Stones" scattered around.

klonoa 2 lunateas veil ending a relationship

The item called the "Mirror Spirit" temporarily makes each stone worth double its original value. Every Vision also contains six star-like items called "Moon Stones. Setting[ edit ] The game takes place in the dream world of Lunatea.

It is composed of four kingdoms. The Kingdom of Joy, Joilant, is a kingdom to the south of Lunatea and resembles an amusement park.

The Kingdom of Discord, Volk, which lies to the west, resembles several metalworking factories and its people wage a neverending war. The Kingdom of Indecision, Mira-Mira, is secluded and snowbound all year long. Each kingdom contains a bell housing its element.

Story[ edit ] The game opens with Klonoa during what appears to be a dream.

klonoa 2 lunateas veil ending a relationship

A mysterious figure calls out for his help. Suddenly, he is seemingly teleported to Lunatea and falls into an ocean. The tide sweeps him towards a rocky outcrop, where he is spotted and rescued by Lolo and Popka. The two direct him towards an island which houses a bell, which Lolo must ring to become a full priestess.

With Klonoa's help, the group make their way to the bell and Lolo, much to her excitement, manages to ring it. Lolo and Popka take Klonoa to visit Baguji, an enigmatic but wise prophet.

He explains that the four Kingdoms of Lunatea each house a bell, which maintain harmony throughout Lunatea. However, a fifth bell which does not belong to any of the kingdoms has appeared.