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This is the path that leads to the game's ending, and is the one that Is he in a semi-relationship with both Ciel and Arcueid, or is he seeing one or the other? As befits a slice-of-life side game, much of Kagetsu Tohya's draw. In Kagetsu Tohya, Akiha dresses up as a cat at one point and Ciel is shown .. Marry Them All: Ciel's good end has Arcueid trying for a three way relationship. The good ending hurt more tho, just because akiha is broken as person. Akiha was a great character and her relationship with shiki was really . After you finish tsukihime read kagetsu tohya,there you can get a closure to.

When he goes there, he sees Satsuki breathing with difficulty as she scratches her throat. He runs towards her, but she stops him. He asks her again if she killed all those people, which she confirms as she taunts him. She then asks if he likes her, but he answers that he never had any special feelings for her. She then proceeds to try to turn him into a vampire, but he is able to overcome it because he cuts the lines of the blood she used.

He then has a murderous urge to kill her and does so without a second thought. Before dying, she says that she is happy because that was the first time that Shiki looked at her with serious eyes. Shiki runs off to find her, mostly unsuccessfully. He does catch a glimpse of Satsuki, who now has red eyes due to being vampirized, but she runs away from him.

Shiki goes looking for her and he is just about to give up and go home when he hears a noise from a nearby alleyway. He decides to investigate and finds the alley covered in blood and corpses. Satsuki admits that she did it and begs Shiki for help before running off. Later, Hisui receives a phone call from Satsuki, who is waiting for Shiki in the park.

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When Shiki arrives, she asks him what he thinks of her, knowing that he never noticed her. When he tells her that he never had any feelings on her, she attacks him, trying to turn him into a vampire so he can never leave her. The ending is the same as Hisui's route. Kagetsu Tohya In Kagetsu Tohya, she is a posthumous character. The scenario suggests that she did indeed become a vampire, but Shiki did not kill her.

She seems to have become good friends with fellow tragic vampire Sionand together forms the "Back Alley Alliance".

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This story reveals much about the Nanaya family and the Demon Hunter's Association that they are connected with. Kiri Nanaya is at the end killed by Kishima Kouma, who is taking revenge for his parents deaths at the hands of Kiri Nanaya. This story has Arihiko as the protagonist and reveals how he and Shiki met in the past. Ciel ends up taking Nanako back by the end of the story.

With a cameo by The Dead. Flower of Thanatos Erotic story that takes place in an artificial dream world where Shiki, Kohaku and Hisui live in the isolated Tohno mansion. A Comedic story wherein Hisui goes insane. Based on Hisui's Good Ending. Even the villains, major and minor take a part in it, with Kohaku using her assets and intelligence to win the game. Dawn The continued story of the girl that gets devoured in the park by Nrvnqsr Chaos in Tsukihime.

The first part of the story misleadingly leads the reader to believe they are Shiki Tohno, until Arcueid suspects that the protagonist isn't Shiki. The girl ends up dying at the hands of Shiki Tohno, unaware of anything other than her nature as a vampire. She dies happily in her sister's arms. This story was submitted by Maruyama Kugane, the author of the light novel series Overlord. Drinking, Dreaming Moon This hidden story, unlocked after all other content in the game has been viewed, has Shiki meeting his adoptive brother SHIKI and discussing their relationship on friendly terms.

While some of the following characters were briefly mentioned in Tsukihime, they appear with larger roles in Kagetsu Tohya: She is not contracted to Arcueid, and is currently an independent existence. She can take the form of a pre-pubescent girl or a black cat. Even before I saw the true ending since I got trapped in the Dead End for some time and it was so sad to the point to call myself a monster to don't actually cry. A funny note to say is that, if the Carnival Phantasm was canon, Ciel Good Ending Sun Epilogue would actually be a canon for being the only one that puts Ciel and Arcueid to Shiki, making a hilarious love triangle.

The Akiha route, even if well made, was my least favorite. It isn't that addicting, and her normal ending don't have any reason to be called "normal", it would fit way more calling it "sad ending" for some reasons.

Overral, this arc get's completely outclassed by Really, if it is not the best route, it's clearly is the best route of the "Far Side of the Moon".

I actually really like how this one explains everything on the "Far Side of the Moon" story to the point of making Akiha route sounds incomplete. The story is very interesting, sometimes funny and incredibly sad. Shiki said that he didn't cared about Nanaya, and yet, it was the first name he thought to give to Kohaku in Hisui's Good Ending.

Kohaku route is a good one, and I don't really understand the players rage over it. If anything, it's better than Akiha. Everything she did makes only sense. And I actually had to blame Shiki stupidity in this one. The only thing that I don't understand is the ending in two ways: It's happy, but it could get a alternative ending just for fun. He was really describing the night and the dawn, looking like it was the last one.

For some strange reason, I'm not shedding any tears. I feel sad, and I don't want to part. The grassy field became silent once more. Gazing up, it looks like the moon is about to vanish from the sky. All things pass by, just like the moon disappearing. And yet, after a long time, there may be the chance to meet again. And so, tonight's moon disappears.

The dawn is drawning closer. Just like the moon that has just fallen, for the time being, the curtains are lowered on the long story for Tohno Shiki- The heavings soar high above. I look up, while embraced by the clear, brisk night air.

All things are uncertain, like a waking dream. The past all an illusion. It doesn't leave behind a tangible form, and even the most vivid of memories are just really transient. Yet, I believe that the moon's image will never fade away. Even that is fragile.

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Even though It will end one day, I don't care. The memories continue on. I'm sure that even the end will be a happy one. Everyone races against the remaining time, and it passes on. She looks badass enough but is shown to be caring about him.

I forgot to mention that I don't really know Kohaku true form. She acted to be cheerful and acted to be a doll, but her true's self is a caring person Like it shows on the ending or a "Mean-hearted person" Like Shiki stated after the Ero scene? NeutralDrow NeutralDrow 6 years ago That's news to me.