Journey to the west 2013 ending a relationship

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journey to the west 2013 ending a relationship

It's been one incredible journey for Beyoncé and Jay Z in both their personal and when Beyoncé dropped an entire album with no warning at the end of AM BST 19 Apr Then I was off for the west coast, alone except for the intermittent company of the .. At the end of the journey, the camels were wide-eyed with wonder at the sight of the Indian Ocean. PHOTO: Rick Smolan. A sequel, Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back, written and 1 Plot; 2 Cast; 3 Box office; 4 Critical reception; 5 Sequel; 6 References; 7 External links . The film was released on February 10, in China and opened to 78 million.

On his way home, Tripitikas is harassed by some hooligans, whose leader Lupo attempts to use him to help them rob the shop-owner Hop, who is shot by Lupo. Hop tells Tripitikas to deliver the staff to its rightful owner and Tripitikas flees with the staff. He is cornered on the rooftop before being pulled off the roof by the staff. When Tripitikas regains consciousness, he finds himself in a village in ancient China that is under attack by armored soldiers. The soldiers see his staff and attempt to seize it.

He is saved by the inebriated traveling scholar Lu Yana supposed "immortal," who remains alert and agile even when drunk. Lu tells him the story of the rivalry between the Monkey King and the Jade Warlord. The Warlord tricked the King into setting aside his magic staff, Ruyi Jingu Bangand transformed the immortal into a stone statue, but the King cast his staff far away before the transformation.

Lu ends the tale with a prophecy about a "Seeker" who will find the staff and free the King. Just then, they are attacked by the Warlord's men again, but manage to escape with the help of Golden Sparrow, a young woman. He terrorises the people living near the river and demands that they sacrifice a boy and a girl to him every year or he will cause flooding.

He is no match for Sun Wukong and retreats back to his underwater lair. Sun Wukong learns from Guanyin later that the demon is actually a goldfish from a lotus pond at Mount Putuo who obtained his powers after listening to Guanyin reciting the scriptures every day.

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Guanyin uses a fish basket to trap the demon and bring him back to the pond. He is actually Taishang Laojun 's Azure Bull. He captures Tang Sanzang and his companions except for Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong seeks help from various celestial forces, including Li JingNezhathe fire deities and the Eighteen Arhatsbut all of them also lose their weapons to the demon's Golden Jade Ring. The demon is eventually subdued and taken back by Taishang Laojun. When the women in Women's Country want to drink from the spring, they need to present gifts to Ruyi first.

Ruyi holds a grudge against Sun Wukong because of the fate of his nephew, Red Boy, and he behaves in a hostile manner when Sun comes to ask for water from the spring. Ruyi is eventually outwitted and defeated by Sun Wukong.

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When the protagonists arrive in her country, she falls in love with Tang Sanzang and wants to marry him. On Sun Wukong's suggestion, Tang Sanzang pretends to marry the ruler and lies that his three students will go to fetch the scriptures in place of him. Later, he pretends to see his students off and escapes with Sun Wukong's help when the four of them are safely outside the city.

Her true form is a scorpion the size of a pipa. She practises Taoist arts for several years and obtains magical powers. The Buddha suffers from the pain of the sting and instructs his followers to bring the scorpion to him but she has already fled.

Shortly after escaping from Women's Country, Tang Sanzang is abducted by the scorpion demon and taken back to her lair, where she tries to force Tang Sanzang to marry her.

Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie fight with the scorpion but are held back by her poisonous sting.

journey to the west 2013 ending a relationship

He fights with the real Sun Wukong and neither of them is able to overcome his opponent. No one is able to differentiate between the real and the fake Sun Wukong until the two appear before the Buddha, who tells them about the four spiritual primates. The Six Eared Macaque attempts to flee when he hears the Buddha speak about his true identity but the Buddha traps him under a giant golden alms bowl.

The macaque is then killed by Sun Wukong. In the early chapters of the novel, he becomes sworn brothers with Sun Wukong and five other demon kings. He appears again in a later chapter when the protagonists arrive at the Flaming Mountains along their journey.

In the ensuing fight against Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie, Bull Demon King reveals his true form, a giant white bull, and attempts to charge towards his opponents. Her true form is a vixen. She is killed by Zhu Bajie. It is taken away by Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong uncovers the truth when he and his companions arrive in Jisai. The dragon king and his family are eventually killed by Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie.

Sun Wukong enlists the help of celestial forces to deal with the demons. The Nine Headed Bug has one of his heads bitten off by Erlang Shen 's celestial hound but manages to escape.

She is slain by Zhu Bajie. Their respective forms are a sheatfish and a blackfish respectively.

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Sun Wukong discovers them while cleaning the pagoda and captures them. Their true forms are a pine tree, a cedar tree, a juniper tree and a bamboo tree respectively. Tang Sanzang encounters them in the temple and discusses poetry with them. Sun Wukong sees through their disguise and tells Zhu Bajie when the latter asks him if he detects any demons in the vicinity.

Zhu Bajie then destroys all the trees. Tang Sanzang is shocked and he scolds Zhu Bajie for killing innocents because the spirits never harmed him, but Sun Wukong explains that it is best to eliminate the spirits now in case they become evil in the future.

He creates a fake Leiyin Temple and impersonates the Buddha while his minions disguise themselves as the Buddha's followers. Tang Sanzang, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing fall for his ruse as they mistakenly believe that they have reached their destination, and are captured by him. Sun Wukong escapes later and brings various divine forces to help him counter the demon but Yellow Brows uses the Human Sack to trap all the reinforcements.

Mechs still follow their programming and seek to eradicate hostiles, now surviving humans. The game opens with the main character, Monkey Andy Serkisawakening in a containment cell aboard a slave ship. He escapes and accidentally causes the vessel to crash. He reaches Trip Lindsey Shaw leaving the ship using an escape pod, but she ejects the pod without allowing him to enter.

When Monkey regains consciousness after landing, he discovers Trip has placed a slave headband on him, which forces him to follow her orders; a dead man's switch will kill him if she dies. Trip explains she wants to return to her village, and she needs his help to get there.

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Monkey is angry but has no other choice. As they travel across New York City, glitches in the headband expose Monkey to visions of what appears to be life before the war.

journey to the west 2013 ending a relationship

When they reach Trip's village, however, the place is deserted and overrun with mechs. After clearing the village of them, Monkey and Trip discover Trip's father is dead and no other villagers can be found. Assuming everyone is dead, Trip refuses to remove Monkey's headband, explaining her intent to find and kill the person responsible. Trip takes Monkey to meet a friend of her father's named Pigsy Richard Ridingswho she believes can help them.

Pigsy explains that a nearby mech base has the Leviathan, an enormous and incredibly powerful giant mech. The three infiltrate the base, commandeer Leviathan, and steer it to the mysterious Pyramid, where the slaves are being held. Along the way, Trip apologises to Monkey for breaking their deal and deactivates the headband, but Monkey tells her to turn it back on, hinting they have developed a romantic relationship.

When the Leviathan reaches Pyramid, they are confronted with several mechs. The Leviathan's main cannon fends them off for a while, but one eventually climbs aboard and tears the cannon off, forcing Monkey to destroy the mech himself. With the Leviathan now defenseless and surrounded, Pigsy announces that the only way for them to destroy the opposing mechs is for him to overload the engines. This would blow up the Leviathan and kill Pigsy in the process.

Trip frantically tries to convince him not to, but Pigsy demands that Monkey take her away from the blast radius. Monkey and Trip get away just in time to watch the Leviathan explode, destroying all of Pyramid's mechs with it.

In the epilogue, Monkey and Trip enter Pyramid and discover the slaves are under the control of a single individual. The man introduces himself as Pyramid Andy Serkis and explains that he lived before the war, and that he offers the slaves solace from the cruel world by sharing with them his memories of a happier era. He believes he is saving them and pleads with Monkey and Trip not to take away what he has given them.

Monkey recognises the memories as the visions he has been seeing with the headband on. Pyramid shows Monkey what he has giving the slaves through a mask. Monkey becomes enthralled with the images, but Trip violently disconnects and kills Pyramid, shutting down the system and freeing the slaves. The scene ends with Trip asking Monkey if she did the right thing, leaving those in the pyramid and their future unknown. Pigsy's Perfect 10[ edit ] Set prior to the events of Enslaved, Pigsy lives a solitary life in the scrap yard with his only companion, a small flying robot named "Truffles" who helps him scout scraps and provides advice in combat.

Because of his loneliness, Pigsy decides to build himself a friend. This will require three key components that he and Truffles must find in the scrap yard populated by mechs. While Truffles helps throughout his search, Pigsy seems unappreciative and prioritises his new creation. As Pigsy retrieves the last component, Truffles is damaged and shuts down in the process. With his new friend nearly complete, Pigsy learns what his creation actually needs is a "heart" and inserts Truffles inside.

When activated, however, his creation runs amok before being gathered up by a salvaging mech. Pigsy gives chase and fights his way into the main scrap collector.

When he finally retrieves Truffles and escapes, Pigsy realises Truffles was his real friend the entire time. Being greatly damaged, however, Truffles shuts down permanently. Pigsy realises too late he took his only friend for granted and vows not to make the same mistake again.

Development[ edit ] In AugustNamco Bandai announced they would be collaborating with Ninja Theory on a new video game project.