Jade empire dawn star ending relationship

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jade empire dawn star ending relationship

In Jade Empire, the player can choose to play as a male or female player- character. Male PCs can have relationships with three NPCs: one male, Sky, and it is also possible for Dawn Star and Silk Fox to end up together, but. For Jade Empire on the Xbox, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Relationship Silk fox – Male & Female – Closed Fist & Open Palm . you feel to advance the romance, any harsh answer here will end the relationship. I feel the same way about the BioWare game, Jade Empire. Fast forward to the game, specifically the end of it. You can make Dawn Star and Silk Fox realize this. .. However, their relationship is supposed to be reciprocal in nature, meaning that while a righteous child wouldn't defy their parent.

The romance will end if players choose options which contradict the philosophy she has adopted at this point.

Jade Empire - Romance Sub-Plot FAQ

From this point, the romance plots of both Dawn Star and Silk Fox follow the same basic route. Silk Fox Edit Silk Fox is a possible romance option for both male and female characters. She is first encountered at the start of Chapter Twobut is not initially an ally — she only joins the party in Chapter Three. When players arrive in the Imperial City and are met by Silk Fox, they are presented with a gift an essence gem called Imperial Favor.

Later, when Silk Fox has joined the party, the player can talk to her about this gift. If players are dismissive of it, she will decide that "it would be best if we restricted this relationship to business", and the romance plot will not advance. If players are more appreciative, or simply ask questions, the romance can advance. The next romance conversation can occur once players have progressed further through the chapter.

Silk Fox warns the player against becoming too close to the Lotus Assassinspointing to the power Death's Hand now has over her father. This eventually leads to an opportunity for the player to ask about Silk Fox herself. In order to move forward through the romance plot, players need to take an interest in what she says, and to avoid offending her by selecting the wrong option. The romance will end if players tell her that her father is weak, that she is uninteresting, that she is too harsh to be appealing, that she will be useful, or that the player is not looking for anything more than simple friendship.

If players are able to navigate through the conversation without selecting any of these options, Silk Fox will express a wish to talk with the player again at some point. The third important conversation that players can have with Silk Fox is available once players have obtained what they need to enter the Lotus Assassin Fortress.

Players are able to ask Silk Fox about various aspects of her life, including her activities as Silk Fox, her time at court, and her childhood. While talking about the latter, players can ask about her first love — her response will depend on what has been said previously.

Even if she agrees to answer, she first requires players to answer a question themselves, asking them whether they are romantically involved with anyone. The answer does not actually matter — whatever the player says, Silk Fox will compare it with her own experiences, saying that due to her position, she is not free to act on her wishes. In order to continue the romance, players have two options — they can ask whether she wants them to withdraw and then pass a Charm check when she replies, or they take one of two different approaches to convince her that tradition need not restrain her.

One approach is to point out that in her position, she will be able to ensure respect for tradition without restraining people, and to pledge to always be there to support her in the endeavor.

jade empire dawn star ending relationship

The other approach is to deny the importance of tradition and attempt to convert her to the Way of the Closed Fistwhich requires passing a skill check. The romance will end if players fail any of the skill checks, or if they tell Silk Fox that they are only interested in her as a tool, as part of a game, as a friend. From this point, the romance plots of both Silk Fox and Dawn Star follow the same basic route. Resolution Edit Assuming that the conditions for at least one romance have been met, there will be a conversation when players approach the Lotus Assassin Fortress in the Necropolis.

The conversation begins automatically — if the relevant characters are not already accompanying the player at the time, they will appear. The conversation can take two forms, depending on how many romance plots the player has been pursuing.

If players have only been pursuing one of the two, the chosen character will approach to express concern about the player's safety during the upcoming venture. Unless the player dismisses her before she has said this, the romance will continue. If the player has met the conditions for both of the romances, Silk Fox and Dawn Star will confront the player at the same time.

The player can choose between them, or can keep both romances alive for the time being by refusing to make the decision which requires passing two skill checks, one for Intuition and one for Charm. Alternatively, the player can say that the discussion is a waste of time, which causes both romances to end. In the case of the former, it is possible for players to end the romance by selecting the wrong option telling her that they don't have time for her, or if they have converted Dawn Star to the Way of the Closed Fist, telling her that they dislike the change.

The conversation with Silk Fox is shorter, and does not contain any options which would derail the romance plot. In Chapter Fouras players are approaching the throne room of the Imperial Palacethere will be another conversation. If players have committed to either Dawn Star or Silk Fox, that romance will continue just so long as they are not dismissive of her.

If players have not yet decided between Dawn Star and Silk Fox, they are given another opportunity to do so, although they are also able to postpone the issue.

Relationship Guide ***SPOILERS*** - Jade Empire Message Board for Xbox - GameFAQs

If players successfully completed one and only one of the romance plots, there will be another conversation with that character. At this stage, it is no longer possible to derail the romance, and the conversation will end with the player character and the love interest retiring together for the night.

If the player refused to choose between Dawn Star and Silk Fox, however, the conversation is more complicated, and success is not guaranteed. Silk Fox approaches, and says that after the player's apparent death, she and Dawn Star were able to talk to each other about how they felt.

She asks whether the player can choose between them, and if so, who the player would choose.

Romance options in Jade Empire

At this stage, however, both Dawn Star and Silk Fox will reject the player if the player does make a decision — with their new understanding, neither is willing to let the other be hurt because the player delayed the matter so long.

Therefore, choosing either Dawn Star or Silk Fox at this point will end all active romance plots.

jade empire dawn star ending relationship

The only way to continue forward is for the player to again refuse to choose — the player retires for the night, accompanied by both of them. The Emperor Sun Hai, wishing to preserve his empire and save his people, ordered his brother to find a way to "fix" this. With a single great sacrifice, the Empire was not only saved, it thrived and grew stronger.

Jade Empire: Sky Open Palm Romance 12: My Last Spirit Monk

This sacrifice was the death of a monk order so that the emperor might seize the power of a "god. Fast forward to the game, specifically the end of it. You are given the choice of taking this power for yourself.

The Final Choice in Jade Empire | Sufficient Velocity

Emperor Sun Hai had been driven mad by lingering in this world after his death and the betrayal by his brothers. He was no longer fit to wield such power. His conniving brother who stole the Water Dragon's power is better but still probably not that great by most standards so he too must be stopped.

jade empire dawn star ending relationship

And after he's dead, the power can be yours. All the empire has come to rely on this water. Cutting it off would have potentially disastrous results for everyone across the land. Is it really worth taking this risk?

jade empire dawn star ending relationship

And for what, because some glowy floaty lady said so? That is the crux of the issue and the failures of JE's writing. It presents the Water Dragon as all-wise, all-good and supremely benevolent.

Yet she does nothing but talk down about mortals and human beings and extol the superiority of her own kind. The Sun Brothers meanwhile are cast as the worst kind of villains; selfish, greedy, treacherous, murderous fools. Maybe the Brothers Sun weren't the best lot but what they did was not only bold and daring, it saved a great many lives. It put the reins of history back in the hands of man. Or really, maybe this was the first time these reins were in human beings' hands at all in this universe.

Jade Empire gave me the option of characterizing my Spirit Monk as.