Ib all alone ending a relationship

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ib all alone ending a relationship

Aug 26, Read Ending 9 ~ Welcome To The World Of Guertena from the story Ib - All Endings Guide by Kalcina (i imagine death so much it feels of the game – Together Forever, and the third version of Ib all alone, if you choose to spare her. + Remember that Garry Doom Counter and Garry/Mary Relationship. The Doll Room is a room in the Violet Area in the game Ib. The objective of this Forgotten Portrait · Memory's Crannies · Ib All Alone · Welcome to the World of whether or not Ib and Garry saw the "Hanged Garry" message after he kicked the or the A Painting's Demise ending, depending on Ib's relationship with Mary. In one version of "Ib All Alone", Garry is dead, but before Ib jumps into the thinking about leaving, but the relationship between her and Ib have grown too much.

If Ib chooses to enter, she will encounter Garry hallucinating. He will be talking to a "bunny" as if it was a person. He will make a few statements, describing how he feels and mentioning about a secret he apparently knows.

ib all alone ending a relationship

Ib will run towards him and stand in front of him. After Garry says a few things, Mary will claim that something is wrong with Garry, suggesting the possibility of him being a fake. Ib will then have two options: Regardless of Ib's choice, Garry will continue to hallucinate.

Mary will then point out that Garry is not listening to Ib and suggest looking for the exit, as Garry is an adult and could find his way out. Ib will respond by walking a few steps away from Mary and sit down in front of Garry. Mary will then walk over to Ib and ask her if something is wrong, urging Ib to stop sitting there so that they can get out together.

Ib will not respond, and Mary will attempt to coerce her to get up; however, Ib will tell Mary to go ahead without her. Mary will then leave the room and the perspective changes to Ib. If you have enough bond points with Mary, Mary decides to come back inside.

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She will then say that she always dreamt of going outside but can't leave Ib behind to do it as she's her first friend and states that she read a book saying that you have to treat your friends right. Mary will say that she would always be with her and wonders if Garry will stay with them too. Garry will then ask Mary about what can they do here. Mary would respond by saying they could play hide and seek and draw so they'll have fun together.

Mary would feel happy as she made two new friends and then says she'll throw them all a welcoming party as the screen fades to black. When the screen comes back, Mary will state that everyone's here for the party. The screen then scrolls up and we see that Ib and Garry are lying on the ground, not moving. The Doll Room no longer has bunnies but everything that the trio have encountered throughout their journey in the gallery is there as Mary welcomes Ib to Garry and Garry to Ib before to them and asks to get along.

Mary then will remember something and walk over to Garry's limp body.

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She will remove the lighter from his possession, stating that it is dangerous and scolding him for it. She will then say that this belongs in the trash and walks over to the big painting in the top of the room where Red Eyes comes out and takes it.

Mary will then say "There, that's that Beside her, you can see the Lady in Blue eating Garry's rose. Mary will then say that all three of them can play lots and lots but she stops as the screen fades to black. She then finishes her sentence by saying "Foreveeer! The screen will then display the name of the ending you have just received.

A Painting's Demise This ending is one of the three endings in the newest update and the absolute worst ending for Ib, Garry and Mary. Ib will view the room as filled with bunnies, presumably due to her youthful innocence. Garry will then say a few statements about how he feels and about the secret and says that he sometimes feels hopeless.

You will then has two options: To obtain this ending, Ib's bond with Mary must be less than four points. After the player makes a choice, Garry will continue to hallucinate.

ib all alone ending a relationship

Ib, depressed, will sit down next to Garry. Mary tells her to get up, but Ib tells her to go ahead. Mary will then leave the room and decide not come back for Ib. From this point on, you will now control Mary, and this is the only ending where you can do so. Travel back to where you came from, the unlocked door in which you came from if Garry lost in the Doll Room. After that, you must go back to the place with the headless statue.

Mary then asks the statue to move. The statue will obey her and move.

Welcome to the World of Guertena

Mary will then travel down the stairs back to the reception. Messages will appear around the gallery, telling Mary to go back and stay with them. She will ignore the messages and will continue her path. However, it's said that she needed to take the place of someone else but she did not do so. When Mary jumps into the painting, she'll see that no-one is in the gallery. When she finds the entrance to the art gallery, she would find that it's locked. Mary now finds herself trapped inside the real art gallery.

Messages would appear on the walls saying that Mary needs to go back and stay inside. After a while, the screen will get darker, the windows will start to have leaking red paint and messages appear in red blood paint saying there is no going back now and that she doesn't belong here because her heart is fabricated.

Mary asks out loud if someone is there who is writing them and takes out her palette knife for protection as the screen gets darker and darker. When you wander around the gallery, Mary will say that she's scared and asks for help. When you reach the reception desk again, a picture of Mary, dead, will appear where the sign is, above the reception desk.

Mary will wonder if that is her but she leaves it as she needs to get out of the art gallery. As the screen stops fading, it will be pitch black and will stay that way as you reach the end.

Mary will then say that Garry isn't listening to Ib and suggest going with her to find the exit, as Garry could get out himself since he's an adult. Ib will respond by walking away a few steps and sit down in front of Garry. Mary will then walk over to Ib and ask her if something's wrong and to stop sitting there, as she thinks there's an exit nearby so they'll get out together.

The succeeding text will come up as " Mary will then try to snap Ib out of her trance and tell her to get up, but Ib will tell her to go ahead without her.

Mary will then leave the room, and the screen will show Ib and Garry sitting together in the Doll Room. Silence befalls the room until Mary decides to come back inside. She will then start to say that she had always dreamed of going outside but can't leave Ib behind, as Ib's her first friend and continue to state that she had read a book saying that people have to treat their friends right.

Mary will then say that she will always be with Ib and wonder if Garry will stay with them, too. Garry will then ask Mary about what can they do here. Mary will respond by saying they could play hide-and-seek or draw and basically have fun together, and Garry will respond by saying that that sounds fabulous and that he wants to be a part of that. The remnants of Guertena may live on as the spirit of the gallery, and when Ib entered, he was immediately drawn to her, part of him fond of her as the embodiment of the woman he once loved as he had known her and so wanted to bring her near, while the other part of him hated her as the woman who left him and so wanted to punish her.

Thus he drew her into his world. Thus Mary was bound up and effectively animated by these very emotions. A Witch manifested inside the museum while Ib and Garry were in it, and Ib and Garry were the unlucky ones to stumble into the barrier. The museum being a barrier would certainly explain the bizarre, incoherent, and disturbing scenery. All of the killer artwork would be the Witch's familiars.

Furthermore, in Madoka Magica there was a Witch with an art theme Izabel. It took on the form of the Arc de Triomphe and had the ability to talk. Therefore it's not a huge stretch to say that a Witch could take the form of a painting depicting an extremely lifelike yet imaginary girl named "Mary".

Perhaps this painting-witch was once a fully-human Magical Girl herself. The rage and desires the painting expresses during the game stem from her father Weiss Guertena's actions during her human lifetime.

Rather than provide her ongoing companionship and love like a father should have, Guertena neglected her emotionally in favor of pursuing his lucrative artist career. Not only did this leave the girl feeling extremely lonely, like she might as well have been nonexistent in father's eyes, but she also felt resentful towards the artwork Guertena favored over her.

To fill the emotional void, instead of spending time with her busy father or exploring the outside world to befriend peers, the socially awkward girl lived her own imaginary world through the crayon drawings Sketchbook Worldtoys the creepy dollsand storybooks Carrie Careless and the Gallette des Rois she created. In this world, she was omnipotent and would always have companionship.

Considering that Witches' barriers are Mental Worlds depicting their troubled psychology during their human lives, the above back-story explains why the painting-witch's barrier is strongly Weiss Guertena-themed. The paintings are based on real people who died.

Apparently, it is possible to lose your memory and not regain it after you leave the art world. Also, people outside the world can have their memories changed like Ib's parents in Together Forever. Guertana didn't base his paintings on real people, but in the Portrait Forgotten ending Garry takes the place of the Hanged Man painting. Maybe the paintings ARE based on real people who died in the art world. Garry is actually Gueterna. Gueterna also may have molested Mary and trapped her in a painted world.

The game contains several references to both Alice in Wonderland and a girl who broke Gueterna's heart, almost to the point of obsession. Perhaps Gueterna knew an actual girl Mary onto whom he projected the personality of Alice.

He became fast friends with this girl, which ultimately led to his molesting her. That's when she "broke his heart. He knew about the painted world, so he painted her to trap her inside of it. He wanted to keep his deed a secret, and to preserve her for all eternity.

The world itself is actually a manifestation of Mary's psyche. There are several references to this. Firstly, there are molestation references present. Hands reach out from the wall and grope at the player characters. There is one door that asks you to go into its mouth — another mouth on the wall wants to "eat your flower".

In fact, the game's HP gauges are flowers — symbols typically associated with virginity, purity, and female coming of age. There are also signs that Mary has developed body image issues from the encounter with Gueterna, such as the deformed mannequins and doll heads which serve an antagonistic role in the game. The girls that crawl out of paintings could be seen as a literal cry for help — an echo of her ultimate goal of leaving Gueterna in the painting world.

Not to mention the dolls everywhere. In fact, there are very few parts of the world that one would think were created by a grown man. The entirety of the alternate gallery looks almost completely like the work of a very disturbed young girl.

The less solid aspect of this theory is the assertion that Garry is in fact Gueterna. After trapping Mary in the painting, he decided to send himself there as well perhaps at the height of his regret to spend eternity with Mary. Unfortunately, Mary still had not forgiven him, and her world was cruel and harsh to him as a result.

This is the true reason why Garry looks so disheveled his jacket and hair when you first meet him; he is near dead from Mary's world. This is why Mary immediately dislikes Garry upon the two meeting.

Mary spends the game trying to kill Gueterna and abandon him in the prison that he created for the both of them. Whether the above paragraph is true or not, there is also an explanation for why the final areas of the game look so much more frightened.

ib all alone ending a relationship

Even though she has been hardened by her bitterness, Mary is still just a little girl. She is rapidly losing her self-control towards the end of the game, after realizing that Garry is trying to manipulate Ib into helping him escape, which would leave her all alone. Her behavior could be said to be typical for a child of her age — she doesn't think things through because she is panicking.

Garry is a bad man in her eyes, and she wants to stop him. Mary behaves so brutally because she feels that she must. She really just wants to go home. Mary is a real person. Sometime in the past, Mary visited the gallery and became trapped. Like Garry, she had to go through the doll room event and she failed it.

ib all alone ending a relationship

However, unlike Garry, there was no one else there to snap her out of it.