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Noredo Nug (ノレド・ナグ Noredo Nagu) is a character featured in the Gundam Reconguista in G anime series. Noredo pulled out her slingshot and told Aida not to stick her butt out or she will fall It then got dangerous when Bellri ended up fighting Dellenson. She seems to be jealous of Aida's relationship with Bellri . Yoshiyuki Tomino 's latest anime, Gundam: Reconguista in G, has if Gundam Reconguista would change the situation, Tomino said no. Where Bandai and Tomino disagree, Tomino is wrong. Period. The fact is that many Gundam series were created without Tomino, and so his.

Later during a ball, she saw enemy mobile suits approaching while on her way to hanger She left with Manny and Raraiya to get to safety. She then bumped into Bellri and Luin, who were on their way to the prisoners castle. They were told to get to the shelter but they elected to follow them instead. Noredo then realized Bellri was after Aida, so she followed him and then caught him when he was knocked down the stairs after running into a wall.

They found Aida hanging on to her bed which was about to fall after a mobile suit had damaged the wall and floor. Noredo pulled out her slingshot and told Aida not to stick her butt out or she will fall and fired a warning shot. As Bellri arrived, the bed had fallen but Noredo had saved Aida. The next day, she accompanied Bellri to his meeting with the minister, who was questioning Aida.

She had to then help Bellri calm a hysterical Raraiya who burst into the meeting during the second attack on the capital. She then met up with Aida's crew and joined them as Bellri wanted to help. After arriving on the ship they were treated to a meal by Klim Nick and questioned by the captain on the capital and what they wanted to do.

They were not pressured into joining them but were expected to answer soon. During Bellri's test of the new backpack for the G-Self, she and Raraiya sneaked onto one of the hover planes to watch the battle.

It then got dangerous when Bellri ended up fighting Dellenson. Bellri was traumatized when he realized he had killed his mentor. After the battle, Noredo comforted him in his quarters while Raraiya played with Aida. Through his adventures he will learn about the mysteries shrouded in the Regild Century, including his own history. The series can be watched on YouTube on the official Gundam page, if you live in certain territories.

Not officially available in Europe, unfortunately. During a 40th Anniversary Livestream for the entire franchise, a compilation movie for Reconguista was revealed to be in production and will air in Reconguista in G provides examples of: Par for the course in a Gundam series. Instructor Dellensen gets a couple, first is the custom, orange painted Recten he uses in the first episode. Then there's the Elf Bull, a special Super Prototype that he tested himself. Klim Nick's custom Montero.

And later, he gets a custom Space Jahannam Allegory: Aside from the usual Gundam anti-war messages, The series' main themes present a pretty transparent argument against Japanese rearming. It uses the Reguild Calendar and is intended by Tomino himself to be the future of the Universal Century Gundam series. Every piece of pilotable machinery is patterned off some kind of animal: The Megafauna's MS team also adopts a rabbit emblem, after the G-Self's antenna that make it resemble one.

The majority of Mobile Suits in the series are named or patterned after various folklore figures or fantastic ideas. Many of these are also multifaceted, such as G-Lucifer, which is from Venus, historically known as the Morning Star. The waterballs are the biggest culprit of this for two reasons.

First is that water cannot be compressed. Second is that the weight of all the water they contain is ignored, each one contain enough water to fill a small lake which has to weigh several metric tons yet characters handles them as if they had the same weight as one would expect an object that size would.

Not a person, but Minovsky Particles. In past UC Gundam stories they were still important, but their communication-blocking properties were more or less just glossed over.

Here in Reconguista, much more attention is called to it. Averted by the writers. When a character provides exposition, they're providing it first and foremost to other characters in the show, thus they often will mention terminology the audience still isn't familiar with. A good portion of the cast have wonderfully goofy Tomino names.

The Elf units are prone to do this as they can shoot beams from various parts of their body. The same goes for the Armorzagan mobile armor. But What About the Astronauts?

Defining Gundam Reconguista in G – Mage in a Barrel

Word of God suggests that the Colonies became "trash," devastated from the conflicts that ended the Universal Century. It's implied however that while Towasanga is descended from the surviving Spacenoids, it's also implied that others attempted to leave the Earth Sphere altogether for greener pastures. To a degree, with a dash of Lost Technology. The Capital itself was built around the Space Elevator, itself refurnished to working order at some point early in the Regild Century.

Over generations however, the elevator and the Capital's policies took on a religious tone that would lead to below. Noredo Nug and her squad; they're generally a very nice if somewhat silly group of girls. But when they decide to take Bellri and a certain Mysterious Waif under their protection, they are serious about it.

The latter especially hits the point home; after all, how would the modern Holy See look if it suddenly decided to re amass military power? The space elevator, but not the mobile suits. Time will tell if it's an actual Call-Forward.

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Towasanga's mobile suits combine design features from enemy suits from the original Mobile Suit Gundam as well as Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. During the return battle on Earth, Bellri and Luin end up fighting in the ruins of Jaburo base, with the remains of mobile suits from the One Year War and Gryps Conflict still present. The G-Self Perfect Pack's photon torpedo launcher releases a cloud that erases anything it touches.

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Much like the Moonlight Butterfly. An interview with Tomino revealed that the G-Lucifer has a Moonlight Butterfly system aboard it, but it never gets used or mentioned in the series. The totally-not-an-Amerian-military-prototype Space Pirate battleship Megafauna, our heroes' main ride. The G-Self's wide eyes, oversized head, and sleek, rounded lines make it look a lot more friendly than the average Gundam.

Tomino said G Reco takes place 500 years AFTER Turn A

This is probably because it was sent to Earth to find and guard lost children. The Capital Tower space elevator the Space Umbilical Cord is worshipped as a provider of life-giving photon energy from the 'heavens' the lunar colony Towasangaand breaking the technological taboos designed to prevent a repeat of the Universal Century's devastation is viewed as a sin against SU-Cord which will cause it to withdraw its divine blessings.

All of the above is wrapped up in a classic Roman Catholic aesthetic, from the soaring cathedrals to the flowing white vestments. Standard for Amerian suit designs, though some like the Grimoire black-ops suit and Hecate assault suit instead have Extra Eyes. In the Grimoire's case, this may well be to disguise its country of origin. Some of the mobile suits from Towasanga also have this, notable since these suits are even more "Zeon" like in design than Ameria's.