Gakkou no ojikan ending a relationship

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gakkou no ojikan ending a relationship

My favorite mangas (other than those listed up there xD). Kyoukai no Rinne. Kimi ja nakya dame nanda. Gakkou no ojikan. Gakuen Alice (I also love the anime). Gakkou no Ojikan Completely Scanlated? No. Anime Start/End Chapter. N/A. User Reviews Clumsy Protagonist · Glasses-Wearing Male Lead · Love Triangle/s · Love-Hate Relationship · Male Lead Falls in Love First · School Chairman. Hi every one i find out that Gakkou no Ojikan is ended the last month and the numbar of the chapters is I didnt read or see the chapter so I.

Domestic after highschool AU. A normal high school student. A supposed to be normal high school student but she has something that others don't have. She could see the red string of fate. As a child, she tried to follow where the string would lead her but what was waiting for her on the other end made her turn to what she currently is After a ferocious battle, they vanished in thin air.

Living in a new world, she is determined to find her comrades while meeting new friends along the way. At the same time, a new group arise hoping to unseal the demonic tyrant. As She Withers by l3rainy reviews Blossom almost marries Brick, only to discover how far the boys would go to deceive the Powerpuffs. When she simply said 'I don't' to the groom, she did not expect the man to attempt her murder. Four years later, the Mayor has been murdered. It's the most beautiful thing in the world. How can you claim she is yours when she's never smiled for you?

Read at your own risk, seriously; this also another one of my less finer moments in the fanfiction world. I don't know what you want from me. I'm here telling you how I feel, isn't that enough? And he's in love with her, he really is. One day, 3 theives happen to stumble across a small cottage hidden in the woods and rescue a fair maiden named Blossom and take her back to their hideout to meet their two female accomplices, Buttercup and Bubbles. Together they team up to desroy the evil sorceress, Disoria.

gakkou no ojikan ending a relationship

About how my family turned their backs on poor little me and after beating me up I left to become stronger? Seems like everyone has heard that stupid story, and who doesn't love Sorcerer Weekly worthy guild gossip?

But let me tell you what really happened. It started out like most of my adventures, me with no money Death was too kind for her - he would make her suffer. He wanted to twist her until she was only a shadow of her former self; he wanted to make her feel his pain. He did not anticipate that she would forgive him without his permission and show him kindness - that she would save him from himself.

Where in which everyone from Kagerou days is actually just a 'normal' teenager and they all grow up, go to school together, fall in love, and stuff like that. Frantically she searches for the cure as Grey proposes to Juvia, Natsu stalks Lucy and Erza and Jellal decide to start a family.

Not only that, but a certain lightning mage tries to force a ring on her finger. Transparent by The Jade Empress reviews Kano knew he had realized the problem far later than he should have. The signs had been obvious, but he had been so caught up in the lies he had weaved that reality managed to sneak up behind him and give him a slap to the face. Once again his lies led to a future full of grief, and this time he wasn't sure if he'd be able to fix it Kido The Banana Split Formation: Two Yatos, and a Human Squished in Between by Panda musume reviews Read at your own risk, seriously; it's a story from my less finer moments in the fanfiction world.

Sakura Kinomoto is the newest member of Blossom High and also newest member of the best high school swimming team in Japan. No one can believe that the 15 year old freshmen who has just transferred can beat some of the the fastest girls in school. Especially not her stubborn team captain Syaoran Li. A horrible tragedy brings them back to Lima where they have to face each other again.

How will they go on after this?

gakkou no ojikan ending a relationship

This is my take on the memorial episode for Finn Hudson-We will always miss you! Based around Mike and Tina but will feature all of them. Never would they imagined that she and Natsu will fight for Lucy Based on melt story Confrontation Ashville Academy by Impure Paradise reviews After the abrupt death of their creator, the Utonium sisters are sent to live in an elite boarding school in Ashville, Kansas, until they turn eighteen.

Struggling with the loss of their powers and adjusting to humanity is one thing, never did they expect to find their born-again counterparts living just down the hall. And now they've found their new targets!

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It was tough for Blossom to get into her dream private school, but with Brick around, it's going to be even tougher to stay. Butch may be falling in love with BC, too bad he's convinced she's a boy. Boomer meets his childhood crush after years of not talking, only he's already fallen for someone else.

Based on 3 dramas. Espionage-like strategists who plan to take Aelita's place in the throne of Eurasia, carrying out Dominik's legacy beyond his death. What measures will they take? Who will they kill? The warriors thought that they were done dealing with the tyrannical king, but they were wrong. Code Lyoko - Rated: A wannabe tsundere, a turned out somewhat-lesbian, a remarkable leader, a forever smiling guy, a perverted girl and so on.

The only way to solve it is to have your feelings mutual Coming from personal experience! And when the witch Azami told Kido that she would be the one to find that person, she didn't expect the witch to turn her into a part cat-human being!

Now, Kido quickly race against time to find that person, but both her and Kano start to have confusing feelings. Rating might jump to M. What kind of a man are you, huh?

You vermin-ridden, useless piece of crap! She crashed the wrong wedding. Swan Lake by The Deceiving Maiden reviews Ten years ago, Prince Kano Shuuya fell in love with Princess Kido Tsubomi, but sadly she vanished and thought to have been attacked by a 'black serpent with bright yellow eyes' and died in a fire.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Now older and ready to fight, Kano was going to find Kido, set her free from her curse along with her friends. But would she let him save her? He is constantly on her back, shouting on her to improve her dance. Even so, she is not especially mature, still lives with her parents and dreads "measuring day". Mika also has a tendency to cry when things do not go her way. She is often shown moaning about being surrounded by idiots in her class, or telling people off.

She loves slasher films. Tomoko Kawakami Japanese ; Mariette Sluyter English A girl who likes to sleep in class but outside of school she holds a part-time job as she loves to make money.

She has also shown great concern about her appearance and weight, causing her to put herself on crash diets. She's very ditzy sometimes, like when she walked into the classroom and Anthony an American exchange student said "Hello! She wanted to be class president due to her favorite pop star stating that he liked class presidents: She is highly intelligent and friendly, but is seem at times being brutal to people, especially when they somehow insult her idol.

She is a lesbian and has stated on several occasion that she loves small girls, thus making it no surprise that she has a huge and slightly sadistic crush on Mika-sensei. She is constantly flirting with her, which often borders on molestation. She has an excellent body, which Kobayashi is jealous of, though she is fairly modest about it. She also does well academically, though she isn't above failing a test on purpose if it means she'll get to spend time with Mika-sensei.

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Suetake knows nothing other than sports-related information. He is rather dumb and fails most things that don't involve sports, but he is also kind and good-natured. Kudo, who likes him, will often tutor him. He has poor self-control and is known as "the nosebleed king". Though Suetake is completely oblivious to Kudo's affections, everyone else is aware of them, and they are constantly rolling their eyes over his actions which is very similar to how they react to Kitagawa's love for Mika, the only difference being that Mika is aware of Kitagawa's feelings, but can do little to stop her advances.