Futurama 7 leaf clover ending a relationship

The Saddest Futurama Episodes That Legit Made You Cry

futurama 7 leaf clover ending a relationship

However, when sent to retrieve the ball, he finds a seven-leaf clover. Like proclaiming that Howard Stern is overrated, leaving payphones off the The episode that focused on their father-son relationship is called Cold. “Futurama” may be the only series capable of turning a half-assed “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” spoof into an ending that's an absolute tear-jerker. of the pathos in “Futurama” — that's mainly reserved for Fry, either in his relationship . Fry's search for the seven-leaf clover that brought him luck at. The Seven Leaf Clover was a clover found by Philip J. Fry I in the 20th century while playing basketball with his brother, Yancy Fry, Jr.. Once found, it gave him.

Having jumped off the building more than 10 seconds ago, and taking into account that the device takes 10 seconds to charge between uses, Fry realizes he can't use the Professor's new invention to save himself, only continuously stall the inevitable. Professor Farnsworth realizes time is looping repeatedly, and warns the crew that the universe could be damaged if this continues.

futurama 7 leaf clover ending a relationship

He advises the crew to get under the shield he built to prevent the effects of the button, and they make their way to the Vampire State Building, where they find Fry using the button. By this time, hours have passed, and Fry is tired. He accidentally lets go of the button and splats on the ground. Leela grabs the device and brings him back to the seconds before impact.

futurama 7 leaf clover ending a relationship

The Professor is seemingly vaporized after stepping outside the shield to help, but Bender hatches a plan to save Fry using an airbag. He concludes that Yancy must have stolen it.

They happen across a statue of whom they believe to be Yancy, with the seven-leaf clover in his lapel.

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The inscription, "Philip J. Professor Farnsworth pulls up a biographical movie about "Philip J. Fry", where the crew learns that he was a millionairerock star, astronautand is now buried with the seven-leaf clover in Orbiting Meadows National Cemetery, a graveyard orbiting Earth.

The Luck of the Fryrish

A furious Fry sets off to rob Philip J. Fry's grave and recover the clover.

futurama 7 leaf clover ending a relationship

The story jumps back to the early 21st century, where an adult Yancy is rummaging through his missing brother's music to find something to play at his wedding. Yancy discovers the seven-leaf clover and takes it.

Fry determines to get his clover back, and assumes it might still be at his old house.

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They arrive at Newkirk Avenue, a station in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. While walking through Fry's old neighborhood, Fry reminisces about the past, and meets one of his old neighbors who has turned into a mutant. They arrive at Fry's old house, which, although in horrible condition, seems to have survived the alien attacks without damage or at least, without further damage.

Philip tries telling his mother, but she is, as usual, distracted by sports this time, golf. Fry, Bender, and Leela enter the storage room, and after the lock on the vault proves to be jammed, Bender opens it by oscillating on the structural resonance frequency of the vault.

But Fry finds that the clover as well as whatever else was hidden within the record sleeve is missing.

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They leave Fry's house in defeat, but before they can leave the ruins of Old New York, they come upon a statue resembling Yancy, but with an inscription reading "Philip J. Fry"—and Fry's seven-leaf clover in his lapel. In rage, Fry strikes the statue, injuring his hand Fry rants "He stole my life A video on the internet shows Philip J. After a string of good luck, including being the first person on Mars, it is shown that he was buried with the clover, so it could bring him luck in the next life perhaps, some Egyptians believe.

Fry decides they should go to the cemetery and dig up the body to retrieve his clover. In the past, Yancy prepares for his wedding, putting on the camouflage tuxedo that his father wore in Vietnam. While looking for music to play at the wedding, Yancy forces the lock on the Ronco Record Vault, and finds the Breakfast Club soundtrack. Inside it, he finds the seven-leaf clover. While digging, Fry knocks loose a chunk of moss from the tombstone.

Back in the past, Yancy and his wife are cuddling their newborn child.

futurama 7 leaf clover ending a relationship

Yancy pulls the clover out of his pocket and gives it to the child. Yancy names the child Philip J. Fryin honour of his lost brother. While Fry is reading the inscription he uncovered "Here lies Phillip J. Named for his uncle, to carry on his spirit"realising the grave is not his brother's, but his nephew's, Bender strikes the casket and emerges with the clover and his wedding ring.

Leela, however, understands that Fry needs a moment alone, and sets off with Bender. Fry tearfully replaces the clover in his nephew's grave and smiles. Reception This episode is noted as a fan favorite because of its dramatic ending.

Additional Info Trivia After one of the races, Professor Farnsworth tears up his ticket exclaiming "You changed the outcome by measuring it!