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Did end up wearing the ghost mask made out of dead ghouls for some reason How do the fallout 3 companions react to lone bringing up getting married? Sergeant RL There were a lot off odd things about their relationship, but it was . For Fallout 3 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Fallout 3's Ending *Believe it or not, Spoilers*". Sergeant RL3: He's a friggin robot. He'll do as he's told. Clover: She's a friggin slave. She'll do as. A page for describing Characters: Fallout 3 Lone Wanderer And Companions. Character page for the Player Character of Fallout 3 and their companions.

Instead of murdering the raider before them, like usual, they pulled out a grenade from their pocket with the intentions of performing a magic trick. Clover had to admit that she was a sucker for this sort of thing, for tricks, but the lack of bloodshed was disappointing.

She wondered what they were even planning to do with that item inside their hand. No one was going to interrupt her companion while they were gracious enough to provide such entertainment. Where did it go? Where would you even hide something like that? The raider seemed confused too, and in turn, pissed them off. Pulling a gun on Lone, they began to exclaim that the trick was stupid, pointless, and a waste of time.

The insults angered Clover, but before she was able to do something, they imploded into a bloody mess. Splattering across her dress, it earned a scowl from the woman, nevertheless, her negative emotions turned into excitement. It was his duty as a Mister Gutsy to take care of those who would do harm to innocent people. The fact that Lone had stopped him for this was extremely ridiculous.

The fact that they had a grenade in the first place did not surprise him. He was used to being around weaponry like that all the time, it was also unlikely that he could feel surprise at all.

That was why when the bomb disappeared, he had no external or internal reaction to it.

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Was the wanderer stupid enough to drop it? Moving a few feet back to avoid the wreck of human innards, RL-3 grew silent for a long while. Due to this, Lone assumed that they had done a great job in giving the robot a good shock. Lone had to beg him to not kill, and he reluctantly gave in, putting his gun back into the holster. To avoid any sort of escape, Jericho kept close to the audience. The last thing he needed was to deal with an upset companion if the trick failed or the raider got away.

Something off in the distance appeared more interesting, and while it annoyed Lone, they did not bring it up. Making the grenade vanish, they hoped that the finale of this show would earn some respect from the man.

Upon explosion, Jericho snapped out of his train of thought and looked to the now grisly corpse of the raider. Holy shit, what happened? He actually sort of regretted looking away, he had missed what had occurred and knew that Lone would more than likely leave him in the dark for being so rude.

How can someone be cut in half inside a box? There must be some sort of false set up in one of the halves… For this very reason, Lone tried to avoid doing such things around him. Nonetheless, when the prime occasion rose, they had to take it by the horns. This raider was absolutely clueless and they just had to take advantage of it.

Fawkes did not mind taking a break from the fighting, it was nice to rest every now and then. He was interested in what the wanderer had planned anyway and with the appearance of the grenade, it had to be something worth while.

Similar to Butch, he behaved like a small child the moment the trick took place. He was more well mannered about it, which is a bit ironic considering he is a super mutant. Showered in blood, Fawkes gawked at his companion. Out of all their adventures in the Wasteland, this had been a first for him.

They eventually explained the trick to him, how they managed to slip the bomb inside their clothing, so on and so forth to relieve any unnecessary frustration.

Dogmeat - The pup growled towards the raider, heeled back at the command of his owner. If he had the opportunity, he would not hesitate to sink his teeth into the leg of someone who had tried to hurt Lone. The only scent he detected at the moment was a mixture of hostility, fear, and impatience. He was confused as to what Lone was doing.

James would often answer this question with, "For a Barbecue, of course. Can I keep them? Who owns this house?! This reminded her of the times her father would get drunk and parade around the house, declaring he should be overseer and he should be running the place. I wish I had thought of it. Night Wadsworth…come on boy.

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What do I do with the kid? Jericho then decided to do just that, and dropped Butch on the ground before him. Stretching his arms and back, Jericho gave a hearty yawn. Of course you can ask me a question, but please make it a quick one.

Susie thought for a minute, and decided to ask a question about James another time. Instead, she decided to ask about his additional arms. Upon closer inspection, she also noted that his flame thrower was not a Mister Handy's model. James had found this Mister Gutsy extremely useful and loyal, since he had bought it a month ago. Unlike Jericho, the RL-3 didn't talk back and always followed orders. Sure his personality was a bit off, and a bit too militaristic for James's tastes, but overall he was more useful than that of Wadsworth.

I call that a shit on this fine young man's face. Were they human, he would be directly in Wadsworth's face. The Mister Gutsy only allowed James to call him RL-3, and also harboured some form of aggression towards that of Wadsworth. Perhaps it was because Wadsworth wasn't built for combat, and was not programmed to kill or attack anyone but intruders.

And even then, his body wasn't exactly equipped to take on heavily armed men. To RL-3, Wadsworth was nothing but a waste of space and power. The only way they will learn is if we tell them how worthless they really are!

James knew that he couldn't live in a house where one robot had nothing better to do than to verbally violate the other, who was just doing what he was programmed to do. But of course, there would be no point as I would be junk by then.

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No offense sir, but I don't believe the most skilled of medics could make me accept this cowering weakling as an equal. Let's just wait to see how things play out, before we start worrying. Over the next few hours, James worked on the Mister Gutsy model tirelessly. Refusing to eat, or rest, or even look away from the circuitry he was clumsily fixing.

It wasn't until much later that he had called Wadsworth down the stairs, to announce he had fixed RL Let's boot him up. RL-3 report for duty! The Mister Gutsy's eye lit up and it began to float above ground, as it had just hours prior. James smiled as it proved he had it working. This blast had come from RL Before he could fire the finishing blow, Wadsworth charged into him. Sending him spiralling across the room, and away from James.

Therefore, as your butler, I am obligated to take out the trash. I don't want to have to fry your motherboard. Fine, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to this from the moment we met. Thankfully, James had done a worse job than he thought on RL He not only damaged his combat inhibitor, but also his accuracy corrector. This caused RL-3's shots to be off by just the right amount that allowed Wadsworth o slice off his flamer arm. After all, it was one thing to have a bunch of scrap metal to clean up, but there was no chance Wadsworth would clean up after a burning house.

He was running out of power fast, an act that was often compared to dying by humans. Have myself better equipped, should one of his enemies show up here. I mean really, my colour is Blue steel, not industrial steel.