Faize and lymle ending a relationship

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faize and lymle ending a relationship

All your characters had affinity points (or relationship poitns) with one another and Some options also allowed the main character to alter their ending and end up .. Affinity Change: Edge: +1 Reimi Reimi: +2 Edge Faize: None Lymle: None. For each character there are additional ending scenes available when you beat the game if Flight from Roak to Aeos (Lymle & Faize must be roommates.). Does it increase the relationship of the couple while weakening the Faize and Lym together helps build their relationship and get their ending. This PA can only be seen if you have Faize and Lymle room with each other.

In case you haven' t noticed, her entire race is short. Cat girls are teh hawtess babes every invented. Xero-Kill Xero-Kill 9 years ago 20 While one could argue that she is an alien, or any other number of excuses, the fact remains that she does look like she is 5 years old, and the fact that Faize still has those kinds of feelings for her is very odd.

Lymle Lemuri Phi

Especially since their attraction would seem to begin the moment they meet. High teens are one thing I would go to jail for Meracleas that really comes down to what society has decided is acceptable since even in the US no more than years ago, a woman needed to be wed and with child before 15 or forget it.

However, no matter what universe you exist in, she does appear to be 5 or 6 years old, which is all that really matters since regardless of whatever crazy excuse you guys come up with, he is still atractted to a child that looks no older than Personally, I wouldn't care if she were a super model and acknowledged to be years old, she still looks 6 and as such having romantic feelings towards her is indicative of pedophilia.

If you can look at Lymle, as she appears, and find yourself getting "there" you are wrong, no doubt about it. For those of you that are trying to justify this relationship, I riddle you this: Would you be attracted to any woman that looked like she was 6 years old, even if she was known to be much older? If, let's say, Angelina appeared to be 6 years old, would you still want to hit that?

faize and lymle ending a relationship

I think Lymle possibly does have a crush on him I mean the whole cape thing screams kiddie crushand as she is so emotionally stunted, from what I understand about her past, she can't express that in a way that's more reasonable and adult. I also don't think that Faize likes her in that way, I got the impression when she refused to give him a nickname or let him call her Lym in the scene where they meet that he was hurt, and subsequent scenes where she favors others is just an extension of that, because he does not see himself as being so bad as to be dilberately cut out of her friendship.

So if he knew she was in fact numerically 15 and should be acting and behaving in a way befitting this age, it would make more sense to me when he is a little frustrated by the way she treats him, and also why he reacted like he did when the kissing scene happened. He was obviously shocked when it happened, so if he knew her real age, his reaction makes more sense, because he would have to reconcile the fact that he had just been kissed by Lymle, someone who he knows is 15, but who looks and acts like a child, even though it was a mistake, and someone he views almost like an annoying little sister.

But that could just be me. And also, when the hell did Lymle die? I can't remember anything in the ending I watched implying she died! At any rate, I hope this made sense. I am very curious about the age thing Because if that's true then Faize's reactions to Lymle make even more sense because he then had to juggle the idea that she is like family to him now without truly understanding the concept, and trying to help her grow up propourly.

Rikeru Rikeru 8 years ago 2 There is just not enough story to answer your questions sadly.

faize and lymle ending a relationship

A lot of stuff goes unexplained and just makes no sense in my opinion. You don't really get much about any of the characters, they're really shallow characters and have no depth at all.

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And yeah Lymle doesn't die, I have no clue what you're talking about there. Rikeru Rikeru 8 years ago 3 I forgot to mention, I didn't pay much mind to the PAs because the writing on them is too small for me to even bother with. So some of the information could have been buried in there but I highly doubt it.

Faize x LYmle AMv

Edge survives the fall into the nothingness on Nox Obscurus and Faize fell just a few seconds before him. Sure Edge has some tattoo of magic but Faize has the pinkeye of doom and not to mention they don't quite mention that he lost all his powers, just that he got beat.

faize and lymle ending a relationship

I don't think that indicates Faize died, I think it indicates along with his ending with Lymle that he's definitely alive and so is Lymle. The PA scenes you did to raise affection made Faize realize he wanted to live for Lymle.

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