Dyshana ending relationship

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dyshana ending relationship

Contents[show] Appearance Personality History Equipment Mystical Scythe: Powers and Abilities Character Stats Trivia Dyshana can absorb physical and. Explore Daisy Rivera's board "Dyshana's Pins" on Pinterest. and you can win a Mini Hula OlafToy Figurine ends December Anna is ENFP and Elsa is INTJ which makes their type relationship Pedagogue. (Which. This guide should help you get all the special events, CGs, the true ending, and. if you finish the true end, it will automatically unlock Chaos Dyshana's profile.

Qua because she is a heroine wannabe. Reverie because she wanted to help the party with the Rainbow Shard and also because she wanted to travel around the world to the point of calling herself a "stray yulishee".

Fyuria, Sherufanir, and Alberti. Beatrice can also equip knives too. All four also have a Combination Attack with each other. This is a recurring theme after the defeat of a "anti-villain" character: After getting defeated by Leo, Kasibal ask to him to save Gridamas since he was unable to do so because he is a soldier and his duty is to follow orders without thinking about them. Midas in the third generation.

He asks Alberti to take care of his daughter. Keith in the fourth generation. He asks Silvi to lie to him but she denies the request. Keith understands her reasons to deny it though. Some grinding to required to beat the crap outta an evil God that basically started this whole spirit vessel idea. Especially on hard mode. Under certain conditions like low health, high SP, etc More specifically there are certain passive abilities that greatly increase damage at low health, and all characters gain three unique attacks that can only be used with large amounts of SP, which is gained in small amounts by attacking and being attacked as well as massive amounts to all party members by having characters die.

If both low HP and high SP are met on characters with the right passives they can easily destroy an enemy hundreds of levels over them in a single blow. Loads and Loads of Characters: To be expected considering the game spans five generations.

dyshana ending relationship

Present throughout the generations; Leonhardt's descendants must choose a girl to marry. Each protagonist has three potential brides per generation except for the last guy, who gets his pick from any of the single women who weren't a previous love interest. The "battle mage" type of character. Ladius, Thoma, Duran and Rex could be one. Lavinia is a canon example. Despite all the sexual fanservice the game throws at you, you will never get a glorious Panty Shot from any of the girls.

Even when tentacles are involved.

Agarest War True End Guide

This game's got humans, syriums, high elves, dark elves, onerthes', neocolloms, ryulents, larvas, greers, nelths, harpuias and yulishees. Leonhardt and his descendants are this. Provided who you chose as a wife in the previous generation would allow said descendants to wield swords. If the fight goes too long, expect to see a penalty on your rewards, rather than the standard reward you could've gotten had they just not been there.

On that note, the Accuracy willpower works too as long as that character can lead off the attacks and generate that much SP quickly enough. Appears in every generations ending.

Bought all the DLCs? Congratulations, now nothing can stop you from annihilating all enemies from Gen 1 to Gen 4. For all the sexy scenes the game likes to advertise with, the story is a fairly serious war drama. Which makes it all the more jarring when the scene shifts to a bunnygirl fellating a banana.

The mood at the end of Generation 4? Hopeful, and on a high note. And then you're shunted to the beginning of Generation 5, where the very first thing you get to hear is how screwed everything is on the demon-fortified continent, how the best resistance against the forces of darkness fell ten years ago and started the decline, and how victory is highly unlikely, even if one could pull off the herculean task of uniting the remaining human countries in spite of the myriad of demon fortresses.

Oh this game has a ton of these. Just check the Mood Dissonance trope. More Friends, More Benefits: It is possible, with judicious use of a guide to have all 3 love interests at intimacy 5 blushing at the end of every generation. It's even required to unlock some events. True, Normal, and Bad. My Sister Is Off-Limits! Lavinia tries this with Thoma. First generation love interest Fyuria fits this trope. Beatrice fits this better, considering two of her unique abilities specifically state that they're Ninja Arts.

New Season, New Name: No-one Could Survive That! Leonhardt knocks the dark knight off a cliff at the end of the first generation. He's back in the second generation as Vashtor. No Points for Neutrality: The best ending requires a Neutral karma meter.

Unlike the standard monsters, they are "giant" monster who fill several squares in the field. If you have a cleared data on Agarest 1, you can use it to import data to Agarest Zero.

Likewise, Agarest Senki 2 will also be using this setup by importing data from Agarest Zero. One Stat to Rule Them All: While all the stats have their use based on character builds, Vitality is necessary for all of them since, in addition to increasing defense, it also increases the amount of HP gained per level, and this is NOT applied retroactively. As such it is best to put in as many points as possible into this stat, while leaving some for other stats.

Our Elves Are Different: For one, they seem to age to a certain point and then stop; and two, they're not always called elves. Played with, you have to marry one of the girls in the current generation where you are treated to a scene of them with nothing but bedsheets. One of the few JRPGs to let the player have sex with their love interest. Borgnine not only is one of the first characters to join your party, but also happens to be a Larvaa lesser god.

Several events and even the true ending can be missable if you don't meet specific conditions which aren't hinted during the game. Given all the pretty ladies, this trope shoes up several times, from mini dresses with frill and trimmings, to grand dresses, including Fairytale Wedding Dresses. Thoma gives a fairly impressive one to a racist elf. Even if the dark elf did not draw the monsters herself, this is still her fault!

A slow mind will never win a woman's heart, you know. Besides, she has a name—Lavinia. And a pretty name at that. Perhaps you could be a gentleman and use it? You know nothing of us! You should not profess opinions on that which you do not understand!

I may be an outsider, but I hardly see why that deserves such an exaggerated display of emotion. And where, may I ask, were you, while we were fighting to save your village? While Lavinia was fighting desperately to save your village?

How pathetic you are, to cast blame on one who risked her life to protect yours. Elf, dark elf, it matters not. A woman is a woman.

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There are women who surpass me in strength. There are those who I surpass. But many women do not know how to fight. If you are strong, what is your obligation as a man? What must you do when women are in danger? Do you cast aside those whom you do not care for, and abandon them to their fate? Or do you give aid to women in peril, regardless of whether you love or hate them? How can you call yourself a man when you hide from danger and tell the person who saved you to leave?

You, my friend, are not only a failure as a man, but as a person as well. The North American version came out 9 months after the European version, and fixed much of that version's "Blind Idiot" Translation. This version also lets you grind in a dungeon without spending turns. The better a potential love interest likes that generation's protagonist, the better stats their son gets in the next. Ellis denies it but it's pretty much obvious that she loves Rex because he looks like Leonhardt.

In a event at the end of fourth generation, Hilda loses a bet with Winfield and was forced to wear one. Winfield and later Thoma takes peeking girls at hot spring too seriously, to the point he thinks it's worth dying for. This is lampshaded in the last generation hot springs where all male party members completely understand Winfield has to do it.

The US marketing campaign for the game actually managed to exaggerate the amount of Fanservice in the game — there's a lot of it, but from the promotions, you'd think the game contained nothing else.

This managed to backfire spectacularly — at least one store was reported to sell the special edition wrapped in white paper with the warning that it is the " Adult Only Special Edition.

Fyuria has light-based attacks, her brother Zerva has darkness-based attacks. Together, they have a powerful Yin-Yang Bomb. Fyuria wear Too Many Beltsand not a lot else. Sherufanir wears a dress that combines an Impossibly-Low Neckline with a window in the front to show off her garter-belt.

Overkilling enemies guarantees an item drop, in addition the enemy's normal random drop.

Sword of Plot Advancement: Though a few syrium turned towards them in alarm, none of them attacked, allowing them to pass unmolested at the sight of Fyuria. As they passed through the gatehouse, Leonhardt felt a moment of disquiet. If the guards lowered the gate before they convinced Zerva to marshal his men to retreat, they would all be trapped inside. In the courtyard, the fighting was intense as Leonhardt had seldom seen.

The syrium fought with the anger and fury of a people long suppressed. As all syrium had a natural affinity for magic, Leonhardt saw scores of fallen Gridamas soldiers, their armor scarred by the magic elements. For all their fury, however, more soldiers from the garrison poured out into the courtyard, closing the gap and felling the syrium by sheer numbers.

Slashing and thrusting with his sword, Leonhardt led the group past a knot of Gridamas soldiers trying to bar their progress, running their leader through the midsection. To his side, Fyuria was again a blinding blur of motion as she dance and weaved past a soldier's long sword to sink her dagger through the man's chest.

dyshana ending relationship

Both Vira-Lorr and Ellis concentrated on casting healing spells and urging the wounded to flee, angels on the battlefield for the fallen syrium. With a bellow, Borgnine rushed into the remaining defenders, who had formed up into a phalanx formation. Spears splintered and swords shattered against his rock hard skin as he smashed bodily into the formation. The men scattered in panic as Borgnine lashed out with his massive fists, caving in shields, armor, and men alike with his unstoppable blows.

Finally, the path to Zerva was clear. The syrium chieftain and his mercenary lieutenant had been surrounded by several Gridamas soldiers, but showed no fear. I have killed more of you than I can count, yet you continue to throw your bodies at me. Come then, I shall spill your blood until death comes to claim me! The man standing next to him looked less enthusiastic at the prospect of death, but cocked his gun and held it up with a steady hand all the same. Recognition also flashed in the Gridamas soldiers' eyes, "G-Golden Leo!

Literally dropping their weapons, the soldiers fled the sight of Leonhardt's golden blade. I shall have your head, human! I confess this is not the revenge I imagined, but it will be sweet all the same to take your life!

dyshana ending relationship

Leonhardt is-" began Fyuria, but Leonhardt never heard what she thought he was as the two men launched their assault. Dodging both bullets from the mercenary's gun and Zerva's massive scythe, Leonhardt ducked and rolled instinctively. Both men were dangerous from a distance, but Leonhardt suspected their advantage would diminish the closer he got to them.

Taking advantage of their momentary distraction as Vira-Lorr and Ellis staggered them with impulse spells, Leonhardt raced towards the mercenary, dodging two badly aimed shots and deflecting another with the flat of his blade. Leaping into the air, he brought his sword down on the man, narrowly missing his gun arm. Relentlessly, Leonhardt drove forward, his blade a blur of motion, refusing to allow the mercenary the opportunity to open the gap or reload his weapon.

Any ordinary man would have fallen to Leonhardt's onslaught long ago, but the mercenary dodged and weaved with equal speed to Leonhardt's own. Using the barrel of his gun, the mercenary dueled as effectively as if he had a sword, parrying Leonhardt's blade and firing off an endless stream of magical spells, forcing Leonhardt to go on the defensive more than once.

What power the man drew his strength from Leonhardt had no idea, but it was clear that the mercenary had found divine blessing as Leonhardt had. From the corners of his eyes, Leonhardt could see that nearly the entire courtyard had been filled with syrium, it would not be long before the Gridamas garrison sprung their trap.

Desperate to end the duel, Leonhardt switched to an aggressive overhead stance, raining blow after blow down on the mercenary. Forcing the mercenary to take step after step back, Leonhardt finally had the advantage. Bulling forward, he sent the man sprawling to the ground, kicking the pistol out of his hand and pointing his blade at the man's throat.

Behind him, Zerva was a whirlwind of lethality, his scythe's blade shining wickedly through the dust of the battle. Dodging spells from both Ellis and Vira-Lorr, the syrium raced towards Leonhardt with singular purpose in his eyes.

Snarling as he conjured flames from his hand, Zerva let lose with a blistering stream of magic fire. As the flames raced towards him, Leonhardt knew there was not enough time to disengage and braced himself for the worse. Sensing his distraction, the mercenary rolled out from under his blade and fled the battle, leaving Leonhardt to his fate.

From his left, however, Fyuria suddenly dodged into sight. Leaping in the path of the fire, Fyuria let loose with her own magic, radiating holy magic from her fingertips. The two spells met barely half a foot from her fingers, ricocheting off one another and slamming into the fortress' battlements, sending mortar and men flying.

Stop this fighting at once, he is not our enemy! If we do not stop and leave now, everyone will die, just like before! The commanding officer of Zelzagun means to trap some of you with the gates and to encircle the rest of your host.

As we speak, other battalions undoubtedly march at double time to cut off any retreat your men may have.

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Marshal what forces you have left in this courtyard and have them guard the rear as the rest of your army withdraws from this fortress. It makes no difference to me, so long as your men reach safety in time. He has not led me false yet," she urged. Pulling a horn from his belt, Zerva blew three mournful notes, signaling for his forces to retreat.

Confusion and panic ensued as the syrium began to stream through the gates of Zelzagun in reverse, disengaging from the Gridamas garrison, still firing spells from their hands as they backed up. Leonhardt looked up to the battlements and saw men in Gridamas uniforms running, shouting to each other. Although the syrium were now retreating in earnest, the garrison still hoped to trap a significant number within the walls of Zelzagun.

There was no other way, he would need to prevent the garrison from lowering the gates at the gatehouse. Get to the gates, organize a rear guard and see the rest of your men out. Before she had the chance to utter her words, however, a gong rang in the distance, undoubtedly signaling to the gatehouse crew that the garrison commander had ordered the gates closed.

With the shadow of regret behind her eyes, Fyuria turned and ran after her brother wordlessly. Turning to his remaining comrades, Leonhardt spoke quickly in a tone that brooked no argument. Borgnine, I need you below the gates. Should they close, you must hold them up as best you can, whatever time you can buy us may make the difference.

We won't leave you, Leo! You must trust me, Ellis. Go now, I shall follow once you are all safe, just like before," urged Leonhardt. Have Borgnine do as Leo said," ordered Dyshana setting a hand on Ellis's shoulder. Borgnine, do as Leo commanded. Taking a deep breath, Leonhardt raced to the wall. The gate mechanism would undoubtedly be controlled at the top of the gatehouse, but to fight his way past the dozen men inside who protected the gate mechanism would take too long to make any difference to the syrium still in the courtyard.

At the wall, Leonhardt spied a crane with a load of stone in its sling. Seizing the anchoring rope with his free arm, he swung his blade at the rope's base, cutting the stone load free. As the crane's load plummeted to the ground, Leonhardt felt his body jerked upwards with the rope, nearly wrenching his arm from his socket. Refusing to let go, Leonhardt gritted his teeth against the sudden wind of acceleration and allowed himself to be hurled upwards to top of the wall.

Climbing over, Leonhardt spotted the door to the top of the gatehouse and rushed to it. Kicking it down with a thunderous crash, Leonhardt quickly assessed the situation.

The syrium had taken the gatehouse at the start of the battle, but had been overwhelmed by the dozens of Gridamas soldiers who had responded to the garrison commander's signal. Both syrium and human bodies laid strewn in all manners of death, but the humans had what they came for.

Time slowed to a crawl for Leonhardt as he saw a Gridamas sergeant reach out a gloved hand to pull the gate release lever. Feeling a burning energy build inside, Leonhardt launched himself forward, sprinting past two surprised sentries and cleaving the sergeant's outstretched arm just as the man's fingers tightened around the lever.

A lethal blur, Leonhardt fought as he never had, sliding his blade into another man before the Gridamas soldiers could even react. Swords clashing in a nightmare tableau of sparks and lethal edges, Leonhardt dueled three men simultaneously, defending the lever from any attempt to pull it. Panting, Leonhardt knew he was reaching the end of his endurance, but refused to withdraw; each second he kept the gate open was another dozen men past the trap that Gridamas had set.

Without warning, Leonhardt felt something slam into his shoulder, throwing him completely off balance. Looking down in surprise, he saw the shaft of a quivering arrow that had buried itself into him. A rivulet of red trickled from the wound accompanied by a blossom of intense pain that sent him gasping for air. Time slowed once again as another arrow flew true, slamming into Leonhardt's chest, missing his heart by an inch.

Feeling the force of the arrow radiating through his body, Leonhardt fell back, pitching out of the gatehouse window and plummeting to the ground below.

The last he saw of the gatehouse, the remaining soldiers inside crowded around the lever mechanism; he did not remember hitting the ground. Outside the walls, the syrium were in full retreat, even the rear guard filing out of the gate now. Biting her nails, Ellis watched the gate nervously, waiting for Leonhardt's white coat to appear from beyond Zelzagun's walls at any moment. Eyes wide, Ellis watched in horror as the massive gates of Zelzagun suddenly plummeted to the ground, grinding to a halt as it met Borgnine's resistance.

The demi-god gritted his teeth and bellowed against the sudden, incredible load, but held fast, allowing the terrified syrium rear guard to continue their flight. The syrium broke ranks, making for the gate. For a moment, Ellis's heart lifted, they were all going to make it! Suddenly, to her right, Dyshana gave a small gasp, clutching at her chest.