Dynasty warriors 8 wei hypothetical ending relationship

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dynasty warriors 8 wei hypothetical ending relationship

For Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition on the did was the hypothetical path, but compared to Wu and Shu, Wei's ending . They got good chemistry and I applauded Koei for expanding their relationship. For Dynasty Warriors 8 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message And Jin's, as much as I love it, is a bit too absurd with the Shu/Wu Guan Yu was a major antagonist in regards to Wu and Shu's relationship. Wu might work sometime, but I can't think its hypothetical ending to be realistic or likely. Dynasty Warriors 8 is a hack and slash video game and the eighth official installment of the In order to unlock the hypothetical path, players must complete all of the with a slight hypothetical twist (for example, one Wei mission is premised on . With these three affinity elements, a triangular relationship connecting the.

Though Cao Cao was concerned for Yu Jin's reputation, Yu Jin hardheartedly replies that nothing should stand in the way of his lord's path to conquest, especially in such a battle with high stakes. Met by Cao Pithe new emperor asks the general if he is there to apologize to his former lord. Though Yu Jin asks for punishment for his surrender, Cao Pi, instead, thanks the general for his performance on behalf of his late father.

He sporadically appears as a frontline unit in both games, and even opposes Wei at the climatic battle of Guan Du against the revived Orochi X. In the third game, however, he is back to loyally serving Wei and can be seen at both Tong Gate and Fan Castle. The fourth game puts Yu Jin as one of Cao Pi's loyal officers, and he resists the Coalition multiple times.

Following the victors, they both surrender. Hearing of a banquet being held, Yu Jin and Ina attempt to bring order to the party-goers, only to find that multiple brawls have erupted between the attendees. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Edit In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, Yu Jin is a decent general with a leadership stat in the low 80's and 70's intelligence and war.

He is an all-rounder who does not excel in a special unit type, although spears and cavalry work better on him. He is one of the few Wei generals who are experienced in naval warfare, albeit he is still inferior to the generals of Wu in this regard.

He is described as a man from a highly established family who has mastered several languages.

dynasty warriors 8 wei hypothetical ending relationship

Though the leader of an elite unit, he lacks physical power and is cowardly, skilled at quickly running away from conflict. He joined Wei to learn how to "act more manly".

He is often the innocent victim of Himiko 's tantrums. Yu Jin or his assassins act as Wei's reconnaissance unit and are quick to report any news to their lord. Yu Jin leads an entire army of highly trained women.

They are adapt swordsmen, cavalry men, and archers, making him one of the stronger offensive units for Wei. In some ways, his army acts as Wei's version of Zhang Fei 's unit. At first, Yu Jin mainly acts as a support unit for his assassins by attacking the enemy morale. If given time to develop, he can also assist their offensive attacks with his Charge command. His army is ideal for quickly dispatching enemy sorcerers, as it is equipped with two Iron Walls and many morale damaging tactics.

Development Edit According to SuzukiYu Jin is supposed to be the new character " who does a " of everyone's expectations regarding his exploits. Since he is often viewed as a crestfallen or despicable person in historical texts or his non-playable appearances, he wanted the playable Yu Jin to stand out as an "upright general who is sure of himself". Suzuki wanted a happy ending for him under this image, although he wonders how the team will fare thinking up stories for him in subsequent titles.

Yu Jin's design was based more on his stern facial features rather than his outfit to help convey his sense of duty as a strict officer.

dynasty warriors 8 wei hypothetical ending relationship

Personality Edit For his playable appearance, Yu Jin is portrayed as a man who strictly follows the law and emphasizes military discipline. He often uses threats of execution to motivate his subordinates and intimidate his enemies, making him feared by both. Shingen and Kenshin later recall seeing him at Guangzong, and travel back to their past with Jia Xu to help Dian Wei reach Changban sooner.

With the threat weakened, they then return to an alternate future at Changban and help Dian Wei a second time. The warrior thanks them and gladly joins once he hears that Cao Cao is with the Coalition. In Ultimatehe returns to his post as Cao Cao's bodyguard and joins his lord in investigating Mt. Niutou after hearing that Pang Tong was being attacked by demons.

Although the Wei forces rescue Pang Tong, he is revealed to be a fake, and he spreads chaos by misdirecting Shu forces into attacking the Wei forces. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up by ShennongDian Wei accompanies the mystic to various battlefields to mitigate the chaos by Tamamo.

Returning to the worldDian Wei commandeers Zuo Ci 's Cyclops unit at Nanzhongwhen they attempt to use the magical beasts against the army gathered by Ares. Receiving the aid from the other mystics, they are able to triumph against the beasts brought in by the enemy.

Dynasty Tactics In Dynasty TacticsDian Wei originally had an optional minor role and a generic voice, but in Dynasty Tactics 2he was given a more prominent role in the Wei stories and a unique voice. Once he saw Wei's might on the battlefield, he approaches Cao Cao and offers his services. He then appoints himself as Cao Cao's bodyguard.

While his intentions to guard his liege are pure, he isn't a rational thinker and is known to get caught in his zest for battle. During the siege of Fan Castlehe may be lured out by Guan Yu 's taunts, thus leaving the southern gate open and defenseless. He is a strong War oriented general yet is very weak against magic.

dynasty warriors 8 wei hypothetical ending relationship

Character Information Shin Sangoku Musou 15th Anniversary artwork Development Edit When asked why Dian Wei is bald in the series, the producer said the development team did so to "make him look strong and unique". Their decision was based on aesthetic preferences only, the producer stating that there was no folklore involved with their choice.

dynasty warriors 8 wei hypothetical ending relationship

Personality Edit Dian Wei is a determined and straightforward man who is devoted in his mission to protect Cao Cao. He often bellows for a worthy opponent, challenging for anyone to stop him.

Bao Sanniang

He doesn't like overthinking the details and just wants to get the job done. Fierce on the battlefield, he turns into a simple and humble man in his lord's presence or around the common folk, and is one to consider being friends with anyone at any given time if he's not forced to fight with them.

Dian Wei will likely be the vassal in Wei who frets the most over Cao Cao's well-being. Dian Wei proudly calls his lord "Prime Minister" or "my lord" and is very proud of the nickname that his lord gave him. Dian Wei greatly respects Xiahou Dun and calls him "my lord" or "Lord Xiahou" whilst referring to him.

He is good friends with Xu Zhu.

dynasty warriors 8 wei hypothetical ending relationship

Both men can rely on the other to follow their duty to Cao Cao. In terms of his attitude towards the peasants, Dian Wei is quick enough to fly into a rage if they are hurt and is apologetic enough when he's forced to steal from them.

In terms of the former case, it can be difficult to rationalize with Dian Wei if he gets angry over most things. As a dominant ruler in Dynasty Warriors 5: Empireshe calls his five greatest warriors the "Dian Five". His third and fourth weapons in the Dynasty Warriors series are literally named "Ox Head" in the Asian script, which has several possible interpretations.

One of the possible meanings could be tied to one of the guardians of Hell in Chinese mythology, Ox Head. Working together with Horse Face, they are demons who guard the Underworld and judge the recently deceased spirits. If the historical scenario is followed, then the peon's son will appear at the next camp, stating that his father died at Fan Castle.

From that point on, he takes on his father's role as the "Hey it's me" guy, and he often notes how he wants to make his late father proud. If the hypothetical scenario is chosen, the peon survives, and he states that his son has also joined the army, and he wishes to keep on fighting to be the father his son deserves, while the son has similar thoughts.

At the end of the story, we finally see that the peon who just started out as a private finally received a promotion as a captain. Swearing an oath in Empires with another character into being siblings is this. Even taking those who have been enemies such as Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi and have them swear and vowing to end the chaos now considering the other as family. Dynasty Warriors 9 brought back the individual-based stories where all the 90 characters have different endings.

While some have bittersweet to sad endings, there are some that have some heartwarming moments: Zhang Liao shows her Lu Bu's iconic halberd which is his last memento.

Lingqi tests it despite how heavy it is which impresses Zhang Liao. When he asks her what she's going to do in the future, Lingqi understands that her father doesn't want her to fight but she also believes that he doesn't want her to turn away from her desired path. In the end, she decides to continue fighting which Zhang Liao respects.

This is also one of the rare moments where Zhang Liao and Lu Lingqi interact each other in a master-apprentice relationship. Diaochan's ending has Lu Bu respecting her wishes not to join him and telling her to live on as herself and not as poison or her father's pawn.

Lu Bu isn't even mad at her for her decision to leave and accepts it because like him, she's being used by other people. In Zhenji's ending, she plays her flute while her husband Cao Pi listens. When she noticed that it's getting cold, she goes to Cao Pi but notices that he's not moving, causing her to panic. Cao Pi holds her and tells her not to worry because he is thinking how thankful he is to have her on his side after all the work and stress he experienced as Wei emperor. Then, the two embrace each other which shows how much they love each other regardless of what happened to their relationship in history.

Wang Yuanji's ending has her looking for Sima Zhao who is resting in her bedroom. When Zhao confides to her that he now has a lot of responsibilities to do as the Regent of Wei, Yuanji reassures to her that regardless of his rank, he is still himself. Then, she tells him in a Tsundere way that she would always watch over him. Zhao thanks her and lays his head on her lap which Yuanji doesn't mind.

Sun Shangxiang's ending is her wedding with Liu Bei.

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Then on their wedding night, they hold hands as they watch the moonlight. In Cai Wenji's ending, she plays her harp as Zhenji and Xin Xianying come in and appreciate her music but they notice that there's some sadness in it. Wenji tells them that she thought that the chaos brought a lot of grief in the land but she realizes that there's hope and vows to pass her music to the next generation.

Later, she and Zhenji play their instruments together as Xianying watches on. Xingcai's ending is bittersweet in a sense that despite the defeat of Shu where she and her fellow officers are unable to fulfill what her father and his sworn brothers had been fighting for and being exiled to Luoyang with Liu Shan, she is given Liu Shan's permission to roam around the countryside, where she notices that the people are now at peace which shows that at least his surrender wasn't put into waste.

In Liu Bei's ending, he reminisces the time he and his sworn brothers are drinking and laughing together under the peach garden. Everything fades in his eyes and then, he sees his son Liu Shan and the children of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei together with Zhuge Liang under the same peach garden.

It is there where he realizes that he and his brothers' legacy now rest on their children and decides to share that legacy with them. In a flashback, it turns out that the surrender is actually was actually of his suggestion to lure Guan Yu out of the open and keep his men safe in case something happened.