Drama taiwan 100 senorita ending a relationship

Series Review: % Senorita

drama taiwan 100 senorita ending a relationship

% SENORITA. Tuesday, February 15, Taiwanese Drama No comments. I'm back again with new reviews of my catchsomeair.us well i guess this drama is. Taiwanese Drama, , 40 eps. Liang Jing Jing (Main Taiwanese Drama, , 78 eps. Wang Ruo Mei Taiwanese Drama, , 41 eps. Yin Si Jia ( Main. Senorita is a Taiwanese romance comedy drama television series starring Joe Chen, to twins, she keeps Liang Xiao Feng (Chen Qiao En) by her side, and gives Zhuang Fei Yang (Penny Lin) away, who ends up in a wealthy family.

Her spirit of sacrificing for the family would make people feel touched.

drama taiwan 100 senorita ending a relationship

She would always show her lively and bright side to people and keep her sorrows and tears silently to herself. Because her father had an accident, he left behind a tremendous business for her to be in charge of. However, owing to the fact that she fell for her lover's poisonous trap, her face was damaged. With nowhere to go, she gets mixed together with a group of youngsters "Snatching Money Clan. Always acting ruthless and cold but actually, it is so that he can conceal the scar that is within him, He was originally a gifted student in the law department.

He was recruited at a young age and became a celebrity lawyer. However, when his father, who was a judge, tells Wei Xiang that years ago, because of a wrong sentence, it snatched away an innocent life, broke up a family, he adopted a young child that was left behind which turns out to be him.

Wei Xiang was not able to accept this shock and for this reason, he left the Judge, gave up everything and started a life of banishing himself. His romance and numerous feelings is enough to confuse everybody.

drama taiwan 100 senorita ending a relationship

So Zhuang Fei Yang grows up as a rich woman raised by her father and big mother what happened to her big mother is never specified so she could be dead already! So there's the conspiracy of Peter seeking to take over, while he is engaged to Fei Yang who wants revenge for his supposed involvement in her father's death while it was in reality, he had no involvement whatsoever except in Fei Yang's near death.

>Wallace Huo霍建華 & Penny Lin 林韋君 < - Taiwanese Idols - AFspot Forum

And in Fei Yang's near death, her face got altered to look like Penny Lin. I just heard a rumor also that Barbie Xu was supposed to play Joe Chen's part but sadly didn't. So how good does it get? As Wei Xiang, he was adopted by a judge who felt guilty about passing the wrong sentence of his parents. What he does is he forms some kind of agency with a group of wacky friends who are usually comedic but do play serious parts.

He is a lawyer who becomes the protagonist.

>Wallace Huo霍建華 & Penny Lin 林韋君 <

In the conspiracy, when Xiao Feng is discovered, she assumes the identity of her twin sister who she isn't aware is her twin until later.

So for Fei Yang, she wants revenge.

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And of course, she's a very great actress despite her wealth, she isn't a pampered brat but rather a heroine who can stand up on her own. For Xiao Feng I do have issues with how overacting she can get but I can tolerate her. And of course, Peter's scheming is so done well you'll hate what he does with his greed. But in between, Peter also falls for Xiao Feng proving that despite the fact he's a villain, he can really care but his greed just keeps getting in the way.

And to Fei Xiang, she discovers her birth mother and what was the story behind her father, big mother and birth mother.

drama taiwan 100 senorita ending a relationship

Penny makes her character really come to life more than Wallace does. In the pairing, I really saw there's much on-screen chemistry between Penny Lin and Wallace Huo as they play their characters out.

I just thought that both characters went beyond their Dolphin Bay counterpats in the world of lighter and softer.

drama taiwan 100 senorita ending a relationship