Dragon age origins bhelen ending relationship

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dragon age origins bhelen ending relationship

For Dragon Age: Origins on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board that the end justifies the means (and also people who are choosing Bhelen as a He's more open to relations with humans, and more importantly the. Both men generally suck but in the end she chose Bhelen because he .. as well as open up more trade and relations with the rest of the world. . I do from looking up epilogue slides for origins. no idea for da2 and inquisition. The player's choices affect the epilogue slideshow and Dragon Age: Origins If Bhelen Aeducan was killed, Rica will say that it worked out just fine; her son will . If the Hero wishes to travel on their own for a while, the relationship will end.

Even though the archdemon is now dead, the darkspawn have not retreated back to the Deep Roads as was natural following prior Blights and there are reports of a new, highly intelligent breed of darkspawn.

This new darkspawn identify themselves as the Disciples. Through investigation, the Warden discovers that the darkspawn have broken into two warring factions, led by two unique darkspawn: Both amass darkspawn armies and their civil war threaten the safety of Amaranthine.

The Warden tries to stem the darkspawns' destructive capabilities until the Mother eventually sends her legions to simultaneously attack both the City of Amaranthine and Vigil's Keep, thus dividing the Commander's forces.

Eventually, the Commander chooses to save one of these bases, integral to Amaranthine's survival, and repels the Mother's offensive. The Architect then offers an alliance with the Warden in exchange for allowing him and his followers to continue their work in peace. The Warden-Commander can either accept the alliance or refuse and have their forces kill the Architect.

The Mother was slain by the Grey Wardens and peace was restored to Amaranthine but at great cost. Witch Hunt This section contains spoilers for: While searching for former companion Morriganthe Warden-Commander also seeks clues regarding an Eluvian - a mirror with the power of transportation to a dimension beyond both Thedas and the Fade.

The possible outcomes are: The Warden-Commander stabs Morrigan. Although the attack looks deadly, Morrigan falls into the portal, and it is deliberately unclear whether she survives. The Warden recovers some items from her camp, and departs.

The Warden-Commander allows Morrigan to enter the portal unharmed. After her departure, the Warden recovers the items from her camp and leaves with ArianeFinnand Dog. The Warden-Commander travels through the portal with Morrigan. Dragon Age II This section contains spoilers for: The Seeker expresses incredulity at the involvement of the Witch of the Wilds, but Varric reminds her of Flemeth's role in the Warden's story and she concedes the point. When Hawke first meets Bodahn Feddicthey can inquire with him about the fact that he is personally acquainted with the Warden.

Bodahn's comments about the Warden will vary depending on the details of the imported save of Origins or the pre-set background being used. When fighting through the streets of Kirkwall to reach the Arishok, Hawke will run into a band of Grey Wardens. Depending on previous save-file decisions, and Hawke's decisions, Alistair if he chose to remain a Warden in Origins will be there accompanied by depending on Hawke's Deep Roads decisions either Bethany or Carver.

Then he and his Grey Wardens will leave Kirkwall on some mysterious quest. If Alistair died, was exiled, or was made King in Origins, the Wardens encountered at this juncture will instead be led by Stroudwho gives Hawke the Warden's Promise ring. Boons Edit If the Hero states that they only wish to continue serving the crown, they will be named Chancellor.

This results in Howe's lands being gifted to the Grey Wardens. Ferelden's new ruler will gift the arling of Amaranthine to the Wardens even if this boon isn't chosen, for a Hero of any origin. If a City Elf Hero asks for the city elves to be treated better, they can become Ferelden's first elven bann, representing Denerim 's Alienage.

Alternatively, either Shianni or Soris may be installed as the bann.

dragon age origins bhelen ending relationship

A mage Hero may ask that the Circle of Magi be given its independence. This boon is only recognized if granted by Anora. If Alistair is the ruler, he will agree to it, but the game does not acknowledge it.

A Dalish Hero may ask that the Dalish be officially granted territorial sovereignty. If Nature of the Beast is resolved in favor of the elves, the epilogue slide will show that the Dalish are given lands even if this boon isn't chosen, for all origins, as long as Lanaya becomes the new keeper.

A dwarven Hero can request aid in battling darkspawn in the Deep Roads. If the Hero states that the sacrifices of the Wardens should not be forgotten again, a statue will be erected in the Wardens' honor. The Hero may state that they have no need of anything further. Choosing this option effectively means choosing no boon, as the ruler does not make the offer again when next spoken to.

Future plans The Hero may choose to stay in Denerim and help the new ruler if they did not choose to continue to serve the crown. The Hero may choose to help rebuild the Grey Wardens' strength in Ferelden. A male Hero may choose to search for Morrigan.

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If the Hero is the bann of the Alienage, they may choose to remain in Denerim to perform their duties. A dwarven Hero may choose to return to Orzammar. A Dalish Hero may choose to return to their clan. The Hero may choose to continue their adventures for a time before returning to Ferelden.

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The Hero may be unsure for now. Companions, family, and friends The Hero may speak with those companions who had not left the party or been killed. There will also be someone from the Hero's origin story in attendance: He and his men were scouting in the Wilds when they were attacked by a party of darkspawn.

Most of his men were killed. He woke up two weeks later in a Chasind hut, wounded and feverish. By the time he was able to sneak out of the Wilds, the Warden was already marching to Denerim. He is now heading back to Highever to see if he can clean up the mess Howe made of it. If Pyral Harrowmont is kinghe declares the Hero to be the heir of the House. The Assembly is also considering naming the Hero a Paragon.

Gorim is happy to take up his old position as the Hero's secondif they will have him. Dwarf Commoner Edit Rica Brosca will tell the Hero that their mother swore off drinking when she heard about what the Hero did, and had been sober ever since. If Bhelen Aeducan was killed, Rica will say that it worked out just fine; her son will be the Aeducan heir, and she doesn't have a husband to boss her around.

She is officially an Ambassador, sent by the Assembly to tell the Hero that they're free to return to Orzammar as a full citizen, technically as a member of the warrior caste. They are also being considered for Paragon-hood. City Elf Edit Cyrion is awed by, and proud of, the Hero. If the Hero doubts that anything will change for the Alienage elves, he will say, "And this is your fault?

If anything, for Ferelden to have an elven hero will only do us good," and expresses his hope that with a new human on the throne, things will change in time. Dalish Elf Ashalle brings the well wishes of the clan, and tells the Hero the keeper was very proud of their victory. The Hero is missed dearly by the clan. Mage Unless the PC sided with the templars in Broken CircleFirst Enchanter Irving will be present and will congratulate and thank the Hero, saying that he is amazed to hear such praise directed at a mage.

He is grateful to the Hero, but does not think that they have much to say to one another.

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If Alistair is ruling jointly with Anora and Loghain died killing the Archdemon, Alistair will say that he is not angry. Otherwise, Alistair will be impressed that both he and the Hero have survived. If he knows about Morrigan's ritual, he will decide not to say anything about it to the Grey Wardens, who have sent questions. If the Warden is the Human Female Noble and was betrothed to Alistair at the Landsmeet, he will make remarks concerning their upcoming marriage.

Anora Edit Anora offers her personal congratulations to the Hero. If Loghain died killing the Archdemon, she asks if the Hero can tell her anything about his death. If Anora is to marry Alistair, she asks if he is always "like that", answering every serious question with a jest. She thinks his heart is in the right place, and that he reminds her of Cailan in that, which she considers to be no failing.

If Alistair is hardened, she is surprised by his eagerness to learn the business of ruling, and thinks he may yet be a good king. If Alistair is unhardened, she fears her initial suspicions that he will not be a good king will prove correct, as Alistair avoids anything resembling a decision and she has yet to hear him speak on any matter more serious that what the cooks are making for dinner.

dragon age origins bhelen ending relationship

If Anora is to marry the Hero, she asks if he is nervous. If the Hero admits to be, she will confess that she is, too, as the Hero is rather intimidating. If the Hero says that he looks forward to being king, she will tell him that his title will be prince-consort. Eamon If Alistair is king and the Hero is not the chancellor, Eamon will remain in the capital to help him. Teagan will take over the rule of Redcliffe for the time being. Otherwise, he will return to Redcliffe to rebuild.

If both Connor and Isolde are alive, Eamon will say that Connor seems well enough, but Isolde refuses to speak of what happened and has said that she never wants to go back.

Eamon thinks he may yet leave the land to Teagan. If Connor is dead, Isolde is determined to have another child, and Eamon is happy to oblige her. If Isolde is dead, Eamon knows he needs to send Connor to the Circle of Magi, and thinks perhaps his son will become a Grey Warden one day. If the PC made a deal with the demon that possessed Connor, Eamon will ask if the Hero has noticed anything strange about the lad, saying he seems quiet.

She is determined to do this alone.