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A Love/Hate Relationship with District bad. The new film has been attacked for racist stereotypes, but it's still worth watching. Okay, so I saw District 9 in theaters (wait, hold that Yeah, okay, option 2 ( Wikus becomes a Prawn) is what happened. Looks like most. They end up living in a local slum, crammed together in District 9 is fresh and transgressive, hilariously funny and absolutely . One of the funniest standing jokes in the movie is Wikus's relationship with the alien whom he.

These things we never learn. Nor, unlike the flawed but superior Children of Men, are local events put in the context of global ones.

Copley is perhaps intentionally? He livens up when he gets involved in the violent action in the "prawns'" ghetto. For a while, he seems a complex hero, morphing from doofus into bigot, then pariah, then cross-over, then selfless savior. But during this interesting progress the movie unfortunately descends just as rapidly from its allegorical sci-fi setup into more and more crude levels of B-picture action and horror.

And this crudity only reminds us of how clumsy the fake TV news, surveillance footage, documentary interviews with academics or technicians and other bits of hack "realism" have been, and highlights how crudely drawn the MNU operatives and Wikus' family members are.

And how utterly derivative the aliens' body shapes are. And how inexplicable it is that the "prawns" speak in the usual sci-fi movie guttural backwards-tape alien language, which is subtitled for us, but the white men all understand it, and the aliens all understand English.

By the time you get to the end of District 9, however intense its sometimes George Romero-worthy yuck scenes have been along the way, it has just become an utter, irredeemable mess. And that's too bad, because there are some ingenious ideas buried here, and the first half lets you think instead of just watch people and critters bang into each other. No wonder the story line has references to nepotism in it.

But I am in the minority here. District 9 has received raves and only a few mavericks like Armond White and Michael Sragow are unimpressed. To liven things up, Ebert even supported White's right to pan this -- then withdrew his support. Sragow points to the film's "derivative" quality, its stylistic inconsistency, and the way its scenes seem composed in "shuffle mode.

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And indeed, since whatever sympathy is shallowly evoked for the "prawns," this is a film that, as mentioned, acts out the kind of prejudice it ostensibly skewers.

As White says, "preposterousness rules in District 9;" but viewers and critics see the movie they want to see, and since this one pushes the right liberal buttons and gives the superficial appearance of being an "original" sci-fi movie, it's making a big noise and doing good box office. Sony's marketing team designed its promotional material to emulate the segregational billboards that appear throughout the film. Hence the overtly obvious use of fake segregational propaganda.

How does District 9 end? (spoilers, naturally)

The website had a local alert system for Johannesburg the film's settingnews feedsbehavior recommendations, and rules and regulations. Other viral websites for the film were also launched, including an MNU website with a countdown timer for the film's release, [41] an anti-MNU blog run by fictional alien character Christopher Johnson, [42] and an MNU-sponsored educational website.

Humans are MNU agents on patrol trying to arrest or kill aliens. Aliens try to avoid capture from MNU agents whilst searching for alien canisters.

This breaking down, and circumvention of existing marketing structures follows postmodernist theory in cinema. Among comparable science fiction films in the past, its opening attendance was slightly less than the film Cloverfield and the film Starship Troopers.

The audience demographic for District 9 was 64 percent male and 57 percent people 25 years or older. The website's consensus states, "Technically brilliant and emotionally wrenching, District 9 has action, imagination, and all the elements of a thoroughly entertaining science-fiction classic.

No attempt is made to resolve the situation, and if that's a happy ending, I've seen happier. Despite its creativity, the film remains space opera and avoids the higher realms of science-fiction. Letters of complaint were sent to the producer and distributor of the film demanding an apology.

She also said the gang leader Obesandjo is almost identical in spelling and pronunciation to the surname of former president Olusegun Obasanjo. It's not like Nigerians do eat aliens.

Aliens don't even exist in the first place. He suggests two possible explanations for Blomkamp's narrative choice: Making Wikus the "white savior" backtracks from the main message of District 9 which is to show the audience the detrimental effects "of colonialism brought by the Western world".

Another point Nicholas makes is that District 9 is a "stereotypical White Savior film". She states that the plot is about a white man working for the government, who has roots "in South Africa's apartheid culture", involuntarily joins the "victims of apartheid".

In this case, instead of black people, it's prawns. The separation of people and "prawns" into human and non-human zones mark South Africa's social divisions.

List of accolades received by District 9 District 9 was named one of the top 10 independent films of by the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures. The film received four Academy Awards nominations for: Home media[ edit ] The Blu-ray Disc and region 1 code widescreen edition of District 9 as well as the 2-disc special-edition version on DVD was released on 22 December A Filmmaker's Log" and the special features "Metamorphosis: The Transformation of Wikus", "Innovation: Acting and Improvisation", "Conception and Design: Creating the World of District 9", and "Alien Generation: During an interview on the Rude Awakening The problem is I have a bunch of ideas and stuff that I want to make.

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