Dean koontz velocity ending relationship

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dean koontz velocity ending relationship

Velocity is a novel by Dean Koontz first published in Set in Napa County, California, it is At the very end of the book, Barbara's eyes open and she comments on a flock of Barn Swallows flying past. While her eyes close again, the. Velocity: A Novel (): Dean Koontz: Books. plot twists and backstory that keep this fine novel moving to a satisfying ending. Dean Koontz - Velocity one of the scariest books ever! Find this Pin .. Dean Koontz - Twilight Eyes Lovely twist at the end that sparks the imagination. Find this.

Later that night Billy found Lenny murdered. The review of this Book prepared by Tina Myers After a usual night of bartending, Billy Wiles' typical ordinary life ceases to exist. He finds a typewritten note on his windshield giving him an odd choice.

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It said if he went to the police, a schoolteacher would be killed and if he didn't go to the police, an elderly woman would be killed. The note gave him a time table of six hours. At first, Billy wonders if this is some sick joke until a blond schoolteacher is found murdered. He is faced with more notes, more choices, and more deadlines, and dead bodies. The killer has forced Billy to play his game of choice.

Eventually he focuses his attention on Steve Zillis, one of his workmates.

dean koontz velocity ending relationship

It soon turns out, however, that Zillis has a watertight alibi for the time when some of the crimes were committed, and Wiles ends up none the wiser. Wiles has very clear reasons for not involving the police. Right from the beginning of his nightmarish adventure, he has a hunch that circumstantial evidencepossibly planted by the killer, would turn him into the prime suspect: In the eyes of the police, he would be the perpetrator rather than one of the victims.

Also, as more murders are committed, he realizes that he might endanger Barbara's life.

dean koontz velocity ending relationship

In the end Wiles finds out that the psychopath sees his crimes as a work of art rather than, say, a game cf. He discovers that the freak is the artist, Valis, and confronts him. After a short discussion, Billy sprays Valis with Mace and shoots him dead. Returning home, Billy mistakenly assumes that he and Barbara are safe; however, when he replays the video camera, he sees Zillis in his house, and realises that Valis and Zillis were working together. He manages to catch up with Zillis before he can kill Barbara, and after driving him out into the country, kills Zillis.

He has no intention of revealing any information about Holly's abduction, but wishes to ease his mind with what could possibly be a final visit, and end on good terms with his parents.

Mitch speaks briefly with his father, learns his mother is out for the evening, and comes away disappointed with the encounter.

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The next phone call from the kidnappers comes at 6: As instructed, Mitch visits his brother Anson without informing him of Holly's kidnapping. During this time, Anson receives a call from the kidnappers and becomes aware of the situation.

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Anson, who had helped his siblings throughout their childhood cope with their parents, offers to give Mitch the two million dollar ransom amount. Mitch is surprised that Anson is financially able to provide this. After arriving at Julian's huge estate, Anson pulls a gun on Mitch and states that he wouldn't give his money to save Mitch, let alone Holly.

Mitch learns Anson has worked with the criminals behind Holly's kidnapping and shorted them on their last criminal enterprise. Now, the kidnappers mistakenly believe that Anson will do anything to help Mitch save Holly. Julian informs Mitch that he has never worked for the FBI and has obtained his wealth through the "entertainment industry.

dean koontz velocity ending relationship

Mitch manages to kill his executioners with the forgotten gun in the ankle holster and returns to his parents' house where he finds them dead. Again, the scene has been set up as if Mitch had killed his parents, although this time, Mitch believes Anson to be behind the setup. Mitch confronts Anson at Anson's house, tasers him, and ties him to a chair in the laundry room. He does not reveal that he knows Anson killed his parents and promises to release Anson if he gives Mitch the two million.

dean koontz velocity ending relationship

Anson eventually gives him the combination to a secret safe in the kitchen where he finds 1. Mitch, remembering an earlier conversation with his brother, asks Anson how he really made so much money.

dean koontz velocity ending relationship

Anson informs him of an illegal Internet company run by Julian Campbell that downloads untraceable adult and child pornography. Anson takes great delight in telling Mitch this, because he wants Mitch to know that Holly's ransom money is dirty and realizes Mitch will be reminded of this for the rest of his life with Holly. After hearing the story, Mitch is disgusted and leaves him in the dark laundry room instead of releasing him as promised, knowing that Anson does not like the dark and will be reminded of their parents' learning room.

Meanwhile, Holly is being held captive in an attic, trying surreptitiously to pry a nail from the floorboards. The nail is something that she regards as a pathetic weapon, and at first, she works at it merely to have something to focus on.

She finally pries the nail free and conceals it without really knowing how she can use such a small device effectively against trained killers.