Cruel intentions 2 cherie ending relationship

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cruel intentions 2 cherie ending relationship

Cruel Intentions stood out from the rest during the late '90s teen movie boom. She got hers, in the end – set to “Bittersweet Symphony,” in case you'd forgotten. the direct-to-video movie Cruel Intentions 2 that served as a prequel. Kathryn, alongside characters named Danielle and Cherie that were. I saw Cruel Intentions 2 twice over the weekend, despite having never seen the original. Indeed, the twist ending isn't so much a twist as a final, dying gasp. In a lesser movie, Cherie would serve as the love interest for Sebastien, thereby not uncommon for children as young as fifteen to begin having, ahem, relations . Cruel Intentions 2 is the American comedy-drama film. It was written and directed by This leads them to Cherie, the student with the hiccups, as well as the Eventually, this evolves into a relationship, but Kathryn, seeing this, uses it as a In the end, Sebastian stays with Danielle; he professes his love for her, only.

Cruel Intentions 2: Manchester Prep

For the reasoning behind this, I now direct you to the quote-unquote "synopsis" here on Flixter, which notes that the film has "a twist ending that renders everything proceeding it completely incomprehensible. But what comes before that?

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Originally intended as a television series, Cruel Intentions 2 serves as a prequel of sorts for the original. Sebastian Robin Dunne is a scheming, manipulative fifteen-year old.

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The movie begins with our anti-hero dropping out of what is likely another in a series of high class private schools, not content to leave the premises before plotting one final practical joke. Because that's the sort of kid that Sebastien is: So now Sebastien has to move in with his father, who is now married to another woman, giving Sebastian a sexy step-sister named Kathryn Amy Adams and a new school to torment.

As he begins his first day at a new school, Sebastian meets a girl-next-door type named Danielle, who he falls in love with and soon finds -- surprise, surprise! But of course, you'd have to be pretty dense not to understand that this is all part of some grander scheme.

The movie doesn't get that we already know what's going on, feeling that it is necessary to play sentimental '90s pop during their scenes together to keep the illusion alive.

cruel intentions 2 cherie ending relationship

Meanwhile, Kathryn goes on a subplot about turning newly-wealthy geek girl Cherie into the, again I quote, "premiere slut" at Manchester Prep.

Before you go crazy I'm just going to tell you why, This stuff is so awkward, so To simply put it "what the f ck" that it just has to get a laugh out of me. I know the actors can do better hell, I've seen them in better! Now I have no idea if the first movie is any good or not but if you see some so-bad-it's-good opportunity from this and if you don't I can see why then it's really worth checking out.

I mean if you see in the original movie some good characters and story although as I said, have no idea of it, this is just guess work then you might think this is one of the worst sequels ever made.

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As I said, check it out if you want something to laugh at. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. A meeting of a secret society of student elites presided by Kathryn takes place, deciding upon the fate of the new students.

cruel intentions 2 cherie ending relationship

This leads them to Cherie, the student with the hiccups, as well as the discovery that Cherie's family is wealthier than that of Kathryn; this, along with the events of the assembly, causes Kathryn to seek a vendetta against Cherie.

Sebastian, coming from a more humble upbringing, wishes to befriend his house staff.

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Doing so angers Kathryn, whose day is interrupted by not being able to contact her driver. This, combined with Kathryn's jealousy of Sebastian, causes her to admit that she is unhappy with her life.

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Sebastian attempts to woo Danielle: Eventually, this evolves into a relationship, but Kathryn, seeing this, uses it as a way to get back at Sebastian. She tries to lure him away from Danielle by tempting him with identical twins, who confide to Sebastian that Danielle is the only virgin at Manchester.