Colour cloud palace ending a relationship

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colour cloud palace ending a relationship

The more time she spends in the palace, the more her old dream of becoming a .. Speaking strictly about Saiunkoku Monogatari, there is an overall plot that. The Story of Saiunkoku (彩雲国物語, Saiunkoku Monogatari, literally "Tale of the Kingdom of Colored Clouds") is a However, when Beans Ace ended, the manga was moved to Monthly Asuka. The story details the hardships of creating change, especially as a woman, Shurei's growing relationship with the Emperor and. It really seemed like there was no way out to get to the ending that was . The year after her marriage, Kou Shuurei died in childbirth at age

Because women are not permitted to serve in public office, Shuurei dedicates herself to bettering the country by teaching young children. She possesses a practical mind and sense of resourcefulness towards her every day circumstances. Unbeknownst to Shuurei, she is the daughter of the Red Immortaland her father, Kou Shoukawas the Black Wolf, a legendary assassin. As the daughter of the Red Immortal, her birth is regarded as miraculous, as birth of a child between an ordinary human and an Immortal was regarded as impossible.

As the Red Immortal had been using the body of a daughter of the Hyou clan as a vessel, Shuurei was born sickly due to her body being incompatible with an environment outside of the Hyou clan's lands.

colour cloud palace ending a relationship

To save her daughter, the Red Immortal sealed her spirit within her daughter's body to increase her lifespan; as a result, Shuurei serves as the vessel of the Red Immortal and her body will be taken over by the Red Immortal when Shuurei dies.

It is later mentioned by Hyou Ruka that it was Shuurei's unavoidable fate to attract men, although whether it was meant seriously or as sarcasm is unclear. Plot Edit Despite the high social status of her clan, Shuurei grew up in relatively impoverished circumstances. Her father's job brought little income, and most of his personal wealth was given to the needy during the devastating fight for the imperial succession eight years ago.

colour cloud palace ending a relationship

Because women are not permitted to take the imperial examinations, she teaches young children in hopes they can achieve her dream of changing the country. When Grand Official Sho offers gold pieces as a reward for becoming an imperial concubine for six months, Shuurei accepts, hoping to encourage the immature young emperor to take more responsibility. Shuurei's earnest behaviour and desire to help her country successfully incites the emperor, Shi Ryuuki to become a respectable ruler.

During this time, the Emperor of Saiunkoku fell deeply in love with her, but is constantly rejected. So that Shuurei will be able to fulfill her dream, Ryuuki opens admission for women to take imperial examinations to become officials. She becomes the first woman in the history of Saiunkoku to take the Imperial Exams and passes with the third highest score, allowing her to obtain the title of "Tanka".

Kou Shuurei

She is first assigned as the governor of Sa province alongside To Eigetsu. She had to go through much ordeal to get into the capital of Sa province. The acting head of the Sa ClanSa Chuushou tried to force her into marrying his grandson Sa Sakujun so that she will quit as the governor. Eventually after Shuurei becomes an official, Ryuuki tasks her with difficult jobs keeping the fact in mind that her popularity would increase if she were to succeed.

As the series progressed, the noble faction started plotting Ryuuki's fall and pushed him to a corner in a political play.

colour cloud palace ending a relationship

Ryuuki's supporters Shuuei and Kouyuu fell one by one from power due to the noble faction's cunning, leaving Ryuuki helpless and entirely dependent on Tei Yuushunwho is a major figure of the noble faction as well as the Prime Minister. However, Ryuuki realized that his plan would take away Shuurei's freedom and dreams and that the marriage would have been born out of his intention to take advantage of Shuurei's connection to the Kou clan rather than out of love. However, he finally opened his eyes and realized that he not only stole away Shuurei's dream but also destroyed his one final shield form the noble faction after Shuurei and Kouyuu's fall and forced himself to be completely reliant on Yushuun alone after being harshly reprimanded by Ki KoukiShuurei's superior.

Therefore, she alone could've protected Ryuuki from the noble faction's grasp. After the matter with the Locust Plague became a serious problem and was brought up at the court, Ryuuki found himself to be the main culprit of the matter as he ignored his duties at the beginning of his reign and thus, failed to take any precautions for the plague even though the Censorate has been trying to draw his attention to the matter.

As a result of being implicated for his inaction, Ryuuki lost a great deal of his political authority and impression, furthering his reliance on Yuushun, as well as Ou Ki. With Ryuuki effectively unable to act, Ou Ki took advantage of the situation to garner the court's favor and mercilessly paint Ryuuki as an incompetent emperor.

'Someone must have greased the brakes' Queen's shocked reaction on hearing Diana's death

Eventually, Ou Ki took over the court and Ryuuki was forced to flee the castle, drawing Saiunkoku into a state of civil war. However, before leaving, Ryuuki took measures to ensure that Yuushun was protected, despite being one of Ryuuki's enemies, which changed Yuushun's impression of Ryuuki.

Ryuuki and Ou Ki would eventually meet on the battlefield, where Ryuuki was forced to face Ou Ki and 50, troops, with only Ran Shuuei by his side.

The tide of the battle turned when Yuushun, having shifted his loyalty to Ryuuki, appeared with the aid of the Eight Coloured Clans.

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The battle was won by Ryuuki and he remained the emperor of the new era. However, Shuurei died at childbirth, leaving Ryuuki emotionally broken and lonely for the rest of his life. Ryuuki never remarried nor took on any concubines.