Cho dengeki stryker ending relationship

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cho dengeki stryker ending relationship

Cho Dengeki Stryker is the ultimate version of the game as it adds on Dengeki Stryker included three chapters and they brought the story to a welcome end. With all that said, the sex scenes in relation to Steel Chapter feel. Overview of the Dengeki Stryker series (no spoiler on it's ending but only . The game emphasizes the meaning of a hero in relation to the life. MangaGamer have announced a release date for the all-ages version of Cho Dengeki Stryker, a visual novel about a boy that becomes a.

Review: Cho Dengeki Stryker

It takes a while before he notices someone is listening in. An old man with long moustaches and top hat introduces himself as Memory Collector. As if an electric current a shiver runs down your spine, and so begins the story of sincere bravery. Wrecking the place of Tokyo city down, the superhuman peace violators mock the helplessness of the local police forces.

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That is until something else comes down from the sky. With a long waving red scarf and arms of steel Stryker Zero enters the scene to protect the citizens and take down the emerged menace. A kid that wants to become a real superhero someday that will protect people even he is bullied he doesn't give up his dream to become one.

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From this point the game is concentrated on hero,dreams, and memories. The plot is somewhat a cliche or a usual plot of a Hero taking in action with a cool signature move and supernatural skills to unleash but even though the plot is a usual one it has a great storyline because it does not focus only on being a usual hero that we think of but it focuses on being a hero and what it takes to become one.

Also, the story is about Dreams and the Future that we can see throughout the game.

cho dengeki stryker ending relationship

So much about the plot let's move on to the last part of the review it's relevance to the readers. So what does it mean to be a hero? Hero never breaks his promises. Hero does only what he can do, but not for his own sake.

Cho Dengeki Stryker All-Ages Version Coming To Steam September 19th

Hero protects the weak, even if he is weak himself. Hero is always ready to put his mission above his own life. Cho Dengeki Stryker improves upon the original game by bringing far more fleshed out storylines into the fold. Interestingly, these tales take on a more human vibe.

cho dengeki stryker ending relationship

Although there are still superhero antics on display, they feel subdued in comparison to the focus on character interactions. Or, perhaps you simply get accustomed to the super sentai nature of the story after a while. In either case, the three new chapters add at least ten more hours of playtime onto the experience.

One chapter places you with a truly unexpected love interest from the Balboran side.

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Steel Chapter is unique because it includes a fork leading to one of two heroines. If anything, it feels like the chapter is much more heavily skewed toward one character than the other.

cho dengeki stryker ending relationship

With that said, beyond the romance aspect it is an excellent chapter. Cho Dengeki Stryker is simply an expert at expanding its storyline in innumerable ways without ever cheapening itself.

cho dengeki stryker ending relationship

With all that said, the sex scenes in relation to Steel Chapter feel incredibly tacked on. Whereas the previous characters developed an obvious relationship with Yamato, these women simply appear as fodder for him as he spontaneously discovers his feelings upon their confession.

My slight disappointment with this chapter was short-lived as I went through the final one. Light Chapter has no choices so players can simply sit back and enjoy as the world of Dengeki Stryker finally comes to a close.