Caregiver sharon cuneta ending relationship

Mario Bautista's "Caregiver" Review

caregiver sharon cuneta ending relationship

The Megastar, Sharon Cuneta, left for London on April 4, to shoot the baka wala lalong Internet connection there so nagpa-charge na ako kay . "You have no idea how very grateful I am for the never-ending show of. The ending of the movie is not the simple happily ever after storybook I watched Sharon Cuneta's latest Star Cinema film CAREGIVER yesterday, . Sharon Cuneta in relation to her husband, and the world around her. Caregiver () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more but well, I have to say Sharon Cuneta's character probably would not have gotten a handsome.

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Sharon is deglamorized as Sarah and gives a consistently superb and compelling performance that will surely melt your heart.

The most touching scenes for us is when Sarah's very old grandma Anita Lindawho earlier didn't recognize her, later summons her to give her a red shawl as a going away present, and that scene where Sarah and her son, Pau John Manaloare buying winter coats and she bids him a final farewell. John Estrada gives competent support as Sarah's pathetic loser of a husband and Matthew Rutherford as Mr.

Morgan, the lonely old man who Sarah takes care of in the nursing home where she works, has his own stirring moments. The highly charged emotional scene where they finally make a connection is one of the film's dramatic high points. If there's one thing that detracts from this uplifting movie, it's the lengthy running time that results from having so many characters and subplots.

It cannot be denied that Makisig Morales is good in his role as a rebellious boy in London who's alienated from his mom and foreign step dad, but the whole episode concerning him can be excised without damaging the main story at all. What we appreciate in the film is the marked contrast showing the difference between Filipino and foreign families. That's because we wanted to preserve the flavor of Sharon's storytelling.

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The next several pages will show you how good a documentalist, both in words and in photos, the Megastar is. Needless to say, she delivered more than we expected. But more than the funny sidelights, we love more the insights that she shared with us.

For instance, Sharon says she's honored that Star Cinema gave her its "biggest and most expensive movie ever. In one of her email messages to YES! I found Paris so expensive na nga while KC [Concepcion, her eldest daughter] was there and it's 13!

caregiver sharon cuneta ending relationship

Magazine's own online research revealed, in the words of the January report on the Global Property Guide website, that "London is presently the most expensive city in the world in terms of real estate. Just three weeks of filming there must have required a huge amount of money from Star Cinema. In fact, Sharon says, it was a skeleton crew that went to London—which means two to five times leaner than the typical film crew shooting in Manila.

Everyone, including the Megastar, was obliged to multitask. Sharon says she was not just impressed with the Caregiver production staff, but remains deeply grateful to and mighty proud of each and every one of its members.

She fondly called them "my boys"—even if some of them were girls.

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In her April 29 email to YES! Kung di pa kasali [sa dictionary] ang definition namin—na hindi ma-put into words ng 'bonding' sa salitang 'yon-dapat isali, as a tribute man lang to our friendship and hirap and coming together throughout the three weeks, na ONCE lang kami nag-day-off!

caregiver sharon cuneta ending relationship

Hats off to them! Tuwing magrereklamo kami nina Peachy [Mariano, her make-up artist] among ourselves, I'd remind myself that if we were puyat and hirap, lalo naman my boys.

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Such few movies being produced. So much piracy, so many jobs stolen as a result. After finishing an arduous course in caregiving, she bids farewell to the Grade 5 classroom where she teaches English. She buys a winter coat for her son Paulo John Manalo and promises he will use it once she can afford to take him to London. In typical Pinoy fashion, she shares tearful goodbyes with her whole family at the airport when she finally leaves for the United Kingdom.

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Sarah arrives in London. At their apartment, she and Teddy share a passionate reunion. In a honeymoon mood, he takes her to the beautiful sights around London. While window-shopping at a famous mall, Sarah meets Sean Makisig Moralesa spunky Filipino boy, as he tries to shoplift chocolate bars. After the initial fleeting period of excitement, she experiences the hard challenges every Filipino caregiver faces every day: Meanwhile, Teddy also struggles with the daily grind in the hospital where he works.