Blackwell deception ending relationship

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blackwell deception ending relationship

In the commentary Dave said that he changed the ending from . bit disappointing myself - at the end of Deception it seemed like there was this. Let's Play The Blackwell Series by cmndstab - Part Blackwell Deception But in the end, the final step is to point out to Rosa that she's about to fall into the . more about Joey's past and his relation to the Blackwell family, and while we. The fourth game in the series, The Blackwell Deception marked the first game Gilbert Sure enough, Jeremy had gone to The High Line, only to end up shot. . Somehow, he had convinced her so thoroughly that when the relationship didn't.

This introduces the notebook mechanic that keeps track of clues and topics -- it's a reference for conversational interrogation, and a handy guidepost for story progression.

We can also "combine" two topics to consider relationships between them, occasionally creating new topics or merging existing ones to open up new possibilities.

Here, we visit NYU to interview the dead girl's roommate in an attempt to find out more about the incident, and obtain a photo for the paper: We can also speak to the floor's R. The key puzzle we have to solve here involves roommate Kelly's assertion that suicide victim JoAnn always slept soundly, while the R. Caught in this contradiction, Kelly softens and allows Rosa to borrow a photograph; we return to the apartment, write up the article, and get ready to hit the hay.

Now things really start getting weird This, it soon develops -- through a tightly-guided conversation that still allows the player to steer the emotional tone a bit -- is "Joey. Unfortunately, Joey's powers are comically limited -- the most he can do in the material plane is generate a light breeze: JoAnn is dead, and has apparently made it safely to the next world, but her close friends are in need of Rosa and Joey's psychic assistance.

Gaining entry to Kelly's room, Rosa can examine some photos on the late JoAnn's corkboard: Kelly won't let Rosa borrow or examine JoAnn's notebook, but some timely assistance from Joey scatters Kelly's papers just long enough for Rosa to make off with the potential evidence. There's clearly something creepy afoot --JoAnn was not taking very good class notes toward the end of her life: Further conversation, examination, exploration and web research establish that JoAnn's friend Allison also took her own life, and her other friend Susan is in Bellevue Hospital after trying to do so; Susan was also involved with a hockey player named Alexander Davenport.

Allison's ghost is seen hanging around the dog park, which explains why the animals have been behaving so strangely. Rosa can't converse with most spirits directly, but Joey can; unfortunately, Alli is so addled by her strange new circumstances that she can only answer in obscure rhymes. We do, however, learn that she fears an entity called the Deacon, whom the three girls apparently summoned through careless Ouija abuse.

We can also visit Susan Lee in the hospital -- getting past the security desk presents a slightly awkward puzzle, because here Rosa "pulls a Brian" a design term my wife and I use, based on the first of Pendulo Studios' Runaway series -- but that's a story for another time.

A similar problem will arise again very shortly, though it's easier to figure out this time. Getting in to see Susan is initially unproductive -- she clams up and won't say much about the Deacon, or JoAnn, or Alli, or the Ouija Board, until Rosa combines the Deacon and the Ouija board into a single notebook item. If the player has been thorough in conversation with Alli, we already know what happened -- but Susan won't respond meaningfully to the separate topics, and we can only break down her resistance by asking about the combined "Deacon and Ouija Board" item.

Rosa tells Susan that she believes her story and knows she isn't insane; the relieved Susan opens up and fills in more of the story, informing us that the Deacon drove all three girls mad with his incessant shrieking and noise, and that Alli loves dogs and was studying veterinary medicine.

We're well on the way to resolving the mystery now.

blackwell deception ending relationship

We just need to bring a dog to visit Alli's ghost -- animals can see spirits, we learn, which makes for some comical moments between Joey and Moti in Nishanti's apartment. This is the only really contrived puzzle in the game -- it just so happens that Susan has been placed on diuretic medication, but hasn't been taking the pills, so she asks Rosa to take them out of Bellevue so she doesn't get caught.

Not that serious animal cruelty of the KILL [creature] variety isn't an adventure game staple going way back, but putting the pills in Moti's dog biscuit, so that the poor animal has an immediate need to urinate, seems a little out of keeping with the Blackwell universe. At any rate, the medicinal ruse works -- Nishanti is busy with dishes and asks Rosangela to take the desperate animal for a walk, enabling us to present Alli with a real, live canine patient.

And when she examines Moti, and realizes she can't feel his breath, all of her memories come flooding back and she realizes she is no longer of this world. In what will become a recurring motif, Joey's tie serves as a supernatural conduit -- Rosa takes one end, the formerly-lost spirit the other: However, if Rosa became a ghost on Earth, wouldn't the Universe keep pouring into her soul - that's the whole reason she died, so I don't see how she could keep it up without hiding out in the Void or figuring out how to cross over.

One other question about the ending - did Rosa lie to Madeline about not knowing any "other way", which would be out of character IMO, or did she only figure out how to make Joey alive afterwards somehow? I also think this game was intended to close the series. A bit of a pity since the energy-vampires-plot is left as a loose end. After Gavin's power and that News Report in Deception I just kinda figured I'd have to deal with hunting this conspiracy down while they use their mind-altering powers to paint Rosa as the villain and have her hunted by the police.

I don't think that Rosa lied to Madeline. For one, she didn't seem surprised that the Vortex didn't close. For another let's compare cases here: You always think the worst of me. She's completely turned around now. Gavin is furious at her resistance. Listen to my voice! You want to listen to me. You need to listen to me.

In your heart, you know I am right about everything. Seemingly reacting to Gavin's raised voice, Rosa starts to turn back around.

As Gavin yells, Rosa snaps back to face him. Now, where were we?

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However, Rosa suddenly stares straight at him. Using all that remains of her willpower, Rosa blocks the mind magic out of her head, sending it sparking out of control back to the source.

The resulting supernatural explosion sends Gavin flying, dead before he hits the ground. Almost immediately, his ghost materialises in front of them. Unlike other ghosts though, he seems very much aware of what is going on - and he's pissed about it. You got me when I was feeding. I might have been unpreprared, but I won't be next time.

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Gavin talks a big game for someone who just got his ass whipped. I hate to break it to you, pally. I have energy to spare. More than enough to bring me back. God fucking damn it. The last thing we need is for him to have regenerative powers as well! Suddenly, Lisa's ghost re-enters the room. I didn't want it to be this way.

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Get out of my way, Lisa. Lisa isn't budging, though. Maybe my grandfather was right. I said get out of my way! Having had time to reflect on her own death, Lisa wants at least one of her actions to be something heroic. Get off of me! Lisa and Gavin grab each other's throats, trying to throttle one another, while Rosa and Joey watch on.

blackwell deception ending relationship

What do you think? Dunno how much longer she can hold him off. If we're gonna do something, it's gotta be now. Floating next to the battling ghosts, Joey hands one end of the tie to Rosa, and in a last desperate move, Lisa grabs the other end. With a quick tug, Rosa pulls both Lisa and Gavin into Nodespace. The music dies out here, leaving only the echoey hum of infinity. Gavin is NOT happy to be here.

I was never supposed to come back here. It was part of the deal. He turns around and implores Rosa with terror in his voice. I don't think that's possible. If they find me here But it's all too late.

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Whatever cosmic deity Gavin struck a bargain with years ago has come to collect. His horrifying screams echo through the endless universe for only a moment before dissipating. Lisa has no idea what to make of any of this. I think I want to go home, now. I am very tired. Just head that way. Looks like this whole experience has really knocked the wind out of Lisa's sails. She's definitely ready to move on. Lisa floats to the threshold, then hesitates.

In our final choice of three dialogue options for this LP, Rosa can either say she's not sure: That's not for me to decide, Lisa.

I guess I'll have lots of time to think about it. She can point out that people died: A lot of people are dead because of you. I can't deny that anymore. Or she can choose to focus on Lisa's final actions: You did help us stop Gavin. He won't hurt anyone else. Does that make up for it all? It's time for Lisa to go. I was so angry. I've never been so angry. I'm just so tired. You can rest as long as you like. And so ghost 12 goes to her final rest.

I'd say 13, but I'm not really sure if we should count Gavin or not Back in the real world, Joey asks after Rosa. My brain feels scrubbed raw, but I'm okay. Look, I don't want to stay here. Let's get out of here. Joey and Rosa head to the High Line to reflect on the events of the past two days. You wanted to come here? It's a place to go.

And I need some air. The tension is pretty heavy between these two. Rosa doesn't find it so easy to just forget it, however. Some of the things she said, though exaggerated, were grounded in something real.

It's all mixed up.