Bioshock 2 delta lives ending a relationship

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bioshock 2 delta lives ending a relationship

AU: Changed ending and relationship (Those who have finished the Chapter 1, 2. He did everything he could to find her and give her the life he never Eleanor rested her chin on Delta's diving mask as she waited. Subject Delta lives on in his little sister. That is the only possible way he lives. In one ending she talks about saving the world with her father. Subject Delta (Symbol: Δ) is the protagonist of BioShock 2. Delta was The " Neutral" Ending (Sofia lives): Harvest at least one Little Sister and save at least one.

The boy squealed out in pain as he doubled over and lay down in the fetal position. This reaction didn't help the other two's moods, as they began fighting more violently. Eleanor wanted nothing more then to incinerate them all, but any use of her powers would tip off the authorities. Her eyes went wide as the men began to try and tear her cloths off, looking at her hungrily. She couldn't defend herself; again in her life she was useless.

The three wouldn't stop though; they were too drunk and too twisted to do so. She felt her strength leaving her as they continued to slam her head against the counter.

She couldn't fight them off any longer, God what was her world coming too? There, one pinned her down and licked his lips like the pig he was. Eleanor tried to push him off, but she couldn't use her powers, which included her true strength. She just hoped that maybe Booker or James would hear her. The man pinning her began to lick her neck, causing her to fight even more. He grinned sickly and laughed, "That's right little girl!

Call for da-" Suddenly, something from behind grabbed him by the neck and threw him across the room. As Eleanor began to stand, she saw none other then Subject Delta, her father, standing nearby.


She smiled as she stood up and Delta turned towards the other two men, roaring angrily. With a seductive wink, she told them, "Be careful what you wish for. Delta lunged at him, driving the drill straight through him, causing blood and other gore to kick up as it spun. His friend screamed in terror as he grabbed a metal pipe to defend himself.

When he swung, the pipe merely bounced off Delta's metal helmet, not even phasing the beast. Delta raised his drill up high and slammed it down, wrecking his insides with twisted steel. As the last drunk began to regain consciousness, he saw Delta slowly approaching. He began to breath rapidly, his heartbeat increasing as Delta got closer and closer.

The drill once again began to spin up, letting out a horrifying whir. Delta grabbed the man by the neck and lifted him up, crushing his windpipe on the way. Once he held the drunk as high as he could, Delta paused, as if enjoying the moment. Then, he threw the man up and onto his spinning drill, twisting and tearing him apart like a ragdoll. Once all three lay dead in puddles of their own filth, Delta wiped the blood from his visor and walked over to Eleanor, who couldn't help but grin.

Delta just shifted awkwardly, not really knowing how to react. Of course, the commotion downstairs had woken everybody up. Booker, Elizabeth, and James all ran downstairs prepared to fight, when they saw Eleanor and Delta standing together. By using my own blood, I was able to bring my father back! What are you talking about? When I found his body had been repaired, I immediately went to work on trying to figure out a way to isolate and extract the very thing I had taken from him, using a mixture of plasmids and the possession vigor.

Eleanor had essentially brought someone back to life. Even for her, that was impressive. Something still seemed off about Delta.

bioshock 2 delta lives ending a relationship

He didn't talk, take off the helmet, or do anything to show that he had a sentient mind at all. The big daddy just stood next to his daughter, emotionless and cold.

A father's love drives Bioshock 2 | Pixelated Geek

Booker now knew where Eleanor had gotten her disposition. He still couldn't help but feel nervous around Delta.

bioshock 2 delta lives ending a relationship

Maybe it was because it had tried to kill him at first, or maybe it was just the giant drill attached to its hand. Either way, the creature definitely did have an imposing presence. Thank God for him, thank God for Columbia! Great sword of God, you may stay here however long you like!

Eleanor quickly grabbed him by the hand and dragged him back up to the room, soon followed by James. Jack, protagonist of the first Bioshockhas come and left, but the Splicers left prowling the leaking wreckage have coalesced about Lamb as an object of cultish devotion. Eleanor needs her Daddy. Even if she has to bring him literally back from the dead.

Bioshock 2 is not the game to introduce new people to this twisted world. New tonics make for an interesting element of customization, but they take a while to become a factor.

Bioshock 2: If Subject Delta had a voice!

The first few areas of Rapture Delta explores on his quest are relatively pedestrian; the game builds its emotional core at a sluggish but steady pace. Another element of Rapture that has changed is the tone of its denizens. The Splicers of Bioshock 1 were tragic monsters, utterly deranged. The most obvious thing I didn't like was bringing Tenenbaum back.

It would have worked if they completely left her out or made her more important. But the way it is, its just Another tiny thing was making Lamb so big in the backstory, but not mentioning her in Bioshock 1, but they don't lose points for lacking time travel.

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All together, there were a few iffy bits, but they did a LOT of things right. I think the story is better with Delta NOT being her real father.

It makes it less cliche and predictable, and makes the relationship more special.