Batman arkham asylum killer croc ending a relationship

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batman arkham asylum killer croc ending a relationship

The relationship between Mario and Wario, as well as Luigi and While in Croc's lair, Batman lies above him on floating planks. I can't see him going into Croc's lair when Croc is in a good mental state ending well for him. in Arkham Origins that Croc isn't afraid of confrontation, so for him to hold back. The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, typically called Arkham Asylum or Located in Gotham City, Arkham Asylum is where Batman's foes who are . when Bane uses stolen munitions to blow up the facility and release all the . In the end, Joker is defeated and he himself is locked behind bars, in a . Batman: Arkham Asylum is a video game developed by Rocksteady Studios The game opens with Batman ending the Joker's rampage and bringing him.

An unique ability that she possessed along with another. The ability to create any antidote because of her body. A body that had been injected with every chemical known to man. A horrible fate inflicted to her by a man named Dr Jason Woodrue. A man that had seduced her into doing an experiment. An experiment that had changed her life forever. But that would be when things would change. Change from the encounters he had over the years with her.

Encounters that he knew deep down what she truly wanted. Wanted the chance to see him. The chance to see him again as she tried to take over the city.

A chance to be with him alone. Chances that always occurred. Sometimes not as he had planned. Sometimes when he had walked straight into a trap she had set up for him.

Traps that each and every time he knew could have ended his life if she truly wanted it. Especially after she would kiss him. Kiss him without a trace of any sort of poison on her lips. Kiss him hoping that the moment would last. But it never did. He would always fight free and stop her plans of taking over the city. Plans that a small piece of him wished would succeed.

Succeed because he understood why.

Arkham Asylum

Understood why she was doing the crime. She wasn't doing it for money. She wasn't doing it for revenge. She already had her's upon killing her creator. No she was doing it for the planet. She was doing it for her own personal beliefs.

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Beliefs deep down he admired her for. Beliefs that he had slowly taken for himself.

batman arkham asylum killer croc ending a relationship

Taken for himself by doing everything he could to help the planet. From special projects to help endangered species to help regrow countless rain forests around the world. Even making his company a eco friendly company. Changes that he knew had surprised her the moment she had stepped foot back into Gotham City.

The evidence was there when she wouldn't allow any damage to be done to the building. Something that each and every time would make him smile inside before he knew he had a job to do. Now as he slowly comes to an end of a tunnel to see countless plant roots across the walls knowing what waits him up ahead Batman takes a deep breathe as he sees her sitting off in the distance.

The very same woman that he had previously seen just under an hour ago.

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Seen her trapped inside of her cell. A sight that made him want to look away as she pleaded with him to let her out. To help the plants around the asylum. A sight he always hated to see every time he would pass on by her to question an inmate of the asylum. And he knew why. Why he would always feel like this every time he would pass on by her cell. He knew why he would always try to reason with her first when encountering her.

It was because he loved her. He loved her and deep down he knew she loved him. But it couldn't happen. He couldn't allow it to happen. He was the hero and she was the villain. A relationship that would never work.

Just like how he knew any relationship with Selina Kyle wouldn't work out. But he still had to try. He had to try to reason with her every time he saw her outside of the city.

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As he walks through the darkness revealing his face to her slowly Batman comes to a stop when he hears Ivy whispering to a plant next to her. Yes i know he's found us. But i won't let him hurt you. I'll kill him first. And i heard it through the grapevine that the evil woman paid the price. Let Joker have his fun. I'll enjoy watching you squirm. The Joker doesn't care about anybody or anything.

All of this is just a game to him. And so does your plants. You said that you could feel their pain. He's the reason for their suffering.

Dr Young may have been the one that was here doing the experiments but she wasn't the ring leader. He had been secretly funding her research in order to gain himself an army of men and women that would be injected with this new drug being developed.

This Titan drug as they referred to it as. Help me stop him. Help me ensure that nobody else can be hurt because of this madman. You have told me only information that i've known already. Why should i help you? I've seen what you can do. You've had so many chances in the past to kill me but you haven't. And we both know the reason why. Changes that all started with your company. How suddenly Wayne Enterprises had become an eco friendly company over night. A company that soon invested hundreds if not millions of dollars around the world on projects that have helped rebuild the planet.

Ever since the day i heard about these changes i've done my research on you. With this research i found the answer to one of the world's greatest mysteries. The mystery of who was The Batman. And because of this, I now know why. I know why you go out there every single night. When i first met you, I didn't understand why but i could feel a strong aura surrounding you. An aura made of so much pain. But i do now. You became this to mask your pain.

You became The Batman so nobody else would ever have to suffer from the same pain that you do every single day. When i figured out your true identity so many things started to make sense to me. Why someone would risk their life every single night. Why i felt so much pain that you were trying to mask behind your stone cold face. The same pain that i can feel right now. Just like my darlings do. If i decide to help you then i want something in return.

I want the chance to know the man behind the mask. I want the chance to know the real you. Not just Batman but Bruce Wayne. Now you take care of The Joker and my darlings and I will take care of making the preparations to make the antidote for all of the damage he has caused. There is a plant growing deep within Arkham Island. Only it can counter the effects of the Titan strain. You didn't think it would be easy did you?

Once you've retrieved the plant come back here. I'll be waiting for you. He had come to the right place. A scenery he had often seen when combating against one enemy. One of the deadliest foes he had ever come across. A foe that would always give him a run for his money. A foe that would always use his enhanced strength against him. But a foe just like the rest that always had a weakness. A weakness of being all brawn and no brains. A trait he would often exploit when facing this enemy.

An enemy that could defeat anyone with his strength alone. An enemy that was more animal than man. Especially with the last words he had spoken to him. The words of he now had his scent. His scent as though he was a blood hound.

A blood hound wanting nothing more to end him. Suddenly as he sees a small light at the end of the tunnel that seems to be lightening up a large root like countless others he has seen growing from the ground without breaking his stride Batman emerges out of the tunnel to only make his way towards the root before just as he reaches the root his eyes widen slightly when he sees a small green liquid across the side of the root.

With his eyes not leaving his target as he reaches down to bring a small sample of the liquid onto his finger to hear footsteps behind him in a sudden move Batman snaps his body around to find another one of his deadliest foes staring at him from a distance away. A foe that he had not seen on this given night.

But he knew he was there. He knew he was lurking around because of the hallucinations. Hallucinations that he seemed to get whenever he got one step ahead of The Joker. All thanks to the gas. A gas that has haunted many citizens of Gotham. Made their worst nightmares come to life. A nightmare he often has as a child. The nightmare of having to relive that night. The night he watched his parents being murdered in front of his eyes.

The memory of watching his father lead him and his mother down a small alleyway. The memory of watching a man come out of nowhere with a gun in his hand.

The memory of watching his father pleading with the man before he had been shot. Been shot to only have the robber immediately turn his sights upon him and his mother. His mother who had suffered the same fate as his father just mere moments later. A night that had replayed through his mind for so many nights.

Including this night the moment he had noticed gas leaking through the vents in the room he was in. A gas that he instantly knew had come from him. But he knew that he couldn't do anything but embrace it. Embrace the fear that the gas would bring to him. Fear that he had managed to shatter like countless other times to return back to the world of the living.

Now as he stares at the Scarecrow with intensity slowly following his movements just as he is about to leap towards the mad scientist suddenly Batman comes to a stop when he sees Scarecrow raising up his right hand revealing a black bag in his hand with a noticeable scent coming out from the top. The mad scientist's deadliest weapon.

One step closer and this goes into the water! In a sudden move as he sees Killer Croc raising a screaming Scarecrow up to his wide open mouth rearing back Batman unleashes a batarang at the collar around Croc's neck to only watch him mere moments later let out an ear piercing scream from an intense shock being executed across Croc's body.

Suddenly as he sees Croc leaping back into the water without taking his eyes away from the scene in front of him slowly Batman makes his way to the edge to only look down mere seconds later to see no sign of Croc and Scarecrow anywhere in sight. Slowly backing away from the edge as he slowly makes his way over towards the black bag that Scarecrow had been previously holding to find that his suspicions had been proven correct in a sudden move as he punches a hole into a noticeable crack into a nearby wall reaching down Batman picks up the bag to only throw it into the darkness before slowly he starts to make his way back towards the edge.

Taking a quick glance around as he sees another tunnel at the far end of the room rearing back as he grabs his grappling gun in a sudden move Batman unleashes a line across the room into a wall in the distance before seconds later he propels himself over the water and towards the wall to only land down on the ground just seconds later.

With moments as he slowly makes his way down a tunnel to hear nothing but the sound of droplets of water dropping down from the ceiling walls into an already large puddle without breaking his stride reaching back as he goes back into his utility belt to grab a hold of his scanner Batman comes to a complete stop before seconds later as he reconfigures the scanner to look for any trace of the plant spores he had stored away just a mere hour ago on the scanner. With his scanner coming to life with the sounds of small bings slowly Batman makes his way forward down the tunnel before after a couple of minutes he comes to a complete stop when he sees a bridge made up of floating platforms going through the water.

A platform that he knew immediately what would mean for him. An opportunity for Croc. Something he knew would give Croc the ultimate advantage. Especially since he was in his world. A realm that he knew he ruled with an iron fist.

A realm that he had entered many times before. Many times to come back out. But it was never easy. He never came out unscathed. He never came back without noticeable injuries. Injuries he would have to shake off and move on to the next villain that had made his or her's presence felt inside of his city. Being as silent as possible as he slowly walks across the platforms to hear mere squeaks of his boots hitting the platforms every few feet without looking back within just a mere minute as he comes to a stop next to a metal gate in a sudden move Batman leaps off the ground and over the gate to only balance himself on the gate as he slowly slides off the bars to the platform below.

As his feet hit the platform snapping his head away from the ground slowly Batman listens into the sound of a loud breathe echoing throughout the tunnel. A sound he had heard so many times before. The sound he knew when Croc was nearby. Without breaking his stride as he slowly moves across the platform to hear Croc's breathing echoing off the walls Batman continues to move forward across the platform before suddenly he watches a piece of the platform being lifted off the ground by a emerging Croc out of the water.

As he sees Croc running towards him at high speed rearing back Batman grabs a hold of a batarang from his utility belt to only unleash it towards Croc's head a second later before the sound of Croc letting out a scream echoes throughout the tunnel.

An ear piercing scream thanks to the batarang hitting it's mark on Croc's collar forcing him back into the water and out of sight. Rearing back as he grabs another batarang without breaking his stride suddenly Batman takes off across the platform towards the end of the tunnel with his eyes constantly looking around his surroundings before suddenly the sound of the platform he had been standing on just mere seconds ago goes flying followed by another.

batman arkham asylum killer croc ending a relationship

Increasing his speed as he listens to the sound of platform after platform he had previously been standing upon being launched into the walls with a thunderous thud Batman races across the platforms leaping over every metal gate in his path before he suddenly comes to a stop when a familiar sight comes into his view from out of the corner of his eye. The sight of his target. The sight of a spore hanging up by a root in the ceiling. The reason why he was down in this sewer. The key to stopping the Titan drug.

All he had to do now was get the spore back to her. Get back to Ivy. The one woman who could ensure that the Titan drug could be stopped before it could even spread. Spread across Gotham City. With the sound of Croc thrashing only getting closer by the second as he glances over his shoulder to see him bashing at a large metal gate that is separating them with a flick of his wrist Batman sends the batarang in his hand at the root of the spore before with mere moments he races over towards where he sees the spore landing.

Within a flash as he watches Croc being dragged through the opening in the wall until the sound of his thrashing disappears into the distance a ghost smile briefly comes across Batman's face before slowly he turns his attention back towards the spore on the ground.

A statement he has used many times over the years. A statement that is going through his mind as he makes his way through the Arkham Gardens in the direction of the last place he had seen Ivy. A thought that has made it's way into his mind the moment he had arrived inside of the gardens. A place that had changed in such a small period of time. A place that he barely recognized anymore.

Especially after he had seen what she had done to the place. Walls covered with vines. Various amounts of plants in every single room he had come across. Plants he knew by first sight had been mutated. Mutated thanks to the Titan drug. A drug that he knew must of had an effect on Ivy as well. Afterall she was always one with the planet. Sinner's regime proves far more corrupt than Jeremiah's; she is revealed to have actively worked with both Black Mask's organization and the sinister Church of Crime.

Less than a year later, Arkham Asylum was severely damaged as part of a supervillain assault on Batman, and collapsed after a giant fissure split the earth open beneath its foundations. Batman Eternal 29, December Simultaneously, Wayne Enterprises loses most of its assets due to a conspiracy by Hush and Bruce Wayne is forced to file for bankruptcy. Wayne Manor is seized by the state and selected as the site for Arkham's latest incarnation, and Batman accepts the situation on the pretext that he can now keep a closer eye on his Rogues Gallery due to his intimate knowledge of the building.

Arkham Manor 6, May Other versions A somewhat apocryphal account is given for Arkham Asylum's founding in Batman Confidential 9, which claims that the facility was known as Arkham House and designed by a relatively unknown psychiatrist, Jonathan Crane, for housing what he describes to Batman as "a new breed of villain".

Crane's plans to renovate and reopen Arkham House reach fruition when a crime spree by the Joker provides the impetuous needed for the city council to approve them. In Batman of Arkham, an Elseworlds storyline by Alan Grant, Bruce Wayne is re-imagined as a prominent Gotham psychiatrist who assumes ownership of Arkham Asylum in the early twentieth century and sets out to improve its dismal reputation.

After his parents' murder, Wayne had dedicated his life to the prevention of such tragedies by treating the criminally insane. Among the asylum's more colorful inmates are Killer Croc, who has been rehabilitated by Wayne and rendered docile by hypnotherapy, and Poison Ivy, who is being incarcerated for her militant suffragist actions.

The Dark Knight Returnswritten by Frank Miller, is set in the distant future about ten years after Batman has retired. It depicts an "Arkham Home for the Emotionally Troubled", presumably a renaming of the asylum which occurs as a result of changing attitudes towards mental health. The Joker is housed there, catatonic since Batman's disappearance, but awakens when the vigilante resumes action.

Under the employ of the home is Bartholemew Wolper, a condescending psychologist who treats the Joker humanely, even going so far to arrange for him to appear on a late night talk show, while arguing that Batman himself is responsible for the crimes his enemies commit by encouraging their existence; Wolper is killed when the Joker uses his lethal gas on the talk show audience.

In Miller's sequel The Dark Knight Strikes Againit is revealed that the patients have taken over the secluded institution and have resorted to cannibalism. Plastic Man is one of the more notable patients in this version of Arkham Asylum.

During the non-canon JLA: The Nail, the Joker, using Kryptonian gauntlets provided by a genetically augmented Jimmy Olsen, breaks into Arkham, erecting a forcefield around it that prevents anyone but Batman, Batgirl and Robin from entering, while forcing the rest of the patients to fight each other for an opportunity to serve him.

Catwoman wins the resulting conflict shortly before Batman breaks into the asylum, but the Joker's gauntlets allow him to capture Batman, forcing him to watch as the Joker brutally tears Batgirl and Robin apart in front of him.

Although Catwoman manages to distract the Joker long enough for Batman to escape and damage his gauntlets, the grief-maddened Batman subsequently beats the Joker to death on the asylum roof before the entire building collapses, apparently killing most of its remaining inmates. The other staff members are also inexplicably missing, having been succeeded by parademons. Mercey Island is later uprooted and transferred to the cockpit of a gargantuan space capsule known as the S.

Arkham, where skeptics, intellectuals, academics and others perceived as overly rational are imprisoned to lose their minds. It is revealed that these peculiar circumstances were the result of the Joker being granted Mr. Mxyzptlk's powers and reshaping reality to his liking. Red Rain, a vampiric Batman, corrupted by his thirst for blood, murders all of Arkham's prisoners—including AmygdalaVictor Zsasz, and the Mad Hatter—drinking their blood and decapitating them to prevent their resurrection as vampires.

Shadow of the Bat 4, September It is unclear whether it is a proprietary institution managed as a business entity with publicly traded stock, or a non-profit facility which does not depend on profit to remain competitive. The grounds of the original asylum belonged solely to the estate of Amadeus Arkham. Living Hell 5, November Other incarnations of Arkham have been depicted as federal facilities, which received direct funding and support from the U. Batman Adventures 1, June In the film Suicide Squadthe asylum is a municipal hospital owned and managed by the Gotham public health department.

For example, Gotham law empowers the asylum to unilaterally detain any person or persons under indefinite psychiatric observation. Said individuals cannot be institutionalized through formal means without the consent of their families or the judicial system, but they can be held for any period at the director's discretion.

Swamp Thing 66, November This loophole has allowed Arkham to incarcerate specific characters, such as Jean Loring, while circumventing the bureaucratic process normally associated with institutionalization. Identity Crisis 7, February A number of other states and cities have transferred dangerously insane supervillains to Arkham Asylum despite its rather discouraging reputation, either because they lack facilities of their own to hold them, or find it easier to dump their criminal problem on Gotham City.

Nearly every member of Batman's Rogues Gallery has been incarcerated at Arkham under various circumstances. Stockbroker Warren White, better known as the Great White Sharkwas initially sent to Arkham after evading a white-collar fraud conviction in the Gotham courts by pleading insanity. His time inside the asylum drives him truly insane, and White comes to manipulate the system from within as a ruthless underworld racketeer.

Living Hell 6, December Arkham in its various incarnations has proved to be extremely porous; escapes, even from maximum security wards, are bizarrely frequent; administrative releases are often handled in a negligent manner on at least one occasion, an obsessive-compulsive multiple murderer was signed out of Arkham into the care of an incontinent, alcoholic vagrant, on the grounds that he "looked like a responsible citizen"and consequently suffer from high recidivism.

Arkham escapees and legitimate releases alike nearly always go on to commit subsequent crimes that land them back in the asylum to safely plot their next caper rather than the city jails or Blackgate Penitentiary.

The administration is usually portrayed as ineffectual and corrupt, with inmates sometimes managing to seize control of the facility and embarking on an orgy of murder, destruction, and mayhem unopposed. With few recurring exceptions, such as Aaron Cashthe security force is troubled by exaggerated levels of apathy and, according to Arkham Asylum: Madness, a crippling turnover rate. At least one guard was hired despite a history of violent felonies, for which he served a sentence at Blackgate.

Endgame 1, June Harvey Bullock once described Arkham guards as "rent-a-cops" who were "amateurs and blind to boot". BatmanOctober The asylum's medical staffing has proved even more questionable, given how unstable several resident psychiatrists have become, including Jeremiah Arkham, Harleen Quinzel Harley QuinnAlyce Sinnerand, in some incarnations, Jonathan Crane and Hugo Strange.

Although the asylum is rebuilt in larger and larger iterations, an inevitable trend towards overcrowding has led to a breakdown in patient segregation—for instance, housing nonviolent and relatively harmless offenders on the same block or even in the same cell with serial killers, as in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell—and compels the staff to simply focus on warehousing the inmates rather than rehabilitating them. The practice of employees trading contraband, and even release forms, to prisoners in exchange for sexual favors is rampant.

Black Orchid 1, December Patient neglect is pervasive, which undoubtedly plays a major role in the countless number of escape attempts; for instance, in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, inmates are not even provided with clothing, and Doctor Destiny is left naked in an unheated cell.

Vale noted the prevalence of outdated techniques such as prolonged confinement to straitjackets and confirmed Destiny was not an isolated case; she accused Arkham of intentionally leaving its inmates unclothed, switching off the heating to their wards, and housing them in decrepit, waterlogged cells. This minimal supervision has allowed prisoners to smuggle in contraband, such as the Scarecrow did with a vial of fear toxin.

The Dark Knight 15February Arkham seems to favor prolonged solitary confinement as the preferred discipline for problem inmates; in Black Orchid Poison Ivy reports being held in solitary for three weeks on end, while Scarecrow is sentenced to three months in solitary at the conclusion of Arkham Asylum: As Arkham does not seem to effectively treat its charges, a sentiment echoed often by police commissioner James Gordonand it likewise cannot keep them detained, it remains under constant surveillance by an ever-vigilant Dark Knight and the GCPD.

Physical "Arkham Asylum is generally portrayed, on the exterior, as a caricature of an insane asylum: The image of the run-down, dreary building contrasts nicely with the individuals caged within, making Arkham a memorable location in nearly every comic in which it is featured.

Arkham Asylum sometimes contains modern or futuristic technology, but every version includes some level of decay and entropy, resulting in a place constantly on the edge of disaster. Like the Arkham Sanitarium of Lovecratian fiction, it was based on Danvers State Hospital and several other nineteenth century lunatic asylums which adopted a similar architectural style.

When Jeremiah Arkham's tenure as director commenced, work crews dismantled the old Victorian-era stonework, replacing it with a series of concentric labyrinthine corridors.

The disorienting and mazelike atmosphere to Arkham's interior is intentional, engineered to confuse the inmates so even if they escaped their cells, they would find it difficult maintaining a sense of direction and leaving the building.

CCTV cameras were now installed in every room and at periodic intervals in every corridor. Exterior windows were now fitted with heat and motion detectors, while magnetic foil insulation in the walls helped jam suspicious signal reception in the cell blocks.

Arkham Asylum reverted to its roots as an imposing manor when Jeremiah relocated operations to Mercey Island following the asylum's destruction by Bane.

The Mercey Mansion was portrayed as possessing a particularly dark and gothic exterior which included pointed arches, octagonal towers, flying buttresses, vaulted ceilings, and decorative spires. It was an extremely tall, multi-storey structure, sweeping upwards to emphasize its loftiness and grandeur. Treatment "Those people are crazy in there! They're monsters, and in Arkham they get treated like monsters! Byron Meredithformer Arkham psychiatrist.

Arkham Asylum has employed both psychiatrists and clinical psychologists; the latter are responsible for conducting most patient interviews and prescribing medication. As the most immediate concern for Arkham's administration is reducing the aggressiveness of high risk patients, prescriptions are often doled out for dopamine inhibitors such as Thorazine.

Other recurrent medications used by Arkham staff include Haloperidol and Fluoxetine. Robin, Volume Four 23December Due to the fact that most incarcerated supervillains such as the Joker rarely display the common side effects of these drugs, it has been theorized unscrupulous orderlies are failing to make certain they are properly administered, or are pilfering the real medication and substituting cheaper, alternative pharmaceuticals which are less sedating, have lower rates of relapse, and result in subtler side effects.

Detective Comics Volume Two 17April Patients are encouraged to discuss their lives, thoughts, and desires. The psychiatrists do not adhere to any set therapeutic model, so the results of the interviews may vary; for example, in Arkham Asylum: Ruth Adams favors word association—asking the interviewee to respond with the first word that comes to mind when offered an item from a word list.

These sessions occur in specialized evaluation rooms overseen by orderlies prepared to physically restrain the patient as needed. If additional force is called for, each room is also fitted with a "panic button" that summons a crash team of armed security officers held on perpetual standby.

A member of the team carries a video camera to document the incident from the guards' perspective and guarantee no excessive force is exerted off the record.

batman arkham asylum killer croc ending a relationship

It is probable that the employment of shock treatment as punishment may be used in an unethical manner to deter antisocial conduct among the inmate population. Jeremiah once forced a "difficult case" to undergo ECT after he was observed smuggling contraband to the Joker, without providing a medical pretext or taking the patient's specific diagnosis into consideration.

Jeremiah Arkham has stated that he does not consider lobotomy a "progressive" treatment, dismissing it as a poor substitute for medication and therapy. Batman 67, September The liberal use of lobotomy procedures to control Arkham's most feral inmates is further discouraged by bureaucratic restrictions and opposition from patients' rights groups.

Arkham staff must obtain prior approval from the State Board of Medical Examiners before performing a lobotomy. Professor Miloonetime director of Arkham before being driven insane. Alyce Sinneronetime director of Arkham following Jeremiah Arkham's arrest. Lyle Boltonformer decorated Arkham guard, now known as the minor supervillain " Lock-Up. Aaron CashArkham chief of security; sports a prosthetic hook in place of his hand, which was bitten off by Killer Croc.

Unlike many of his colleagues, Cash is neither insane nor corrupt, and is a trusted ally of Batman. Inmates Originally, Arkham Asylum was used only to house genuinely insane characters - the Joker and Two-Face were patients from its very first appearance - but over the course of the s a trend was established of having the majority of Batman's supervillain opponents end up at Arkham, whether or not they were actually insane.