Baka to test ova ending a relationship

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baka to test ova ending a relationship

OVA of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu which was announced to be released before It continues on from (around) the end of the first season and follows the main. Akihisa Yoshii/Relationships Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Wiki · Traction Cities and Everything Else You Need To Know About 'Mortal Engines' FANDOM. Baka and Test, known in Japan as Baka to Test to Shōkanjū, is an anime series produced by Both OVA come with different ending sequences. A second anime season under the title Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! began airing in Japan in July 8.

Basically it's just an extension of season 1.

Akihisa Yoshii/Relationships

If you're a sucker for the misfits of Class F along with the other classes, of coursethen this OVA is for you.

Jokes are a little bit repeated, but I'm sure you'll still get giggles here and there while watching this 2-part OVA series. Given the fact that this show focuses on comedy, it's hard for a newbie to catch up to the OVA's story without watching the first season. It gets a plus for following the story of the light novel, though.

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It was a hit back in the first season, and it looks like they stuck with the successful formula for the OVAs. The OVA series makes use of this once again, bringing the comedy to full volume.

It literally just is an extension of the first season, after all; the creators expected you to know at least a little bit about the characters already by the time you watch the OVAs. I graded this a 6 because although character development is absent, everyone that I came to know and love during the first season is back with the same manners and personalities.

baka to test ova ending a relationship

It knows that we know this or that punch line or act yet it is delivered in such a way that it still stays fresh and funny. Much like a signature catchphrase, each character is assigned a certain quirk, habit or joke which we all come to know and love.

Baka has no trouble integrating different styles of art for either comedic purposes or otherwise — using blindingly bright colours when needed and eerily dark when called for.

baka to test ova ending a relationship

Music is, just like the art, average. The OP and ED are very skippable and the background music is forgettable. Baka to Test does the job of using some very well known seiyuus as well as some not so very well known.

All display a charismatic quality in their characters and bring out the character that they are. Akihisa is the loud idiot. Yuuji is the sometimes-calm-sometimes-not idiot.

Yuuko Kinoshita/Relationships

Himeji is naively sweet. She's usually the first to "strike" to try and get Akihisa's attention and affection, but trips over her own steps, allowing Himeji to finally find her way to Akihisa as well.

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There are times during the 2nd season where Minami really begins to show her affections to Akihisa, which goes to show how much she really does care for him there is even a flashback episode of the tale of why she loves Akihisa. In fact, Minami was Akihisa's first kiss something which shocked her as he was her first kiss.

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Akihisa getting rough by Minami However, just like Himeji, Minami cannot bear the thought of Akihisa being with another girl. Even if Akihisa treats Minami like a close pal, but as a guy, he really cares for Minami and the way he treats Minami is just different from Mizuki Himeji. It is also hinted in some episodes that Akihisa likes Minami; he once mentions that she is someone he can be himself around.

He even said that Minami has a charm to her and in the dub version he mentions that it's the tough guy part about her that he finds hot. Edit Hideyoshi Kinoshita is a very feminine looking boy in Class F with Akihisa and is considered the "trap" of the show.

baka to test ova ending a relationship

So much that people even believe he is more attractive than his twin sister, Yuko, much to Hideyoshi's dismay. Akihisa and Yuuji are probably the only two people in Fumizuki academy that recognize Hideyoshi as a boy, though Yuuji never comments on it, and Akihisa still has high hopes that Hideyoshi is actually a girl.

A running gag in the show is for Hideyoshi to end up in girls' clothes, whether it be a maid's outfit or a nurse costume etc. Akihisa claims he is energized by just looking at Hideyoshi. Because of his "beauty", black market photos of Hideyoshi are sold throughout the school for higher prices than any girl or Akihisa.