Avpsy ending relationship

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Explore Katie Springer's board "AVPM/ AVPS/ AVPSY" on Pinterest. This musical (or all has given me a supply of never ending happiness Relationship & Should Consider Leaving. Lyrics to 'This Is The End' by AVPSY - A Very Potter Senior Year - StarKid. Luna: / It's been a long time coming / But tonight is the end of the war my friend /. Is Darren singing on the AVPSY album? Is AVPSY the end of Team StarKid? We will not talk about the romantic relationships of the StarKids, period.

But, it was accidentally released to the luck of the fandom and now we have this hilarious song. The list of people with siblings can be found here.

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Who is everyone in your header? Top row left to right: We try to reply to everything we possibly can. We are still researching your question 3. Can we submit pictures of ourselves with Starkids? Normally we would say no, but we have 1 exception. That is, the time of a new show. Starkid generally do Meet and Greets and lots of great photos are taken.

We love seeing the photos and we will post a few too! But we try to spread out who the photos are taken with. This isn't good… it's great! Don't you get it Ron! All I have to do is save the school again!

Then everyone will forget about this "Potter stinks" crap! I'll just "wow" everybody with some classic HP action! I'll win the Head Boy election and prove that Harry Potter is still the number one wizard in the world! Well, where do you think we should start Harry? Harry looks confused What? Did you want me to help? I figured you could just get this one, Mr.

avpsy ending relationship

Besides, I can't help right now, I got a date with Cho Chang ya'll! How did all this blood get all over my hands anyway? You washing blood off your hands too?

Well I'm just covered in gore; I had a front row seat to Buckbeak's execution! Hey, did you hear about the Chamber of Secrets being opened? Hands covered in blood?

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Can't remember past few hours? I think I'm having a… Nope! Ginny, you think too much. Yep, this is your journal.

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Anything you'd like to journal about? Diary, I need some help. Something really weird is happening. And I hope they catch however did it red handed. Do you know anything about the Chamber of Secrets, diary? Can you tell me about it? I'm sorry, Headmaster, we've done everything we could, but she's gone. Dead as a muggle door-nail.

Do you think it's true what the children are saying? That this is the work of the monster from the Chamber of Secrets? Let's not jump to any conclusions, Madame Pomfrey. We keep a lot of killer monsters in this school. This one might not have been from the Chamber of Secrets… at least I hope not.

You wanted to see me? At the club meeting? My Dark King, right right. It's not so hard. I remember your name. Well, Pom-Pom, I guess you can just take this poor girl down to the kitchen and feed her to the house elves.

Madame Pomfry begins to wheel the dead girl out of the room Actually, wait. Lemme just try this thing one last time. Worst Deathly Hallow ever. Dumbledore holds up the magic rock It's just the Resurrection Stone; supposed to bring people back from the dead, but I can't get it to work. I tried to revive what's-her-face with it, but all I did was eternally trap her soul in the bathroom.

That brings people back from the dead?

Hands off you little scamp! This is going back in my office where it belongs. Oh, speaking of little miss dead-pants. You wouldn't happen to have anything to with her death would you, Tom? I don't tink so. Cause I heard from Slughorn that you we're asking about the Chamber of Secrets. Not to mention there's been a student death every couple days since you enrolled at Hogwarts five years ago. Yeah, but most of those deaths are from Quidditch.

And when you make kids fight dragons. Yeah, but not all of 'em, Tom. And your names been tossed around as to whose responsible. You've got a bad reputation. People say you're angry all the time. And I have to agree. Dumbledore turns to Neville's dad Watch where you're going Schlong-bottom! Real wizards are trying to shoot spells over here!

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A lot of people are saying I should kick you out of school. How dare they try to expel the Lord of Darkness. And that might have something to do with it. All this Dark magic stuff. That little club of yours that follows you around, what's it called? The He-man Woman Haters. But we're thinking of changing the name.

You're creeping people out, Tom. Now, I know you got a lot of fifthyear angst going on, but we just gotta get to the root of what makes you so unhappy. I don't like this. You ever talk about your feelings? Only to my journal! But that's top secret!

AVPSY - A Very Potter Senior Year - StarKid - This Is The End Lyrics

Draco reveals to Hermione that Ron had cheated on her, and the two break up. Following Cho's advice, Hermione decides to take revenge on Ron by cheating on him with Lockhart. However, Hermione fails to woo her professor, and instead signs a release form turning over the creative rights to her Harry Potter stories.

Lockhart announces several changes to her stories that make them more similar to the J. Rowling versions of the story. In the headmaster's office, Voldemort has Ginny search for the Resurrection Stone. Hermione discovers the truth behind Riddle's diary, but is petrified by the Basilisk. In the infirmary, Ron cries over Hermione's petrified body and his inability to rescue the school "Sidekick".

Draco is dismayed to see Hermione, and the two boys drink Draco's Felix Felicis potion in a plan to save the day. Draco sets out to find the Chamber of Secrets, while Ron searches for Harry. While searching for the flying car, Ron runs into Lockhart, who reveals his plan to sell Harry Potter novels and merchandise to the Muggle World, as well as his slandering of Harry during the Head Boy election. Lockhart is chased away by the Wizard Cops, who prepare to close the school.

avpsy ending relationship

At Godric's Hollow, Harry arrives to see his statue get torn down and replaced by a statue of Spider-Man. Harry is distraught to discover that the statue is of Andrew Garfield rather than Tobey Maguireconcluding that nothing is sacred. Ron arrives via the Weasley family car but fails to convince Harry to return to Hogwarts. Harry finds the Resurrection Stone inside his lucky Snitchand the ghosts of his deceased family and friends appear to give him encouragement "Everything Ends".

Inside the Chamber, Harry and the students are overpowered by the Basilisk, under the control of the still disembodied Voldemort. Harry succeeds in pulling the sword of Gryffindor from the Sorting Hat and slays the Basilisk, but is bitten in the process "Harry Freakin' Potter" reprise. As Voldemort stands over a dying Harry, Harry stabs the diary with the sword, killing the fragment of Voldemort's soul and saving Ginny.

Hagrid arrives with Fawkes, whose healing tears rescue Harry from near-death. The petrified students recover from their frozen state following the Basilisk's death, except for Colin Creevey, who dies. Hermione joins the rest of the students in the Chamber.