Asuras wrath reincarnation ending a relationship

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asuras wrath reincarnation ending a relationship

He was an extremist who believed that a good end justified the means, Deus works alongside the reincarnated Olga, with her serving as his secretary. . the god of lightning and thunder in Hindu mythology emphasizes Deus' connection. For Asura's Wrath on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled It's meant to continue the story and be the end to this story/arc. . the whole thing, the relationship between brother in laws and added a far more. Reporting on movies, television, video games, and pop culture CINEMABLEND is the go-to source for today's plugged-in generation.

On his deathbed, Hagoromo selected Asura as his successor to carry out his dream of peace and understanding in the world. While Asura insisted that Indra was the obvious choice due to his superior power, Hagoromo made note that through the methods Indra used in completing his mission, he inadvertently caused the village's destruction by leaving them aimless and selfish. The following night, Hagoromo passed on his power to Asura, asking him to reach out to Indra and help him regain his compassion.

As everyone began to celebrate Asura's success, Indra, jealous of his brother and further manipulated by Black Zetsuattacked the village and chose to fight Asura for the title of successor while also seeking revenge on his father and brother for denying him his birthright. Asura pleaded for Indra to reconsider, but his words fell on deaf ears, since Indra sternly believed that power and force were the only true means to ensure peace and order were obtained. Realising this fight was inevitable, Hagoromo instructed the villagers to pass on their chakra to Asura, allowing his power to fully mature.

Asura and his family listening to Hagoromo's final words. Several years passed and Asura married Kanna, with whom he had two sons and a daughter. When Hagoromo was on his deathbed, he informed his son about a final meeting with Indra, who vowed to undo all his father's work, even in a following life.

Asura comforted his father and vowed to reincarnate with Indra to continue their feud, as he hoped they would one day find a peaceful resolution.

Indra's eventual descendants — the Uchiha clan — would feud with Asura's eventual descendants — the Senju clan. Neither clan knew why or how their hatred of the other came to be. In the anime, as a young child, Asura was a carefree and loving child who looked up to and happily played with his older brother. Even though he was the son of the famed Sage of Six Paths, Asura was born with no talent and thus could not accomplish much on his own.

Instead, he valued depending on and cooperating with others. In the anime, as a child, he was shown to be impatient and insecure at his limited prowess, unlike his older brother and father. As he never lost sight of his principles and the love he had for others, he believed love to be the key to peace.

And as much as it pained him, he knew that she had to put the lives of the civilians first. While their parents did their best to cope with the news, Jaune's seven sisters were there, watching on the TV the video feed, the oldest one, Jeanne, holding the youngest, twins, who were two years younger than Jaune, in a vice grip.

All the girls had tears in their eyes at seeing their brother screaming in pain as Cinder toyed with him, knowing that there was nothing they could do to save him. Their parents had tried to ask them to leave, telling them that they were too young to watch, but the chaos of indignant, furious screaming from the seven daughters of the pair had easily won. Now, as they watched their brother fighting for his life, they could only pray for a miracle… -Break- Back at the top of the CCT Tower, Jaune was kneeling in a pool of his own blood, crimson dribbling down his chin and one eye shut due to a cut that had nearly gouged his eyeball out.

He was using Crocea Mors as a crutch as he glared at Cinder, mustering as much anger as he could to keep himself going, knowing that he was most likely living his last instants. While he may not have been the cleverest male in Beacon, even he could tell that he was dying, the wounds the smirking woman had inflicted him more than enough to drain what little Aura he had left and injure him critically.

If I had had a devious mind like yours while planning this, things would have gone so much smoother…And don't worry about your friends, I will be taking good care of them as a thank you for your actions…" purred Cinder, her arms crossed beneath her chest, a look of smug satisfaction on her face. Just as she was about to take a step forwards, a sword forming in her hand, she had to jump back as the ground in front of her exploded.

Stop hurting my friends! While Ruby was quite advanced compared to most of her peers, even she couldn't completely block the blast, which, had it been used on an experienced Hunter, would likely have burnt them alive.

asuras wrath reincarnation ending a relationship

It was a testament to just how skilled the teen was that she was only blasted back into a wall, her clothes partially burnt and her hair singed, her body slumping to the ground as the shock knocked her out.

Yet she had underestimated just how stubborn Jaune could be, as with what little strength he had, he pushed his first friend out of the way, putting himself in the fireball's trajectory. He just had the time to raise his arms in a futile tentative to block the fire, before he was engulfed in a complete tornado of fire.

If so, then the afterlife was kinda boring, the whole "empty white space" thing being more than enough to depress him at the prospect of being forced to spend eternity bored out of his mind in a sea of white. As he grumbled to himself, he did not notice the seven feet tall silhouette appearing out of thin air behind him, until said silhouette touched the ground, sending a ripple through the space they were both in, and making Jaune whirl around and pale.

Now Jaune, in his life, had met quite a few intimidating people. Goodwitch was very intimidating, but the being in front of him took the cake and the whole bakery with him. Looking down at him was some kind of being clad in elegant silver armor, the torso split open to reveal a black, skeletal chest on a crimson background, the hole reaching up to the middle of the being's face and showing a black, skeletal jaw that honestly creeped the Hell out of the teenager.

Didn't see you there, ahahaha…" stammered Jaune, though for some reason the smirking? Surprisingly, it didn't scare Jaune, as he couldn't sense any malice from the being in front of him, despite his less than reassuring appearance. My name is Jaune Arc, not Asura…" feebly gulped the blonde, only for the being to wave his hand dismissively. But in your former life, you were Asura, the Destructor. The only one to ever best me, Chakravartin, the Creator.

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It was worse than when he had briefly felt the scorching heat of Cinder's fireball, worse than anything he had experienced. His aura, which should have been depleted, enveloped him in a giant ball of white light, the white slowly turning a deep crimson. It was the voice of someone who knew no fear, the voice of someone who never, ever gave up.

It was the voice of a warrior above warriors, the voice of a legend. The whirlwind suddenly died out as the person in the center of the explosion of power propelled themselves forwards, towards Chakravartin, one fist reared back to strike. Yet the sinister being did not cower, and instead almost gently caught the tightened fist aimed for his face. We have much to speak of, and very little time to do so. Why should I believe a ghost?! The blond had undergone a spectacular transformation in the time he had spent in the center of the tornado of power.

He had grown by a full foot, now standing at over seven feet tall, with a physique unlike anything Jaune had ever had during his life, even with his intensive training at Beacon. The man standing in his' place was nothing like the awkward, dorky blonde that had become known around Beacon as "Jauney boy" or "Vomit boy".

No, where Jaune had been awkward, socially inept, and scrawny, the one now standing in his place was his polar opposite. Barefoot, and wearing only red and black pants that had obviously lived through countless battles if their worn state was any indication, Asura was built like a God among men, without a single ounce of fat on his body, muscles highlighted by the countless lines and markings on his body.

Instead of messy blonde hair, white, spiky hair that seemed to defy gravity itself crowned a chiseled face with a strong jaw, and burning white eyes, perpetually set in a glare. Finally, both his hands and forearms were covered in metal gauntlets with the same elegant build than Chakravartin's body. Certainly the single most powerful member of their race, a master fighter who had lived for over twelve thousand years and mastered every form of combat known to his race, and finally, the only one to have ever bested Chakravartin, God of Mantra, in a fight.

It has been a long time since we last met, Redeemer. I know you harbor a deep hatred for me and my actions, and it is for that very reason that I am here. When you bested me all those eons ago, you thought you had destroyed all Mantra, but you were wrong. There always must be a source of Mantra, and with my defeat, it is now your privilege and burden to become the new God of Mantra.

Fools who seek power will again harvest the souls of humans to augment their own power, believing themselves to be above those who cannot use Mantra. You are the new God of Mantra. The only reason I had not yet passed my mantle on to you was because I felt you needed to learn to control your rage.

asuras wrath reincarnation ending a relationship

While your years as Jaune Arc represent but a fraction of your life, they taught you the merits of thinking before acting, of strategizing instead of flying blindly into danger. It is my hope that this seed will allow you to reach the true heights I know you can reach. You have impressed me, Asura, and above all you deserve this honor and burden. Use this power well, as I know you will…" As the former God of Mantra dissolved into motes of light, Asura snarled as he felt his own power skyrocket, reaching levels he had only briefly touched on when he had fought Chakravartin in his old life, his rage at seeing his daughter cry allowing him to beat a God black and blue.

Yet as he seethed, he felt the pull of the outside world, and with it came the memories of his mortal shell, making him growl.

It seemed that even when Mantra wasn't around, some fools still sought to rule the world.

asuras wrath reincarnation ending a relationship

She was so shocked that she barely registered Cinder extending her hand, forming another fireball in it and aiming it at her, her smirk still plastered on her face as she advanced on to the little reaper.

You ruined a lot of perfectly good plans and minions, made me work overtime to compensate for your actions, but finally, you'll be gone. I do wonder how your sister will react, if Adam hasn't killed her yet, but knowing that idiot, he's likely to have eliminated her already.

Wisps of orange Aura seemed to be emitting from it, slowly at first, but quickly quickening, until she had to hold herself to the wall as a literal tornado of Aura engulfed the corpse, wind whipping around wildly by the sheet power emitted from the body.

With a snarl, Cinder sent another fireball towards it, only for it to dissolve harmlessly only halfway from the body, the aura composing it being literally blown away by the sheer power and amount of the Aura now pouring from the burnt Arc.

As she watched, the body twitched, charcoal black lips opening as a grunt escaped them, the grunt evolving into a loud growl, which itself soon left place to a harsh howl of pure rage, glowing white eyes opening fully and staring straight of the raven-haired criminal.

There was something in those glowing white eyes that made her want to run away screaming like a little girl and hide, but her more logical side won over her instincts, as she summoned a large amount of fire, her golden eyes glowing with power as she glared at the now slowly moving body. I will not let you or that girl disturb my plans again, die! Ruby screamed, trying to help her friend, but she had twisted her ankle earlier, and due to the extensive amount of Aura she had used to get to the tower, she had very little left to heal herself.

Yet Jaune didn't seem disturbed by the wave of fire flying his way, instead, with a scream of anger, he raised his hand…and swatted the fire away, sending the tempest of flames to crash harmlessly on a nearby wall, charring it. Cinder was forced to use her arms to shield herself, trying as best as she could to not be sent flying by the tempestuous winds, while Ruby was leaning on the wall that supported her injured frame, using her right arm to shield her eyes as she tried to peer at her friend, to see if he was alright.

The Grimm dragon itself was unnerved by the events, despite being in a league far beyond even the best huntsmen. As old and powerful as it was, it had developed intelligence sufficient to plan and act accordingly, something that made it vastly more dangerous than its' lesser brethren, especially given its size. And it remembered, too, it remembered when it was not as big, or as powerful, as it currently was, it remembered a time where huntsmen, normal huntsmen, posed a threat to it, and that it was forced to flee to stay alive.

Yet even then, even when its life had been threatened, it hadn't felt as it currently did. At the moment, its instincts were pushing it to attack, yet at the same time were telling it that the little human in the middle of the tornado of power had suddenly become an enemy it had no hope of defeating.

The first to act as the wind finally died down was Cinder, who sent a large blast of fire as soon as the wind lessened a bit, even if she could not aim properly due to the fact that she was still shielding her eyes. How she hoped that she would kill Jaune when her earlier blast had been much more powerful and yet had been treated as little more than an annoyance was unclear, but she was getting desperate, as she had never been so hopelessly outclassed before.

After all, even with all her power, she was nowhere near powerful enough to fight a Grimm that old and powerful, and if her boss hadn't told her it would listen to her, she wouldn't have stepped anywhere near it. The Dragon didn't seem to hear her, but at least it seemed it had decided to act on its' own.

Snarling, it raised a wing and brought it down on the area where Jaune was, still surrounded by quickly dissipating light, intent on crushing the human. Yet before it could even touch him, "Jaune" stopped the multi-ton appendage.

A very large, very metallic hand. As the light surrounding "Jaune" finally died off, neither Cinder nor Ruby could prevent their jaws from opening in pure shock. Both knew that the blonde Arc was hardly the most physically fit of individuals, despite his training he was only barely decent compared to his peers, and was hardly muscular.

Ruby knew this well enough from the time she had spent around her fellow leader, she had bumped into him enough to know that while he was toned, he was nowhere near muscular. Cinder knew the same, as she had carefully studied the files of those that might pose a threat to her plans, and the boy was close to the team who had foiled Roman, not to mention being on the same team as Ozpin's prime candidate to replace the Fall Maiden.

Which is why, the man standing where Jaune Arc should have been could not be the blonde, not even with mysterious Aura lights and moving corpses involved. First of all, the newcomer was tall, standing at a good seven feet where the blonde had stood at barely over six feet, and people didn't just grow an entire foot in mere minutes. Second, the man was, in a word, a warrior through and through, with hard muscles rippling under his surprisingly tanned skin in a way that would have made many a woman drool.

Third, Jaune Arc and manly were not words used in the same sentence. The blonde was a dork, plain and simple, and was hardly what could be called an Alpha male. His replacement, however, oozed testosterone from all his pores, in a way that would have most males prostrate themselves in front of him and beg to learn the secrets of his manliness. And finally, the aura they projected was completely different. From being around Jaune, Ruby knew that most of the time, the blond projected the aura of a big, goofy older brother, of someone who would help you in a heartbeat out of sheer generosity, and seemed unable to harm even a fly.

Instead, his replacement looked like someone who broke bones and crushed skulls without a care in the world. Younger than the other first years or not, she was a girl too, and while she had different standards than Yang who was rather big on looks, she could still admire a nice body.

Especially since "Jaune" was shirtless, exposing a body of hard muscles, with simple, slightly torn black and red pants. Her weapon-loving brain also noticed the intricately carved, silvery gauntlets that seemed to mesh with his skin, different from anything she had ever seen, and as weapon lover, she prided herself on being aware of most types of weaponry.

I wonder what it feels like to be hugged by those big, strong arms…Bad Ruby, bad! Yang's the pervert, not you! Jaune in his onesie! However, it was quick to react, lunging and swallowing its foe in a single bite with a rumbling snarl. Her plans hadn't gone as she had expected them to, but how could that be? The Dragon was one of the most powerful Grimms on Remnant, surpassed only by one, perhaps two other creatures, and yet it had been killed by a single punch.

Just what in Oum's name was this thing that had taken Jaune Arc's place. Show her who's boss! A girl had to accept such heartfelt feelings after all. Especially when the man showing them was an Adonis with muscles in all the right places… -Break- As Cinder clutched her midsection, her Aura trying to mend the massive internal damage she was suffering from, helped by the Fall Maiden's power, she was grabbed by the leg and sent flying into a nearby wall, several of her bones snapping due to the sheer strength of the toss.

Asura's Wrath - Wikipedia

At first, she dismissed it as a trick of the light, but as he stepped closer, her eyes widened as she realized that no, she was not hallucinating, and "Jaune" was now sporting three pairs of metallic arms, all of his hands balled into fists. She had hardly ever been the weakest one in a fight, if only because of her personal power and the fact that she preferred to avoid direct confrontation, but there had been a few times where she had been the weakest, one such time being on her first encounter with Salem.

Yet it was the absolute first time she felt such mind-numbing terror. It was as if she was facing an angry God, and had suddenly become very aware that she was little more than an ant trying to fight a being so powerful that anything she did would only irritate him further. The one good thing about all that was that she was too numb to feel the pain of her body being blown to pieces, reduced to nothing more than its base components by the sheer power behind the six armed punch that destroyed her body, as well as a large part of what remained of the CCT Tower.

Her last seconds on Remnant were nothing but utter terror, her thoughts little more than a jumbled mess. While everyone knew Huntsmen were powerful, it would take a fool to not realize that the man who had appeared in Jaune Arc's place was far more powerful than even the strongest Huntsman, and it begged the question of just who, and what, he was. As Beacon's combat teacher, she had seen firsthand how badly behind his peers Jaune Arc was, and while had improved by leaps and bounds since he had started, he was still nowhere near the level of an average first year, let alone a Huntsman.

Aside from a larger than normal Aura pool, the blonde had been below average in everything, and she had not expected him to amount to anything before at least the middle of his second year. Which was why, to see her student die, and then apparently resuscitate looking like a veteran warrior able to trash a Grimm than even she wouldn't fight without the assistance of at least five full teams of veteran Huntsmen, was a rude shock to her. Her mind, distracted as it was, still noted that it was a good thing that the man seemed to be on their side, otherwise they would certainly have lost.

The question now was, what would he do? For all her bluster, she was pitifully weak, then again, for all her strength compared to the average human, she was barely as strong as the average demigod, when he was the absolute strongest on his race, and now God of Mantra to top it all.

If he ever saw Chakravartin again, he would make sure to punch the former God in the face, as he wanted nothing to do with the responsibility. He was a fighter, plain and simple. He was not someone to be prayed to, nor did he want the trouble of having to look after a whole world of people. All he wanted was a family, and to make sure that this family was safe. Everything else didn't matter.

asuras wrath reincarnation ending a relationship

Looking back, he saw Ruby propped on one arm as she looked at him with both relief and fear. He could understand both, as her mind was probably telling her that he should be Jaune Arc, while she feared his power, and that he might not actually be her friend, who had come back from the dead. She had really no reason to fear him, actually, since his time as Jaune had left him with the same feelings of protectiveness towards his friends he had once felt for Mithra, especially in Ruby's case.

While naiver than his daughter, Ruby was quite similar in that she was a pure soul, who didn't wish harm on anybody, and would do whatever possible to ensure that her loved ones were safe. He could tell that it was the good thing to say when her eyes widened and that she flung herself to him, wrapping herself around him like a cute little limpet bawling her eyes out on his naked chest. OhOumIwasoworriedwhenshekilledyouandhowdidyoucomebackfromthedeadandwheredidyougetallthosemusclesandOumyoulooksocooland…" She was interrupted when a large hand patted her head, two others holding her by the shoulders while yet another dried her tears.

I'm alright, though why I look like this is…complicated. I was never good at explanations, so I will try to be as short as possible about it. My name is Asura, and I am a demigod reincarnated as Jaune when I died, with none of my memories. Up until the moment I died at Cinder's hands, I remembered nothing of who I was, but now I do, and I have my powers back. Oh, what can you do? It would be ssooo could if you could create weapons and stuff, and make cookies and…" The newly christened God of Mantra smirked wryly as he held one of his palms open, willing a cookie to appear in it, making Ruby squeal in joy as she snatched the sugary treat and munched on it happily.

What Asura didn't realize, was that everything was still being recorded and streamed all over Remnant, his admission prompting various reactions.

asuras wrath reincarnation ending a relationship

Her more silent friend didn't interrupt her, too shocked as he was that the boy he considered as a brother was now a divine being with apparently reality-bending powers.

It was not exactly nice to realize that the boy you had mocked, ridiculed and bullied was now someone who could squash you like a bug. After all, Jaune Arc had been a rather a rather nice boy, clumsiness and dorkiness aside, but those were the main reasons she had never reciprocated his feelings for her.

Yet now, as she stared at the impressing figure of a demigod, she was unsure of how to act with the knowledge that she had turned down, more often than not violently, someone with more power in a single finger than the entire staff of Beacon put together.

Following his actions, Deus orders Yasha, under the supervision of Sergei, to strike at the Gohma attacking a human city. As Yasha has commanded from space most of the time, he only now realizes the needless mass slaughter of humans for Mantra. Asura then reappears, still consumed by rage, and kills Sergei - but not before he reveals himself as Durga's murderer, something Yasha knew all along, yet he still chose to side with Deus.

Both Asura and Yasha battle Deus, with Asura nearly being consumed by rage again but managing to resist - despite indirect encouragement from the Golden Spider. Following a defeat, Deus claims with his last breath that only he could save Gaea, where upon Vlitra returns once more - larger and more powerful then before.

While Asura does not know if it was truly defeated, he and Yasha return and reunite with Mithra. But the Golden Spider appears and kills Olga before taking residence in Mithra's body, sealing her away while revealing his true form; Chakravartinthe Lord of Creation. Chakravartin states that he unleashed the Gohma to test Asura as a worthy inheritor of Gaea. Asura and Yasha attack Chakravartin only to find themselves outmatched and sent falling back to the planet, with Chakravartin proclaiming he will destroy the world and remake it once more.

Settling things with Asura in a final duel, Yasha sacrifices himself to give his friend his Mantra Core and the Brahmastra's Mantra Reactor, so he can use Mantra without destroying his body. Chakravartin fires a doomsday blast at Gaea but Asura, as he enters space, transforms into a near-godly form called Asura the Destructor and deflects it.

Asura engages Chakravartin in a battle that causes the very fabric of time and space to come apart with all of creation, eventually bringing down Chakravartin by sheer force of will - but before Asura can finish him, Mithra breaks free and urges him to stop since, if Chakravartin is killed, all mantra-powered beings will cease to function, including Asura himself.

Asura chooses to destroy Chakravartin nonetheless, satisfied so long as Mithra can live free from danger. As the landscape around him collapses, Asura shares his final words with Mithra and vanishes, free of wrath for the first time.

Mithra is sent back to Gaea, where she integrates with the surviving humans, spending many years - centuries, given her demigoddess lifespan - recounting the tales of her father to the mortal children on Gaea. The epilogue fast-forwards to million years later, where a society resembling present-day has arisen. Asura is immortalized in the form of a great statue resembling the Statue of Libertysitting in the bay outside a large city.

Asura, Durga, Mithra and the others have all been reincarnated as humans, living out happy lives still remarkably similar to their old incarnations: A police officer chases an old man speeding along on a Segway Kalrow beneath a billboard showing off a video from a famous singer and model Sergei. A rich businessman Deus scolds his secretary Olga for rushing them along when they see an elderly man Strada who is having trouble crossing the street, opting to be late for an important meeting in order to help him.

The family meets up with the brooding uncle Yasha who still has issues with the angry fool his sister married, the subject of an ongoing rivalry between the brothers-in-law.

Asura Ōtsutsuki

As the family is reunited for a day on the town, a giant meteor appears in the sky, preparing to crash onto the city. While the others prepare to flee for shelter, the now-mortal Asura steps out into the middle of the street, bracing himself and clenching his fists, prepared to fight once again. Development[ edit ] Asura's Wrath began development in The development team wanted to create a game that everyone could understand.

In an interview, Hiroshi Matsuyama commented on the principles behind the game's creation: That's why we focused on wrath as our main concept. It's something that anybody can relate to.