Amanda bynes end of discussion relationship

Inside Amanda Bynes' Career-Ending Meltdown: 'I Don't Love Acting Anymore' - Oh No They Didn't!

amanda bynes end of discussion relationship

Inside Amanda Bynes' Career-Ending Meltdown: 'I Don't Love Acting Anymore' Amanda Bynes leaves the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station on April 6 . say that the actress' relationships with CAA and Feldman ended in and her mother, Dina, for a frank discussion about the actress' behavior. Amanda Bynes was a promising child star struggling to transition into adult the Man, and a year later she appeared in what would end up being her biggest hit. the hardest part about breaking up with someone/stopping a friendship is the fact that you don't really have anyone to talk to anymore and you sort of realize that.

In September alone, she was reported to have locked herself in the dressing room of the West Hollywood boutique Kin for two hours, was thrown out of an Equinox in West Hollywood after removing her shirt and exercising in a strapless push-up bra, was photographed smoking an unknown substance in her car and shut herself in New York's Little Cupcake Bakeshop's bathroom for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, Bynes reiterated to People on Sept. It was her departure from the project -- after arriving to the shoot unprepared -- that either was symptomatic of or the beginning of her precipitous decline, say sources. Wrapped up in the wayward actress' messy fall is an implicit question: Who, if anyone, is responsible for protecting young actors as they transition into adulthood?

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It's an age-old Hollywood issue, but one that the Bynes situation has magnified. Many industry sources say that, in addition to an actor's parents, it falls to his or her representation -- the agent, manager, publicist and attorney -- to intervene when serious personal issues like drug abuse materialize, even if such effort isn't part of the job description.

amanda bynes end of discussion relationship

It's not for lack of trying that intervention fails. The Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland famously grappled with drug and alcohol problems starting in her 20s, as did Drew Barrymore, Corey Feldman and Todd Bridges before turning things around.

And still others, including the late Corey Haim and Dana Plato, never overcame their demons. Traditionally, it has not been the role of talent agents and other representatives to guide the personal lives of clients, even if some young actors live alone and unsupervised far earlier than "regular" children; from the beginning, many agents make it clear they manage careers and not datebooks.

And so several sources note that it isn't always easy to make that difficult call and confront a client. Some representatives wind up enabling rather than shepherding their clients, out of fear of losing a breadwinner. What's more important, the representation of a client or the health and welfare of a human being? And serious issues beyond career management loom.

Bynes has an Oct. After roughly two years out of the limelight, Bynes seemingly popped up out of nowhere when she was arrested April 6 in West Hollywood for driving under the influence and sideswiping an L.

The arrest produced her now-infamous jailhouse-booking photograph -- in which she vacantly stared out from a mop of dirty pink hair. And in June, she tweeted that President Obama should "fire the cop who arrested" her because she does not drink or "hit and run.

Bynes grew up the youngest of three children in suburban Thousand Oaks, Calif. Bynes, then 7 or 8, was discovered in at a Los Angeles children's comedy camp that her parents enrolled her in, leading to a job on Nickelodeon's sketch comedy show All That, according to a glowing profile of the young actress in The New York Times, which noted her "gift for physical comedy" and "remarkably self-possessed" nature.

Bynes performed on All That from until while also starring in Nickelodeon's The Amanda Show starting inmaking her the network's biggest star. But by 16, Bynes, who graduated from Thousand Oaks High School's independent study program inalready was showing signs that she was tiring of teen fare.

A source from the now-defunct network says that Bynes was well behaved during the sitcom's run. Even though Bynes had fashioned a lucrative career and was a model citizen on film sets, privately she was unhappy with the direction of her work.

According to sources, she chafed at her image as an innocent teen star and began working to distance herself from it. A fall "Got Milk? What's changed since The Amanda Show? Once there, she proceeded to make moves that indicated a new direction. The New Line Cinema film revolved around unhappy husbands whose wives allow them to have sex with other women for one week.

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Bynes was cast as Paige, a provocative year-old babysitter interested in Wilson's character. Shooting began in Atlanta in earlyand according to a source involved in the production, Bynes was problematic from the start: On the first day of filming, it became clear that she didn't know her lines and was not gelling with the cast.

amanda bynes end of discussion relationship

Her behavior was described as "out of nowhere" by this insider, who says that Bynes admitted she was going through a rough breakup she had been linked to rapper-actor Kid Cudi at the time.

The filmmakers are said to have determined that the remainder of the shoot would be a struggle with Bynes on board, so they hired actress Alexandra Daddario to replace her. Another source says that Bynes' departure from Hall Pass stemmed from a misunderstanding over the size of her role. Peter and Bobby Farrelly declined comment.

Representatives for Bynes denied she was fired, and the actress tweeted that she left because of scheduling issues, but the damage was done. Speaking as a completely objective third party observer with absolutely no personal interest in the matter Okay, who's your daddy? I got her to consider you!

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