3 peas in a pod ending relationship

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3 peas in a pod ending relationship

“3 Peas In A Pod” is a story about friendship and love. Just before you watch the show, you probably will think oh.. is a triangle relationship. So from friendship ended up breaking up the friendship due to complicated. Before last week, Jae Liew was a year-old fashion sales assistant going about her own business. But since last Friday, she has become a. 《他她他》3 Peas in A Pod is the 2nd movie by Michelle Chong and the . In the end, Penny is just like an instrument/channel for both Peter and.

Peter was such a kuku - he cries and cries and cries and at the end he chose death as a solution to all his problems let's deal with this theme later on. Other than poor character development, or you could say no character development - it feels like the characters didn't even undergo a slightest change at all after everything even when Penny said at the start of the movie that the road trip changed their lives.

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The seed idea for the movie was strong but it didn't fully develop to unleash its potential. There was very much focus on the cinematography which I believe is the distraction - the goal of filming astonishingly beautiful scenes instead of filming scenes to move the story forward. Like I said before, 3Peas had a really strong seed idea but it wasn't fully developed, and was shadowed by its fluffy story.

3 peas in a pod ending relationship

It should have been more properly addressed, either that or the only other reason I could think of is that the production team was trying to put across these serious topics through a light tone. I mean, the themes are pretty morbid and dark and they are injected through a light hearted, happy, bright movie with three youths. If that's what the production theme wanted to do, I felt that the shadowing was too much that the main themes were really overshadowed.

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Now let's face it. Death is a theme that is seldom discussed, especially in a somewhat conservative society like Singapore. It is definitely a choice that not everyone would agree on - there're bound to be some who would not accept the sad ending.

It is in fact a decision that some call "the lazy method. Am definitely glad that this topic is finally making its presence in the media. Now let's think about it, Singapore has been banning gay films.

Imagine if Peter doesn't die in the movie; what would the ending be? The two guys would get together? How would they end it?

If that happens, I seriously wonder if a Singaporean film would be banned in Singapore too.

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3 peas in a pod ending relationship

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3 peas in a pod ending relationship

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3 peas in a pod ending relationship

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3 peas in a pod ending relationship

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