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For Sonic Adventure on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled " E Gamma Ending (SPOILERS)". The death of E "Gamma" at the end of his story in Sonic Adventure. After the bird is free, Gamma the robot however deactivated and exploded in a large. Amy Rose; Cream the Rabbit; E "Chaos" Gamma; E Phi; Emerl; Rouge the Bat; Dr. Eggman .. Marriage?! No way! .. (When Shadow kills Eggman in the Neutral Ending); Shadow, where are you going?.

Omega shakes his clawed fist in aproval. Teams Rose and Chaotix nod their heads. Tails and Knuckles run up to Sonic Sonic: Let's get ready to do this. You've made quite a mess here. I'll accept your apologies and payment with your lives! Come and get it! You're the one pretending to be Sonic, you're the one responsible for taking Froggy and Chocola! You're going to pay for this! I'll tear you to pieces! Transformation isn't quite complete yet! Now's the time to strike! You're all useless now that I've copied all your data!

Consuming power of others at your own will.

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Humph, and that's supposed to make YOU tough?! We're almost done here. Sonic, we're counting on you! How appropriate to have a robot Overlord rule a robot kingdom! We're with you until the end! You actually thought you could defeat me? By transforming into a monster!?! But that was the past It's not over yet! The mission also served as a contest against his younger brothers, E DeltaE Epsilon and E Zetawho were all modeled upon Gamma.

Gamma passed the mission but as a result of his success, he was forced to watch his less-successful brothers be exiled for their failure and remodeled for generic 'Badnik' duty in undisclosed locations.

Gamma was distinctly haunted by the memory of Delta turning to look at him as he was warped away; this memory came up several times later in the game. Eggman then told Gamma, now the sole elite robot on board, to acquire a bird from a girl Amy Rose held captive in a prison cell on the Egg Carrier. Upon searching for the cell, Gamma accidentally discovered a disabled E Beta in a lab, undergoing a torturous reconstruction process through machines.

Though somewhat disturbed by this sight, he quickly disregarded this and returned to his mission.

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After finding Amy, E strictly demanded, "Give me the bird. After explaining her and the bird's situation she proceeded by questioning him, and from this Gamma experienced illogicality in his programming due to a conflict of interests. He then inquired, "Why save that which is useless to you? After this, Birdie flew up to Gamma knowing that his pink relative was inside. After a long stare into Birdie's eyes, perhaps triggering memories from his organic battery, Gamma realized that he needed to release them; he then proceeded to do this.

Surprised and touched by this, Amy exclaimed that Gamma must be different from the other robots and tells him she'd be his friend.

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Gamma had no time to think about what he'd just done before he was called up to the deck to dispose of a pair of trespassers: Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower. Gamma was brought up to the deck and was commanded to kill Sonic by Eggman. A grueling battle ensued between Sonic and Gamma which ended when Amy intervened, begging them to stop and explaining to Sonic and Tails that Gamma was a friend.

They reluctantly submitted to Amy's pleads Gamma backed down.

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As the Egg Carrier began to lose altitude and slowly fall to the earth below, Amy encouraged Gamma to free himself, explaining the virtues of friendship before they evacuated. While hovering to the Mystic RuinsGamma's life literally flashed before his eyes with pictures of Robotnik, the other E-Series robots, Amy and the Egg Carrier, flashing faster and faster until he saw Amy one last time and realized his purpose.

Gamma determines that Dr. Eggman was the enemy, and deleted his master registration program. He then decided to begin a 'rescue' mission, locating his newly registered "friends" the rest of the E series and 'freeing' the birds or other animals trapped inside them. Gamma first found and destroyed Delta in Windy Valleythen he located Epsilon in Red Mountain on Angel Islandand eradicated him as well, freeing the animals. Afterward, he ran a scan to locate Zeta; his results showed that Zeta was not in any range of the Mystic Ruins or Station Square.

Gamma realized that he must be aboard the Egg Carrier. So he returned to the Egg Carrier to find Zeta. He was horrified when he saw that Zeta had been built into a large defense system for the Egg Carrier. After destroying the upgraded and much more heavily fortified version of Zeta, he overlooked his progress, trying to locate the final E-series model, E Beta, knowing that he must be on or around the Egg Carrier.

He overlooked himself as the other E-Series robot that must also be "saved". Gamma quickly moved to the center of the ship where Beta was waiting for him for the final confrontation.

In the actual game, one scene between Amy and Gamma becomes a tearjerker in retrospect. Amy expresses hope that she and Gamma will meet again, but that is the last time they ever see each other.

This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that at the end of Amy's story, she succeeds in reuniting Birdie with its family, which includes the Flicky that was inside Gamma. So in a way, they did meet again. The cutscene prior to the battle is particularly chilling, as Gamma assesses the remaining units he must destroy, he looks through flashback images in his memory banks, one of Beta being redesigned As he looks at his hand and designates himself, we know Gamma's fate is sealed.

The lack of background noise aside from a gentle sea wave greatly compliments the somber revelation: Gamma's theme itself becomes hard to listen to after you beat his story, especially that ending synth melody. The supposedly intimidating robot confronts Amy for the bird, after she refuses, and in desperation, actually begs him to let it go.

Gamma starts feeling pain from his new-found empathy, going berserk before letting them out of their cell and ordering them to escape. He slumps over the door switch, dumbfounded and guilt-ridden at disobeying his master's orders, though Amy shows sympathy and offers him her friendship before leaving.

Gamma's heartwrenching theme playing in the background helps none. Amy, despite being locked away and under interrogation, can only feel pity for Gamma over his confusion over why she cares for Birdie so much: Eggman failed to give you feelings.

After his brethren fail to collect Froggy, Eggman angrily teleports them out of his sight to be made into something useful which, as Gamma discovers through Beta, isn't a pleasant process at all. Before he vanishes in front of Gamma's eyes, a pained Delta turns to look at him. While no dialogue is said, most sources and media imply that Gamma felt guilty for dooming his brothers. Keep in mind, the E units in Sonic Adventure were essentially siblings. Gamma was forced to kill the only people he ever cared for — with the exception of Amy and his creator Eggman who he probably saw as his father — for the greater good of saving the birdies from a Fate Worse than Death.

Actually, Gamma is only aware of the birdie inside of him and another of his siblings when he defeats E Beta MkII and frees that birdie. On top of that, Gamma has seen with Beta that Robotnik wouldn't give higher orders to the failures among his machines.