Yui and ayato relationship marketing

Dear Burning My Lady: Diabolik Lovers : More Blood "Ayato's Route"

yui and ayato relationship marketing

May 8, Anonymous said: Among all the relationships presented in Diabolik Lovers, do you think Ayato and Yui's the healthiest? Because, even though. Jan 20, ending and Kou helps him with his relationship with Yui 3 It's really cute and that Ayato's lego pieces weren't on the floor or near the stairs. Ayato x Yui is the term used to refered to the romantic relationship between Yui Komori and Ayato Sakamaki in Diabolik Lovers. Yui first encountered Ayato sleeping in a couch located near the main entrance hall of the Sakamaki mansion. Ayato first drank Yui's blood when she failed.

Just going with the flow, taking things as is and being able to laugh about things. Maybe the weight of uni and work are killing my sense of humour but this game just rubbed me the wrong way. The heroine was so fucking stupid and all the guys were bloody wifebeaters. Otomate tried to give the boys depth by inserting boohoo so sad pasts and show that they were poor damaged souls and were secretly caring in their own sick way but just no. The way they split the choices into M and S made no sense at all either: I do have a character that I ended up liking though: She had a nice rack and her bitchiness did get a derisive chuckle out of me a few times.

I absolutely despised Kanato and Ayato. I guess she and Reheater are a match made in vampire heaven or some shit. The music was aite but I was too busy wtfing to appreciate it. But he admits that the scent of blood still sticking to this place is the best. Yui freaks out at that. She thought she had been smelling rust.! He smirks and tells her to be honored since he went out of his way to carry her. She looks at him with wide eyes and wonders in horror if he did anything while she slept.

As he grabs her she yelps and he smirks. She asks him to stop but he just snickers and comments on what a nice expression she has. Yui closes her eyes against the dazzling light. She tells him to release her but he laughs and asks what the food is saying. Yui refuses loudly and he frowns and asks her why. She answers that it hurts to be bitten. Yui tries to yell at him to stop, but he sinks his fangs into her. Once again he compliments how delicious her blood is. She calls him mean and he asks her what is mean.

She asks why he has to embrace her though. He chuckles and informs her that her face is red. Before she had awoken she had been embraced like this for the entire time. She starts to struggle even though he snaps at her to stop it. He growls at how annoying she is and how he can taste the lingering memory of her blood. The blood is flowing from her neck again and the smell is irresistible to him. He wants one more bite and then he starts to suck at her neck again.

Yui shuts her eyes and remains silent as he continues to lick. Suddenly he stops moving and Yui hesitantly calls out his name. Yui wonders if she can slip out without waking him. She gives a muffled gasp when he grips her tightly after releasing his bite. A blush appears when she notices how close his face is.

She sighs as she realizes that she might have to sleep like this tonight. At any rate, she rolls around and closes her eyes. She tries to think of something fun to have sweet dreams. Yui startles in surprise when she feels something touch her side though. Could it be Ayato!? Ayato comes running into her room and asks delightedly if something happened. Yui tries to explain herself but he just hums thoughtfully and then asks if she was touched by it. She nods and explains that it entered her bed before she knew it.

Ayato asks her where and she points at her side, but then he asks to see it and forces her to show him. Yui stares at him with wide eyes, but he just muses about how the bat has also been charmed by her blood.

Yui cries out at the pain and tries to struggle, but Ayato just snickers and comments on how her blood is really whets his appetite. Just one sip and his thirst has been watered.

Then he gets the idea to suck out the poison of the bat.

yui and ayato relationship marketing

But then Yui abruptly realizes that the place the bat bit is on her opposite side. Yui angrily asks if he was lying about the bat leaving a fang mark on her. Ayato adds that he also lied about it containing poison. She wonders what business Ayato has to call her out to such a place.

She wonders what she should do because this place is scary. She decides to search for him since he called her out and so he might be waiting somewhere. Yui screams in fright when she finds the wax model moving. She pleads with it not to come closer and backs into a wall. Suddenly the shadow snorts in laughter and reveals itself to be Ayato who continues laughing at how she screamed for her father. He asks if she has a father complex.

She growls out his name in anger but he continues to grin and talks about how hilarious that is. To think there are actually real people who look to their father to save them. Is she an idiot? She accuses him of being mean because she was really frightened!

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Yui slides to the floor, completely losing the strength in her legs. She shuts her eyes with a groan while he laughs at her. Yui flinches and begs for him to stop. She watches as the wax drips onto the floor and yells out that this is dangerous. If it hits her like that… Ayato frowns at how he missed his target. He quietly tells her to be obedient. She pleads with him to stop but he just laughs. Yui asks him with shock if his current obsession is creating wax models.

He huffs and then denies it. She tries to think of something else, only to screech when the wax nearly drips on her. He holds the candle closer to her and she begs for him to seriously stop.

He wants to hear more of her voice! He wants her to be more scared and to dislike this. Yui gasps in fright and backs away into the wall. Her mouth drops open but she can see the seriousness in his eyes. Yui shuts her eyes and inwardly asks her father to save her. Ayato appears though and calls her out to head home. She reminds him that she told him to stop calling her chichinashi. She repeats her name stiffly and orders him to remember it, Komori Yui.

He sighs and points out that she can do this at home, right? So they should head home. But she can finish it at school. He snatches her notebook and Yui angrily asks him to return it. Ayato turns around in surprise only for Yui to snatch back her notebook with a cheer. He raises an eyebrow at her words. She yelps in surprise when he starts to strip her.

Yui blushes and asks him to stop because there are still other pupils. The two of them are all alone. She blurts out that someone might come down the hallway. Instead he wants to find out how far she can keep her voice down. He bites her and starts to suck, but she manages to remain silent. She shuts her eyes at the pain. It makes him want to make her cry out unnecessarily. He bites her again and she muffles her gasp.

Unfortunately she feels her head start to spin. She collapses and Ayato wonders nonchalantly if he sucked too much blood. He likes this situation and will do it again sometime. He tells her goodbye. She blushes in surprise when he picks her up.

The scent of her blood is dangerous and who knows what kind of beings will approach her. Yui looks for the disinfectant only to hear Ayato comment on the scent of blood. Ayato snarls at how her blood has been spilled without his permission. She sighs exasperatedly at that but he ignores her and orders her to hand herself over. Yui reassures him that she can handle this herself, but Ayato shouts at her to shut up and sit down. He sniffs her lightly before rolling up her skirt which makes Yui blush and protest that he should be able to see her wound on her knee without pulling it up so high.

Just when she looks confused Ayato kneels down and starts to suck her wound. Yui sighs and informs him that was why she was going to wash with water. He resumes sucking and she has to stop herself from flinching at the ticklish sensation.

She yelps when he chuckles at how, now that the wound is clean, fresh blood is flowing from it. Somehow it became another bloodsucking session. But she has to admit that the injury looks clean.

Yui calls out his name and when he looks up at her, she thanks him.

yui and ayato relationship marketing

Yui giggles inwardly at how dishonest he is. Ayato demands more blood from her and she squirms at how ticklish it is.

yui and ayato relationship marketing

He continues to suck and lick, and Yui has to try and stop him when his tongue starts to inch up her knee. He smirks as he points out that he was treating her and so she needs to thank him. Then he tells her not to hide herself and to remove her skirt. Yui blurts out that if he wants to be thanked then he can have her blood. She refuses blatantly which makes him frown.

She reminds herself never to be negligent again. She looks forward to this time the most. Yui screams before slamming the door in his face, which just makes him growl at her to open the door. Ayato calls her an idiot and informs her that he came here knowing that. Ayato tells her not to be so vigilant and that he brought her something good. She wonders out loud why Ayato would give that to her. In her mind she thinks it might be a trap. Yui nods slowly and Ayato eagerly tells her to relax in the bath and let her blood circ-… He stumbles on the word until Yui asks him if he means to let her blood circulate.

He agrees eagerly and tells her to notice how kind he is. She hesitantly says his name… before smiling brightly and thanking him. He frowns audibly but agrees and then orders her to open the door a little. She does and he hands her the things before she shuts the door and locks it again. To her it resembles medicine more than bathing powder. But it has a nice smell when she opens it. He must have heard her words because Ayato agrees and orders her to hurry up and put it into the water.

Yui nods hesitantly and then pours it in, only to widen her eyes at all the steam that appears. She starts to cough and Ayato chuckles darkly.

She realizes that she must have been tricked because she feels lightheaded. Yui collapses and falls unconscious. When she regains consciousness she finds herself in her bed. However her body feels heavy and it feels hard to open her mouth. He asks her how that feels. She gasps out that she feels hot. Not only is she hot but her head is spinning too. Is this how being drunk feels? He laughs and then tells her to be thankful.

When she fell into the bath, he was the one who carried her out. Her mind is sluggish as she tries to recall that and Ayato chuckles softly before informing her that her face is flushed. Yui murmurs that her cheeks are hot. Ayato frowns at how boring her answer is. Yui feels pleasantly cool. Does it feel good? The current you is nice with that defenceless and charmed expression. Then he starts to pant as he notes that the scent of her blood seems to have become sweeter than usual.

Can I do it, chichinashi? She looks confused before she flinches in pain when he sinks his fangs into her. Ayato groans at the sweetness. Ayato looks confused at her when she makes no reaction only to gape in surprise at how she fell asleep in this situation.

yui and ayato relationship marketing

He snaps out that there is still much more fun to come and so she needs to wake up! But when she continues to sleep, he sighs and decides to give her a break today. She flinches with her eyes shut and he shouts at her to wake up before slapping her again. She whimpers out that it hurts before opening her eyes. Her eyes widen when she tries to move only to hear chains. Ayato chuckles as she notices the chains on her arm.


It looked like everyone had the same logic as the self-important guy who had nearly made him trip while being asleep in his iron maiden at the same time. That was a new level of annoying; the presumed future head of the Sakamaki House literally didn't need to be awake to remind people of his stupidity. Subaru also suspected nobody knew whose mess was which pile anymore; though the fucking scooter was definetly Ayato's; nobody could be so obnoxious to put a scooter on the stove to avoid making room on the kitchen floor or entrance hall for it.

Subaru sighed as left the kitchen and passed by Reiji's door. He wished he was more like Reiji himself, if only because he wanted to be able to keep his stuff tidy a bit longer than two days Reiji's room always looked perfect! He worked harder than any of them, the huge nerd.

Meanwhile, Reiji was drinking the finest organic black tea of the region with pure gluten free oatmeal raisin cookies in his room, and suddenly wondered why they hadn't gotten any post lately.

Surely someone had managed to get himself indebted by now? However, his question was answered soon, as the phone rang. Reiji was startled mid-sip, and wet his pure white glove. Better throw it away. The phone had no cable from that one time Laito had cut it off to refrain Yui Komori from communicating with the outside world during her stay in their mansion. Blimey, he could have just plugged it off!

That was a really unnecessary waste. But if the phone somehow worked, it meant it was a call from a supernatural being! A bit nervous, he picked up, and heard some strange, coarse breathing on the line. Reiji was afraid of ghosts, and this person from another world sounded like one, and it knew his name! Reiji nearly dropped the phone, alarmed -Reiji. Don't call here ever again. Or should I mention the watch I gave you so long ago for you to believe me, son? Reiji didn't like how the last sentence sounded, as he felt stinging venom flowed through his already stopped circulation system in his chest; was he intentionally toying with him?

What do I owe this miracle to, father? Just what was the vampire overlord doing? And was that the sound of a circus? Where in tarnation was he? Are you sure you didn't send them to the old, more spacious house?

Reiji began to turn green and feel cold; this was bad. He'd surely missed the letters somehow. And as if their father needed more money! What was he up to?