Xkcd infinite time and space relationship

Personal thoughts on space, time, and matter. - xkcd

xkcd infinite time and space relationship

xkcd, sometimes styled XKCD, is a webcomic created in by American author Randall The What If column on the site is updated with new articles from time to time. "a treasured and carefully guarded point in the space of four- character strings. Romance and relationships are frequent themes, and other xkcd strips. Randall Munroe has used simple stick figures to create one of the wittiest comic sites available. xkcd began as notebook doodles he didn't want. But with his steady regimen of math jokes, physics jokes, and antisocial optimism, xkcd creator Randall Munroe, a former NASA roboticist.

xkcd infinite time and space relationship

Only between the two events which are space-like separated, neither of which has to be the observer! Simply restating your interpretation of this despite all the many reasonable and helpful explanations of why you're wrong is at best stupid and most likely intellectual dishonesty.

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You misinterpreted the meaning of it. Good detective work, Lokar.

xkcd infinite time and space relationship

For me, interval always means, wrt one transmission, and multiple sensors. For you, interval always means, wrt two transmissions? For me, a transmitter will only be sending out one signal. For me, interval is a time component. It is part of tile named 1 North 1 East.

The other sections are simply filled black in the south or white in the north with HTML. The populated area is 81 frames wide 33 West - 48 East and 32 frames tall 13 North - 19 South According to Randall in xkcd on the night this was released, a full size image of this comic leaving out the blanks would be 60 gigapixels, and a true single rectangular image would be close to a terapixel.

Based on the height of figures as well as the "two mile" figure given on the left-hand side, the scale should be approximately 32 pixels per 5 feet, making the entire map feet wide 4.

xkcd infinite time and space relationship

If it were an overhead area, it would be about 9. If the x PNGs were to be printed out as a single poster at dpi, the poster would be There is one very dark green pixel in 9 South, 7 East atThe remainder is all grayscale.

xkcd infinite time and space relationship

At the end of the right side it shows Cueball pondering where he'll float next. Click and Drag native zoom, click-and-drag Warning: If you didn't do that already, reading any below will spoil you from truly enjoying the comic. He gained a girlfriend, commonly named "Danish" by the community, during the course of a small series called "Journal", who is just as cruel as he is.

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He seems to be naive, obsessed with bakeries, optimistic, and completely out of touch with reality. He runs a startup that makes incredible amounts of money, despite his not even knowing what they do.

Infinite space, infinite time (Anthony Aguirre)

In one instance, he hired Lin-Manuel Miranda as an accountant and, in another instance, sprouted literal "endless wings". In the comic" Election Map", colored stick figures are used to display how people voted according to their region giving a clearer picture of how people voted in the election.

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Richard Stallman was confronted by students dressed as ninjas before speaking at the Yale Political Union [28] [29] — inspired by "Open Source". Doctorow later wore the costume again while accepting a Hugo Award on Munroe's behalf. Six months after release, the book had sold over 25, copies.

It was available for download only to those who donated higher than the average donated for the other eBooks.

xkcd infinite time and space relationship