Water pressure and depth relationship tips

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water pressure and depth relationship tips

Relationship Between Depth and Pressure Review and Equations. Anyone who dives under the surface of the water notices that the pressure on his eardrums at . Depth and hydrostatic pressure. the fluid where pressure is measured (m, ft). Hydrostatic pressure in a water column - or depth (density of water kg/m3): . Students learn about water pressure and how engineers design faucets. and then experiment to see the relationships between pressure, How do you think water pressure and depth is related? . Troubleshooting Tips.

What is the experiment?

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This lesson will answer those questions. Purpose of experiment The purpose of the experiment is to demonstrate how water pressure increases with depth.

water pressure and depth relationship tips

You can also make some rough measurements to show an approximate relationship between depth and water pressure. Research and factors It is good to research the physical laws with respect to what pressure is, as well as the concept of increasing pressure in a fluid due to the weight of the fluid.

water pressure and depth relationship tips

One other research item concerns the relationship between water pressure and how far a stream of water would squirt. Pressure is force per unit area. At any point in a fluid, the pressure is the same in all directions.

water pressure and depth relationship tips

Water pressure at a given depth in an open container, such as a swimming pool, is shown by the equation: So, there is a relationship between pressure and how far the water squirts. If you had a container with a hole in it, and if it is true that pressure increases with depth, then the water should squirt out further the higher the water level. You could show this by having one hole and measuring how far the water squirts as you change the depth of the water in the container, or you could put several holes at different heights and show how the water squirting varies.

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If you use several holes, they all should be the same size. As you will see in the next experiment the hole size is another variable. You don't want to mix variables in an experiment. Materials Large tin can or plastic milk bottle. Pressure is a scalar?!

water pressure and depth relationship tips

So why do people seem to represent pressure in diagrams with arrows as if it were a vector with a particular direction? Even though pressure is not a vector and has no direction in and of itself, the force exerted by the pressure on the surface of a particular object is a vector.

water pressure and depth relationship tips

So when people draw diagrams with pressure pointing in specific directions, those arrows can be thought of as representative of the direction of the forces on those surfaces exerted by the pressure from the fluid. If there were no surface upon which the pressure could exert a force, it would make no sense to draw a direction for the force at that point inside the water.

On the left hand side of the diagram below there are water molecules and pressure, but no well defined direction of force.

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The right hand side of the diagram below shows the well defined directions of forces on an ice cream cone submerged in the water. While we're on the topic, we might as well make it clear that the force exerted on a surface by fluid pressure is always directed inwards and perpendicular at a right angle to the surface. At this point, if you've been paying close attention you might wonder "Hey, there's air above the water right?

Shouldn't the weight of the column of air above the column of water also contribute to the total pressure at the top of the can of beans?