Victor frankenstein and the creature relationship

Similarities Between Victor and the Monster 🔎 words

victor frankenstein and the creature relationship

In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, the author uses the following archetypal relationships to juxtapose Victor and the Monster: Doppelganger: The Monster is a. The relationship between Shelley and Victor Frankenstein is seen quite early in the novel, beginning with the settings. Victor is “by birth a. Frankenstein (or the Modern Prometheus), was written by Mary Shelley in . Victor needs the monster as he is his only relationship,it is a.

victor frankenstein and the creature relationship

He on the other hand, was emotionally detached from her, leaving her to her own devices and paying her little attention.

She could write about these human insecurities because she experienced them first hand as a baby and as a young child herself. The Story Frankenstein is a story of a 'monster' who is forcefully separated from his creator because his physical imperfections have made him an abomination.

victor frankenstein and the creature relationship

Victor took great care to assemble all the body parts, and only chose those most beautiful. He worked almost like a poet and dreamt of creating a 'thing' of real beauty. However when he assembled the 'creature', his emotions were that of horror and disgust.

victor frankenstein and the creature relationship

The 'creature' only wants to be loved and 'it' had child like characteristics when he is first created, however Frankenstein does not see this and his judgement is clouded by the appearance of his creation.

Throughout the book all the 'creature' wants is love. This longing to be first accepted by Victor and then the longing for a fellow creature, a lover created specially for him, leads the monster to acts of murder and destruction.

His longing for love is so great he will destroy Victor if this goes unheeded. The theme of nature versus nurture is explored here. The one who was nurtured, the man who grew up in a loving family, Victor, could not return love to the creature he gave birth to.

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From the beginning we read of Frankenstein's disgust and his rapid physical decline mirrors the feeling he has for his creation.

The endless wanderings of his disturbed mind reflect the guilt and horror he feels for the creature he has created. He is in decline while his monster is becoming more eloquent and expressive. The more he is disturbed by the monster the more humanlike emotions the monster exhibits. However, Victor has no empathy for him as he becomes more and more disturbed by the daemon he sees before him. The more the monster wants to be accepted, needing his desires fulfilled the more Victor alienates himself from his own family and friends.

Describe the relationship between Victor Frankenstein and his monster.

When the monster approaches Victor in the mountains to ask for a female companion Victor allows himself to feel for a short time a little compassion for the lonely life the monster lives. Here Shelly's theme of love versus hatred becomes very obvious. The cry from the monster's heart is very moving as he implores Victor create for him some one to love.

Victor changed his mind one evening after he had begun collecting body parts for the new female monster and from that moment the relationship changed dramatically. Remember that I have power; you believe yourself miserable, but I can make you so wretched that the light of day will be hateful to you.

The Relationship Between Frankenstein and His "Monster" in the Novel by Mary Shelley

You are my creator, but I an your master;-obey! Love turns to hate in the monster as his desires are forbidden. She is setting the tone for the rest of the scene and is foreshadowing the events to come.

victor frankenstein and the creature relationship

The weather is used to dramatise the theme of calm versus turbulence, as good weather reflects calm spirits and turbulent weather reflects madness. The warm weather seems to lift the characters' spirits while the cold ravaging wind, such as when Victor is in the Arctic, seems to conjure up feelings of depression.

The thought of death is never far away.

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The weather can be seen as a correlation to what the character is feeling at that point in the story. Consequently, both have numerous similarities. Victor Frankenstein and the un-human like monster have many similar traits and aspects of their lives but both crave for a continuous stream of knowledge.

Early in the novel Victor is craving for more and more knowledge thus he leaves his large estate and his love Elizabeth to go to university to learn to understand situations and subjects better. Both victor and the monster long for becoming more intelligent about their surrounding world.

The monster learns how to walk, talk, open and close his eyes and how to overcome hunger and thirst. It is obvious as the novel progresses that the monster has an inner ability and determination to become just as intelligent as his creator.

Additionally, both Victor and the monster use nature as a hideaway or a safe haven when they are feeling as if they have nowhere else to go.

Both find comfort in nature and thus develop a very strong relationship with themselves.

victor frankenstein and the creature relationship

Thus, the creature forewarns him moments later what could happen if Victor does not comply with his demands: The creature knows that he is in a powerful position as the stronger of the two, and can threaten Victor Frankenstein because of it, so much so that Victor will wish he had never been born.

The monster also restates his dominance over Victor in this scene: Here the Frankenstein monster reasserts this belief that, although Victor created him, he is under no obligation to obey him.

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Frankenstein deserves ridicule for assembling a living being that he instantly neglects for the simple fact that it looks unsightly. His neglect causes Frankenstein to roam Europe in search of guidance and friendship, neither of which does he ever receive.

Nevertheless, it is difficult not to feel sorry for Frankenstein when all of his loved ones die at the hands of his creature.