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vash and meryl relationship marketing

At this point Vash and Meryl's relationship provides us with plenty of .. to Sorcerer's Stone here in the U.S. because that's better for marketing. Vash is on his way back from his battle with Knives, how will his relationship with Meryl be affected? And what happens when Knives enters the picture?. Meryl Stryfe (メリル・ストライフ, Meriru Sutoraifu) and her junior coworker, Milly Thompson, are agents of the Bernardelli Insurance Society sent to evaluate claims regarding Vash The Stampede. Although she doesn't often fight alongside Vash, she hides many derringer.

The anime does not feature his backstory or expose his face, and instead has him just wish to make Vash suffer. After Vash deflects his attack with a well-placed gunshot, he hurls himself into one of the plants powering the ship, leading to its crash. Zazie the Beast[ edit ] Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya Japanese ; David Umansky English Zazie the Beast is a collective of group-minded insects able to take over the bodies of humans.

These insects are the original inhabitants of the planet No Man's Land, who form an alliance with Knives to see whether humans or Plants are better to co-exist with them. They originally take over the body of a young boy, but it is destroyed by Hoppered after spying on him. Zazie later reappears in the body of a teenage girl, though it is also destroyed by Legato after trying to infect Knives. The last body is an odd-looking man in disco-clothing used to deliver his coin to Vash.

vash and meryl relationship marketing

The main hive is destroyed by Knives soon afterward. In the anime, Zazie is a demon who has possessed the body of Bete, a troubled young boy capable of controlling sand-worms with a high-frequency device he wears on his head. Vash shoots and destroys the device, and Zazie takes full control of Bete to hold Vash, Meryl, and Milly at gunpoint.

List of Trigun characters

He is killed by Wolfwood, prompting a heated disagreement between the two over their morals. In the manga, the conflict is triggered by Wolfwood's killing of Rai-Dei.

Midvalley the Hornfreak[ edit ] Voiced by: Tomohiro Nishimura Japanese ; Steve Bulen English Midvalley the Hornfreak is a violent musician who is able to use his tenor saxophone to generate destructive sound as well as play frequencies that drive those that hear it into a murderous frenzy. He is also capable of neutralizing sounds completely by playing counter-frequencies. He and his band originally just killed for money until being found by Knives, who killed all except Midvalley after they refused Knives's offer to join him.

Terrified and resentful of Knives and Legato, Midvalley attempts to betray and desert the Guns, but once discovered by Legato, he is quickly killed himself. Legato uses Midvalley's body to attack Hoppered, and it is buried with his saxophone on his gravestone afterward.

In the anime, Midvalley plays Sylvia, a hybrid between an alto and tenor saxophone, mainly acting as Legato's bodyguard before being the last Gun to fight Vash.

In their battle, Midvalley reveals his ability to synchronize sound waves with pain receptors in the body. Vash damages his horn with several carefully placed shots, preventing him from being able to play, and Midvalley commits suicide by triggering the now-jammed machine guns hidden in the bell so that they backfire into his chest.

He is a mute, talented sniper who utilizes a rifle with a barrel many meters long; its scope allows him to fire on targets from many miles away. The poncho he wears can change its coloration to perfectly blend in with his surroundings, and he also wears a broad-brimmed hat and a steel mask whose left eye is patched shut.

Vash distracts him long enough to shoot his rifle to pieces, but instead of surrendering, Caine commits suicide by shooting himself in the head with a revolver. He is later buried in the desert, with his hat and a piece of the rifle barrel marking the grave. Elendira the Crimsonnail[ edit ] Elendira the Crimsonnail, referred to as the lost thirteenth Gung-Ho Gun in the manga, is the most powerful of the group.

She is a transvestiteand normally wears feminine clothing and a pillbox hat. She shoots giant nails from a large briefcase that transforms into a crossbow with great proficiency, being capable of launching several in less than a second. However, underneath her outer garments she also wears restraining armour, and after disabling it, she is able to move at blinding speed.

Elendira also has the power to project the image of the death of her opponents by touch, crippling them with the realistic illusion. She is jealous of Legato, as Legato is not part of the Guns, suggesting that Legato is more important to Knives than she. Elendira was apparently one of Knives' very first companions, seen walking with him as a child along with Legato. She fights Livio twice, the first time skewering his torso with many nails after launching him through several buildings. Their subsequent rematch results in a similar outcome, despite Livio and Razlo's combined efforts to match her speed.

However, Elendira is ultimately killed when Livio grabs her and uses one of the nails going through his torso to run Elendira through. Chapel the Evergreen[ edit ] Voiced by: Hirotaka Suzuoki Japanese ; Dan Woren English Merely known as "Chapel" in the manga, he is a member of the "Eye of Michael", an organization of ecclesiastical assassins founded by a church that worships Plants. Chapel, also known as 'Master C', is the mentor of Wolfwood, teaching him all the skills in being an assassin.

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He is subsequently shot and left as a paraplegic by Wolfwood, who impersonates Chapel. He is only middle aged, but, like the rest of the members of the Eye, the artificial modifications on his body which grants him enhanced strength and reflexes and limited regenerative abilities have aged him considerably. He is wheelchair bound after Wolfwood shot him, and wields a large cross-shaped machine gun similar to Wolfwood's Punisher with four spiked ends at the base of the cross.

Wolfwood kills Chapel with an immense head butt, cracking his skull and breaking his neck. The anime features Chapel the Evergreen as Wolfwood's direct mentor. He carries the parent version of Wolfwood's Cross Punisher, though Chapel's splits into twin machine guns. He cares for Nicholas after Nicholas kills his abusive guardian.

He dresses in a dark green suit and has red goggles grafted to his face. He is killed by Knives after an unsuccessful attempt to kill Legato for taking control of him and forcing him to kill Wolfwood.

He wields the Double Fangs, two small cross-shaped machine guns strapped on his arms that fire from both ends. His body has been enhanced through increased metabolic rate, allowing him to recover from near fatal wounds in a matter of seconds. He grows up in the same orphanage as Wolfwood, having the nickname "Livio the Crybaby". Razlo the Tri-P unisher of Death is a violent and psychotic split personalitytreated as another member of the Gung-Ho Guns.

After repeated abuse by his father, Livio eventually developed the Razlo personality, with Razlo taking all the abuse, allowing the Livio persona to not know about it. Milly, who ironically catches on to everything, notices, but Meryl denies it. I think Meryl not only denies it to others, but she denies it to herself. She uses her job to cover up her feelings for him.

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I love the part after Vash blasts a hole in the fifth moon and people are cursing him and wishing he were dead, and Meryl hears it. Toward the end of the series, Meryl comes to terms with her feelings for Vash. Milly helps Meryl accept those feelings and accept that acting on them, is perfectly fine.

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She was too tough. So Meryl moves like this: Like so many others, Vash has helped her become a better person. She tries to ask him about it, but like usual, her words fall short and fail her. But when a child steals food from Vash, Meryl immediately seizes the moment as a means to distract Vash from his pain.

She and Wolfwood push him into a little side trip as an attempt to cheer Vash up. He had some friends here and there, but he never stayed long. He steps around her when he leaves, redirecting her efforts to Milly, giving her a task. Of course, many point to the fact that Vash killed Legato to save the girls.

vash and meryl relationship marketing

Meryl is one of his memories. When Vash wakes after ten days of slumber, the most important memories flood him, and one of them is his conversation with Meryl. I know this is a finer detail, but it sticks out to me because of the weight of the other memories he reclaims. Wolfwood dying, then Meryl, then the dead saxophone player, then Legato. There are three deaths in those first four memories, and one life.

That might not be so bad.

vash and meryl relationship marketing

He watches her, transfixed as she walks towards the man holding the gun, the one who wants to kill him. In that moment, he sees another human, like Rem, who would dare to save lives by ending the cycle of hatred. That must be it!

vash and meryl relationship marketing

He jumps up, but stays at her level, holding her close as his eyes close. You only know it because he has to turn all the way around to face Milly when she arrives.

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He leaves behind the coat. He finally makes the decision to move on, his business with Knives concluded, and he returns to Meryl. And the smile on his face is that of a soldier returned home. I would say that he does. At first, he lets the insurance girls see nothing but the silly side of him, trying to protect them from the darker side of things.

By the end, he tells Meryl everything. He draws her into his life and his past and his fears. Vash can be himself with Meryl, in all his incarnations. She has not only seen his wounds, but dressed them and cared for them.