Vanessa hudgens and austin butler age difference in a relationship

vanessa hudgens and austin butler age difference dating

vanessa hudgens and austin butler age difference in a relationship

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler met on the set of the original High Austin Butler revealed the secret of their successful long-distance relationship to Entertainment Tonight at the MTV Music Video Awards of Age Difference . Vanessa Hudgens and her tall boyfriend Austin Butler make one of the cutest couples in the industry. Know their true height and age. Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler photos, news and gossip. Find out more about Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens have been dating since Aug . Couple Comparison. Name Vanessa Hudgens. Age (at start of relationship) .

We never went out and barely talked in the phone, we just eat vanessa hudgens and austin butler age difference dating at lunch, lol. I never told my mom because I knew she would have get mad at me. So on that said it is very nice that your daughter trust you. I wouldn t allow her to go in a date group but I will point out that I am vanessa hudgens and austin butler age difference dating she told me the true and make vanessa hudgens and austin butler age difference dating movie night in my own house and invite some of her friends, including the boy.

Vanessa Hudgens Will Always be There for Boyfriend Austin Butler

I would ask my daughter to treat that boy as a friend for a little longer and just keep the conversation open and respectful. I found it best to encourage the relationship. He could come over to our house when hubby or I were home.

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She went over to his house once, when his parents were home. The only date they ever went on was to the park with other friends. She quickly learned that having a boyfriend wasn t all that great. He wanted sant anna metterza yahoo dating attention most of the time and would get upset if she didn t call or unavailable when she called.

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She realized that having a life was better than having a boyfriend. For now, I just keep encouraging the group activities. I would let her invite him to birthday parties etc but dating heck no. She shouldn t be interested in relationships. And boys that young change their mind so often and break girls hearts left and right because they are changing emotionally as well as physically.

He might think he really likes her or even loves her and then a few weeks later meet some girl at the movies or something.

Vanessa Hudgens Reveals The Secret To Her Successful Relationship With Austin Butler

I ve had my heart broken so much as a naive teen adolescent girl and I know how boys are at those ages. Tell her she can be friends with him but explain to her if he really likes her then a few years from now he can ask her out again am i dating a player she s old enough to date. If you don t allow any contact with him then yes she ll hate you and rebel and not listen to anything you say on the subject of boys again.

I was just talking to my husband about this last night. There is just no reason for them to be pairing off at this age, it s not like it helps them later in life and in my opinion probably hinders in some ways because they are focused on things other than school, family, sports etc.

vanessa hudgens and austin butler age difference in a relationship

I don t regret it at all. I think Dawn B. Inwhen Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens met, he was 17 turning 18 in October and she was 16 turning 17 in December. Thus, by the time that High School Musical was released, both Zac and Vanessa had both already graduated high school and were playing characters that were well below their actual ages.

vanessa hudgens and austin butler age difference in a relationship

Senior Year was released and the characters Troy and Gabriella finally graduated, Zac Efron was already 21, and Vanessa was about to turn Being only one year apart was probably another reason that brought Zac and Vanessa closer to each other, as most of their other High School Musical co-stars were slightly older during the time the original movie was shot. But one of the most iconic couple names of all time came from our very own Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, which were coupled up together as Zanessa.

Even nearly a decade later after the couple broke up, High School Musical fans are still insistent on hoping for the return of Zanessa.

20 Secrets Behind Vanessa Hudgens And Zac Efron’s Relationship

Despite not being an actual thing that happened in the franchise, many fans also had hopes for Zeke — who was clearly in love with Sharpay — to one day get a chance at dating his true love, yielding the Zepay couple name. According to a particular report from Digital SpyZac had felt compelled to propose to Vanessa because of her mother, who had allegedly been putting pressure on them to get married.

Senior Year — the first and only movie of the franchise that was released on the big screen rather than on the Disney Channel — a few months before. Despite the various reports, the engagement between Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens was never truly confirmed. In hindsight, many fans believe that Zac never actually proposed to Vanessa, and that those rumors were false.

vanessa hudgens and austin butler age difference in a relationship

Then again, neither of them ever spoke on the matter, so there is no way to truly know what happened. Zac Efron told Nightline that was trying to move past his High School Musical years and stay close to his family, who kept him grounded. That same year,Zac and Vanessa broke up. While promoting her new project, a Broadway remake of Gigi, Vanessa reminisced about her relationship with Zac and told the Times the following: Girls were running after him, and I was giving them death stares.

Sure, Vanessa admitted to being jealous of the overwhelming attention that Zac received from fans, and long-distance was cited as a source of problems for the couple — just like any other relationship that involves two actors or musicians. However, the real reason why they split is still a point of contention that involves a couple of different sources and reports.

According to a source that spoke to Radar Online, it was a mutual decision for the couple to break up. It just ran its course. They are still talking and still friends. However, the report from E! Despite having spoken about the relationship in hindsight, neither Vanessa Hudgens nor Zac Efron have provided clear insight as to what exactly happened for them to break up and remain on bad terms.