Uk and european union relationship

Brexit: why the EU doesn't want the UK to remain in the backstop indefinitely

uk and european union relationship

Relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom date back to the foundation of the European Economic Community in The United. With the date for the United Kingdom (UK) to leave the European Union (EU) just months away, ICC has restated its position that the UK should. and Policies of 'Brexit': The UK's changing relationship with the European Union in Politics and International Relations and BSc in Politics and Philosophy.

uk and european union relationship

Yes, in the short term, helping the British government over the Brexit line would bring some certainty, enabling the EU to get back to other business. But in the long term Brexit would create a festering British ulcer, hurting and weakening the body of the European Union. The ulceration would begin soon after B-day. Britain would then have to negotiate its actual future relationship with the EU, on the basis of a vague and non-binding political declarationand from an exceptionally weak negotiating position.

Those negotiations would take years, and be very difficult. The false promises of the Brexiteers would soon be exposed.

ICC calls for closest possible relationship between UK and European Union

Even if we were to get beyond this toxic blame-game, it is a dangerous illusion to believe that Britain would go on happily, constructively cooperating with the rest of Europe on foreign policy, defence, counter-terrorism one thinks of the latest victims in Strasbourg and intelligence-sharing and all the other areas in which the UK substantially contributes to Europe, while being mired in unhappiness about the rest of the relationship.

It is also a delusion to think that within a few years the British would come back, with their tails between their legs, begging to rejoin.

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In short, there would be a dynamic of divergence, not of convergence. Of course we might lose the referendum vote again. Even then, the country would be in no worse a position than it is now So the only good Brexit is no Brexit.

uk and european union relationship

Whereas elsewhere nationalist populism has seriously impaired the workings of democracy, in Britain it is working. I have spent a lot of time with British MPs recently, and seen how seriously they are treating their role as elected representatives in a critical moment.

uk and european union relationship

As a result, the mother of parliaments is now taking back control. Nobody knows what will emerge from its often arcane and operatic procedures. A government of national unity? No deal by accident rather than design?

GV3A1 The Politics and Policies of 'Brexit': The UK's changing relationship with the European Union

Nothing is certain — except that there will be several more weeks of fireworks, smoke and confusion. But the option quietly gaining support among MPs is a second referendum. The resulting referendum campaign could be angry and divisive. There is currently no easy way out of the backstop.

United Kingdom – European Union relations

This would severely limit the capacity of the UK to pursue an independent trade policy. Third, Northern Ireland would be treated differently to the rest of the UK.

It would be in a closer customs arrangement with the EU and have privileged access to the single market for goods.

uk and european union relationship

This would require additional checks on the movement of goods from the rest of the UK to Northern Ireland, raising fears, generally overstated, for the economic and constitutional integrity of the UK. Concerns about what can be established on the basis of Article 50, which governs the withdrawal process under EU law, have certainly existed in the EU. They were particularly noticeable in debates on how to interpret commitments to a backstop arrangement for Northern Ireland in the joint report of UK and EU negotiators, agreed in December The prevailing EU view was that the backstop could only be Northern Ireland-specific.

UK begins five-day debate to decide future relationship with EU

However, the UK government pushed hard for a backstop that would keep the whole of the UK — rather than just Northern Ireland — in a temporary customs union with the EU. It dislikes the arrangement, and the objective is to replace it with the future UK-EU relationship once that is negotiated.

It could well be that the EU might therefore be willing as a further concession to allow for the UK to withdraw from this particular aspect of the backstop arrangements unilaterally.

uk and european union relationship

Yet, there is no evidence of an EU willingness to concede to opponents of the Northern Ireland-specific elements of the backstop arrangements. But this is unacceptable to many unionists, particularly in Northern Ireland, given that it would involve treating Northern Ireland differently.

Other voices in Northern Ireland have far fewer reservations.