Tully and drew relationship

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tully and drew relationship

Drew would ideally help, but he works during the day and unwinds in the crackles with wit: when the two women are discussing relationships. tully and drew still dating Tully smyth big brother: although her relationship with drew ended. Big brother australia – tully smyth and tahlia hooks up with drew. Tully Smyth entered the Big Brother house as a self-described lesbian in a relationship. By the time she was evicted, she had no idea.

tully and drew relationship

They even professed their love for each other on many occasions. Their close relationship was attacked on social media and Tully has now conceded her conduct could have been considered cheating. I think I will definitely have to change my relationship status on Facebook to 'it's complicated', now.

We were house husband and wife, we bickered like husband and wife. We just have to wait and see.

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It is possible to go into the house with a partner and come out with a partner, but I just didn't happen to pull that off. Smyth said she became emotional in the first two weeks when she missed family and friends and now ex-girlfriend Tahlia while also dealing with unexpected house rules. She said her mental state was not helped by inconsistent meal times, being made to sleep on the floor and being forced to take cold showers. She said in hindsight, she sought comfort, and cheated with Drew out of an instinct to emotionally survive but added she's not alone.

All the housemates on the Nine Network series are hitching their emotions to another housemate and they scramble to the next person if that person is evicted, she said.

Tully and Drew are just cuddly friends, for now, says Heidi

You need one person you can turn to, you trust and can rely on,'' Smyth told AAP. Tahan asked him how he broke his finger but upon his response no one seemed to take him seriously except for Tim. Jasmin[ edit ] Jasmin Bell, nickname "Jazz Bell", aged 37, unemployed, aspiring plus size catalogue model, entered the Safe House on Day 0 and was the eleventh housemate to enter on Launch night.

She was nominated for eviction on Day 2 after receiving most nomination points from her fellow housemates, because of this, she then had to move into the Halfway House. Her attitude and personality was not well received by other housemates and viewers.

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Jasmin returned to the Safe House after surviving nominations on Day They werre not allowed to be more than three metres apart from each other as they were playing as one housemate. They were nominated in week 7 in a fake double eviction.

They narrowly avoided eviction with The next week they were nominated along with Tully and Tahan. On day 66 They were the Tenth housemate to be the evicted with They are known as the "sugar sisters".

Madaline was also saved from eviction on Day 70 by Nathan who volunteered to take her spot. On day 81 Madaline was nominated for eviction along with Jade and Boog.

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Matthew[ edit ] Matthew Filippi, aged 29, entered the Halfway House on Day 0 and was the ninth housemate to enter on Launch night. Although he wasn't nominated by his fellow housemates on Day 16, he was swapped in a twist on Day On day 50 Matthew was the seventh housemate to be evicted and therefore left the big brother house.

She was nominated for eviction on Day 9 after receiving the most nomination points 17 from her fellow housemates. As a result, Mikkayla remained in the Halfway House. As Heidi and Tim both received 10 nomination points, Mikkayla had to choose who she'd like to join her facing eviction.

On Day 11, Tahan had the power to save a nominated housemate. She chose to save Mikkayla, who was switched with Heidi. Mikkayla was nominated for eviction again on Day 16 and returned to the Halfway House, this time only receiving 7 nomination points. On Day 17, in a game of 'pass the parcel', Mikkayla finished with the 'prize', which was the power to switch a nominated housemate with a safe housemate. She switched herself with Matthew, meaning the nomination twist had saved her from facing eviction two weeks in-a-row.

Tully and Drew are just cuddly friends, for now, says Heidi | Fraser Coast Chronicle

In Week Four's nominations, Mikkayla once again had the highest number of nomination votes with This time, she wasn't saved and was finally forced to face the public vote. The house was shocked when Jasmin was the one who was evicted. On Day 30's Nominations, Mikkayla received just 3 votes all 3 came from Ed.

However, due to the spread of the votes, it was enough to make her equal sixth.

Tully Smyth and Drew Talk About Their Relationship

However, on Day 32, Tim won Thursday's Showdown and was given the power to save a nominee and sacrifice a safe housemate. Tim sacrificed himself and saved Mikkayla. This was the third time Mikkayla had been saved by the Nomination Twist and the fourth time she had survived Eviction despite originally being nominated.

In Week Six's Nominations, Mikkayla received 4 votes 2 from Matt, 2 from Tullyhowever 4 was all that was needed to ensure she was nominated yet again. However, Mikkayla won Week Six's showdown and won the power to save a nominated housemate and sacrifice a safe housemate. Mikkayla chose to save herself and put Ben up for eviction. This was the fourth time Mikkayla had been saved by the Nomination Twist and the fifth time she had survived Eviction despite originally being nominated.

The following week, Mikkayla again faced eviction after receiving 7 points. The housemates believed it to be a double eviction, where in actual fact the housemate with the highest votes would go into a safe house. In Week 8, Mikkayla received only 2 votes coming from Tully which meant for the first time since entering the house, Mikkayla was safe after nominations.

Big Brother announced the Showdown winner could only save a nominee, not sacrifice a safe housemate, which meant Mikkayla was safe another week. In a highlight week for Mikkayla, her rival Tully was evicted by the public. In Week 9, there was no nominations and Big Brother announced that all Housemates would be up for eviction.

The eviction took place on Wednesday of Week Ten and Mikkayla received However, Mikkayla watched on as her closest allies Katie and Lucy were evicted.

tully and drew relationship

Mikkayla had a rough time with intruder Justynn during the "everybody-nominated" period. The two fought over the shopping list and power in the house.

tully and drew relationship

When the Housemates thought they were voting in the intruder eviction, Mikkayla voted to save Nathan and evict Justynn. In Week Ten's nominations, Mikkayla only received two points, meaning she was safe from eviction for another week. On day 74 Mikayla was nominated for evicton with Tahan and Boog despite winning the nominations superpower. Mikkayla was evicted on day 80 after receiving Clooney to fellow house mate Ed. Nathan[ edit ] Nathan Little, aged 35, is a video producer and musician who entered the Big Brother House as an intruder on Day 58, the latest Big Brother Australia has ever allowed intruders to enter the house.

tully and drew relationship

He was the first contestant in the history of Big Brother worldwide to sacrifice his spot in the game for another housemate on Day He was unaware which of the two intruders would take his spot until the public vote was calculated two days later and deemed to be Madaline.

Rohan was sent directly to the Halfway House after being nominated for eviction on Day 16 with 9 nomination points. Sharon[ edit ] Sharon Smith, aged 52, married with three children, entered the Safe House on Day 0 and was the seventh housemate to enter on Launch night. The same day, Tahan decided to cross the divide. As a result, she had to return all her clothes to Big Brother where they were kept until Day 3.

Tahan moved into the Safe House on Day 9 having survived nominations but returned to the Halfway House on Day 16 after being nominated by her fellow housemates, this time with 12 nomination points.

tully and drew relationship

Tahan was known as the survivor in the house as she survived so many evictions. Tahan is the most saved housemates in the history of Big Brother Australia after surviving a total of nine evictions six are consecutive.

Tahan was also well known for her long running feud with Katie and Lucy which began immediately after the sisters entered the house right through till they were evicted. Tahan even said in the diary room following their eviction that she has finally beat them and won the feud. Tim[ edit ] Tim Dormer, aged 29, entered the Safe House on Day 0 and was the sixth housemate to enter on Launch night. Just when Big Brother had started, it was revealed that there was a video online of Tim streaking naked on a plane with famous pop star Rihanna.

He was nominated on Day 9 after receiving 10 nomination points, and as a result, Tim had to move into the Halfway House. He returned to the Safe House on Day 16 having survived nominations with 0 nomination points.