Toguro and genkai relationship test

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toguro and genkai relationship test

Oct 5, Team Urameshi · Team Toguro (50 years prior to the events of the manga/anime) Character - Genkai, Red Tunic (With Hat) Test 3. Normally. Yusuke facing the younger Toguro who was a B class demon Elder Toguro - Alive, but imprisoned by Kurama's Sinning Tree Genkai (in her prime)- Alive. The Yu Yu Hakusho manga series features a diverse cast of fictional characters created by .. Now of no use to him, Toguro kills Genkai the day before the finals. Having killed 99 masters so far, he steals their secret techniques and tests them.

We have the previous spirit detective, a full human who excelled in every aspect of his life. A human who never faced his own mortality, because he never died like Yusuke. Killing demons did not come across as murder to Sensui, his detachment from it is exactly what results in his meltdown.

Sensui splits into 7 personalities as a result of his world flipping upside down. His head runs rampant with being akin to the people who would torture creatures this way and he saw how that was reflected in himself, having murdered previously without so much as a thought.

He witnesses all the evils of the world — throughout history — in one sitting. By showing others, he recruits followers. So his newfound purpose is to tear down that wall. Yusuke grew up on the opposite side of the tracks. He was never good at much of anything and never saw the good in anyone.

toguro and genkai relationship test

He grew up believing the world inherently bad — as Sensui sees it now — and it was only in facing death — which Sensui never did — did Yusuke see the good.

Yusuke treats others the way he wants to be treated. Yusuke is, in effect, the most unselfish person there is. When Genkai dies and Kuwabara sorta dies-ishYusuke blames himself for being unable to protect them. The only time you ever see Hiei laugh. By facing Sensui, Yusuke actually treasures where he came from and appreciates his standing in life. Sensui had the best life imaginable and he was unable to recover from the shock of the real world, but Yusuke managed to find joy and success after being at rock bottom.

However, when the two finally face off… Yusuke loses. Yusuke is simply not strong enough, so like Sensui, he decides to splinter himself, but instead of different personalities, he invests his morals and values into his three friends. Kuwabara is very outspoken about his emotions and is always trying to prove something for himself and others.

Kuwabara wants to protect the people he loves and fears disappointing them. Wake me for the end of the world. This is exemplified in how Hiei sacrifices his arm to win a match in the Dark Tournament, and sacrificed his entire net worth in spirit energy to keep his sister safe.

Kurama was a demon, living in demon world. He was a notorious thief and was a name to be feared.

toguro and genkai relationship test

He actually cared about his mother. With a character like Kurama, who is so calculating anyway, to experience life as a human, he truly gets a taste for both sides and finds the human side — dare I say — better.

Kurama is perhaps the most similar then to Yusuke, not only in containing half-human and half-demon blood, but also in growing up on the bad side and moving towards the good. Yusuke goes to Demon World and fights Sensui. But once again this is where the Western-interpretation resounds more prominently than the Eastern values. Although his ancestor gave him unlimited strength, Yusuke, once again, rejects it. As Sensui felt limitless guilt for killing demons, he feels that Yusuke is justified in defeating him.

And although, Sensui was by no means a hero towards the end, he does repent like a cowboy, believing to die for his previous misdeeds. And while Togashi may have just made up the backstory at this point, it serves the betterment of the anime, since Cook saw the whole series 3 times before putting pen to paper, so it never feels inconsistent.

Each character is given detailed backstories that help establish where they come from with the exception of Kuwabara who is sorely missed. Yusuke finally gets a father figure who is a full-blooded demon.

He had the half-demon, Toguro and the all human in Sensui, so now he gets the all-demon, bona fide dad.

Why do I exist? With that in mind, Yusuke approaches the remaining two kings of the demon world and entirely reworks their government system through a tournament, but hey. What am I still doing here? He has only ever fought on behalf of the ones he loves, to protect them from harm. People like the democracy. The wall between the two worlds is evaporated and you can bet Yusuke makes good on his word to Keiko.

Conclusion The English translation of this anime is what makes it survive the test of time. Yusuke wants to protect his loved ones and that trumps concrete strength any day — just look at how Toguro failed to save his loved one despite being Super Strong.

toguro and genkai relationship test

Toguro is a perfect representation of why I feel the Eastern culture would get less out of this television series than the Western. Toguro is what is commonly sought from anime characters: In fact, he actually loses the final fight, which may come across as weakness to an Eastern audience, but makes it stand out in Western culture.

The reason Yusuke loses is because his opponent has his son in the audience. When his son shouts for his father, Yomi said father keeps his stance, winning solely because he maintained his footing.

More importantly, winning because he had his loved one in the audience.

Anime Fights: Genkai vs Toguro

Cook should get the credit for writing phenomenal dialogue and interpreting scene meanings and emphasis. It perfectly fits the tone and style of the writing, matching the rebellious angst with the moments of genuine compassion.

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It adds a level of investment to the battle because you feel the struggle Yusuke is going through. And I Must Scream: And This Is for Ichigaki, who has beaten the snot out of Kuwabara and enslaved innocent martial artists. Yusuke finishes by saying "And this Kuwabara, who fought Yusuke constantly before the series started, was this when Yusuke died.

Though Hiei could theoretically shift to Unscrupulous Hero when Yukina is involved. He also shows more heroic tendencies when dealing with Kurama and Mukuro. Kuwabara would be a normal hero in most other settings, but he's got enough hardscrabble street fighting background to qualify here. Seven for the Chapter Black arc. It's declared that the "seven" will dig a grave for humanity, but it's seven personalities; Itsuki remarks that Sensui saw all of his followers as expendable.

Keiko's usual punishment for Yusuke acting up. You would think Keiko was the most powerful force on Earth with how often the guy gets beat on by her. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: The cruelties of Genkai's training include: Four weeks locked in a cave, balancing on spikes, being buried alive in a snake pit, and not being allowed to shower.

The anime starts off with the somewhat ish type animation where characters are poorly drawn, but improves greatly by the Dark Tournament arc. Yusuke's Spirit Detective tools, they get phased out around the time of the Dark Tournament. This bit actually gets lampshaded by Botan when she laments that Yusuke never bothered to use them. They make a brief comeback at the start of the Chapter Black arc. Hiei's true demon form. In the case of Hiei's true form, he was originally supposed to be a Starter Villainbut then he got Saved by the Fans and promoted to a main character.

His true form got phased out as well. There's also the fact that putting something as vulnerable as an eye all over your body would probably work against whatever power-up a full demon form would give.

The Forlorn Hope can grant the user a wish, but only at the cost of their life. Ass Kicking Equals Authority: Invoked by Yusuke and played straight by the entire demon world during the Demon World Unification Tournament arc. A great deal of demons, most notably Elder Toguro. Though nicer than most examples, Koenma's treatment of Ogre is less than benevolent.

Yusuke was able to catch Hiei's sword with two fingers when he was testing how strong Yusuke was after his training for the Dark Tournament. Genkai does this during her fight with Shishiwakamaru. During the Dark Tournament, Hiei was able to block Bui's insanely large axe. Not to mention melting it. Barred from the Afterlife: At the beginning, delinquent Yusuke dies saving a child from being hit by a car, which puts the Celestial Bureaucracy in a bind: He was scheduled to go to Hell, but his Heroic Sacrifice partly redeemed him But not enough to qualify for Heaven.

He ends up working for them fighting demons. Yusuke and Kuwabara do this most often.

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Toguro and Genkai long ago might have been something between this and a Battle Couple. This is Kurama's modus operandi of choice.

toguro and genkai relationship test

Sakyou pulls a pretty big one on Tarukane, counting on the latter to try to hustle his friends at gambling. It ends with Tarukane losing his shirt, then his head. Sensui sends Game Master, a little boy whose psychic powers bring games to life, to stall the team from rescuing Kuwabara. The game he chooses to play has the villain die when the player wins, meaning they have to kill the boy to get to Sensui.

Sensui counts on Koenma using a large chunk of his spirit energy stored in his pacifier to bring the boy back to life, ensuring that the Mafukan seal that that energy would otherwise go towards would not be strong enough to hold Sensui, so he could continue to Demon World.

Seen several times in the Dark Tournament arc. Arc Villain Toguro at the higher reaches of his strength produces an aura which dissolves weaker demons. Of special note is Toguro's unwilling subordinate Bui, whose major power is literally and explicitly called Battle Aura; he uses it to fly and shoots pieces of it for attacks. The reason for Bui's insanely heavy armor is that Bui's raw power is greater than his fine control, and he can't turn the aura off.

The armor acts a Power Limiter to keep his aura restrained until he decides to take his armor off. Becomes more common as the series goes on. Yusuke starts showing one in the Dark Tournament. The Chapter Black arc Big Bad 's aura is so strong it physically prevents energy attacks from hitting him. The Sensui arc focused on this for the most part, the Kaitou and Gamemaster fights being the best to define this. The series as a whole was one of the first to exploit fighting strategically in mid battle rather than pummeling others with the superior powers.

They fight constantly from the very first episode, but they clearly care a lot about each other. Subverted after the Saints Beasts arc. While we tend to see them argue with each other more often than not in their interactions, neither Yusuke nor Keiko seem to refute the notion that they're in a relationship or something at least akin to it. Yusuke mentions to Toguro that he hopes to "grow old" with her after winning the Dark Tournament, and a lot of the set-up to the Demon Kings arc involves Yusuke clarifying his hopes to marry her by the series' end.

Hiei is depicted as being extremely cold and not caring about anyone or wanting any friends, which is why his reaction to people threatening his sister is a bit surprising.

Kurama, likewise, used to be pretty evil, but after growing up as a human he has developed an attachment to his family.

toguro and genkai relationship test

Threatening them will make you pretty dead pretty fast. Yusuke appears to be permanently dead, however this trope is invoked as his demonic half awakens. Used on a semi-regular basis to frame opponents throughout the show, most common on Kurama vs his opponents. It does happen to the other characters as well sometimes.

Beware the Nice Ones: It's generally not a good idea to get the soft-spoken and outwardly friendly Kurama mad. Kuwabara is probably the friendliest in the group, and he's not to be trifled with, either, if you don't want a Jigen-tou through your chest Yukina, of all people, when she reveals she was searching for her brother to remind him he promised to exterminate all the Koorime.

While he is dangerous thanks to his wealth and his connections being the founder of the Black Black Club, and hiring various demons and humans to do his dirty workhe overestimates his chances of winning, loses everything when Younger Toguro is defeated, and doesn't compare well to most of the antagonists in the series. It doesn't help that the Toguro Bros.

Some of the arc villains in the Dark Tournament are pretty haughty, but end up getting taken out with relative ease. Most notably are Shishiwakamaru and Suzuki from Team Uraotogi, who are each primed to be intimidating foes, yet each lose easily to a severely weakened Genkai. Also, Risho of Team Masho, who takes particular glee in the potential of taking victory over Team Urameshi, even though it would mostly be by technicality Yusuke, Genkai, and Hiei were all kept at bay by a bogus call from the Tournament Committee and a trap from outside the ring, and Kurama didn't actually lose — he won both of his fights, and Butahiri just fixed it so Bakken got to beat on his unconscious body.

Then comes Kuwabara, who — despite suffering from crippling injuries — easily wipes the floor with Risho once he realizes Yukina is watching the fight. Threatening and later possessing Kurama's little stepbrother was a very, very stupid move.

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Threatening Yukina will get you cut up by Hiei pretty quickly. Koenma throughout the entire series.

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Genkai as well from Chapter Black onward. Koenma and Botan likes to shed out this phrase a lot. The dub is littered with these for people who speak both Japanese and English. To sub fans who are monolingual in English, these lines sound like straight-up Bowdlerisation — the most infamous being "A mulberry kuwa is a tree, and Kuwabara's a man!

Blocking Stops All Damage: