The west wing josh and donna relationship advice

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the west wing josh and donna relationship advice

Much about the success of The West Wing has a touch of serendipity to it, but nothing more than the relationship between the deputy chief of. Summary: Josh deals with the world and his relationship sort of. Every time one of my friends hears about Donna and me they say. A page for describing Heartwarming: West Wing. Or the scene where Bartlet gives his Secretary of Agriculture advice on how to run the country . their questions to Toby instead of Josh, out of respect for his close relationship with Donna.

Or the classic guy-in-the-hole speech from Leo.

Amy Gardner

And the callback it gets later in the series from Josh. I'm gonna help you out, you know why?

the west wing josh and donna relationship advice

Because you're so obsessed with everyone you love dying that you're a compulsive fixer? Bartlet's gift to Leo at the end of "Bartlet for America. In the final shot of the series, we see Bartlet flying home from the White House, looking at the same gift.

the west wing josh and donna relationship advice

It was returned to him following Leo's death, still pristine in its beautiful frame. The gift in question is a bar napkin.

The West Wing Josh and Donna have "the talk"

Leo had been stumbling about for days, struggling to figure out who - the one that Leo could trust above all others - could run for President. And he finds himself writing the same thing down over and over. On that napkin are the words "Bartlet For America". Earlier in that episode, Leo is describing Bartlet preparing himself for a debate: He sees it as a genuine opportunity to change minds - also his best way of contributing to the team.

I love him so much. Toby to Sam on the eve of the special election in California: You're gonna lose, and you're gonna lose huge.

They're gonna throw rocks at you next week, and I wanted to be standing next to you when they did. Sam when he decided to run, especially his little story about the Republican wingnut candidate he met who wouldn't let go of his doomed campaign platform because "this is what I believe, and no candidate gets to run in my district without speaking to my issues.

Smart people who love you are gonna have your back. At the end of the episode, she's literally on her way out the door when Leo calls her into his office. He talks to her honestly about his own addictions and the fact that his father was a violent alcoholic; she says that her father also drank a lot. He refuses to blame anyone else for his addictions, and tells her that he hasn't had a drink or taken a pill in six and a half years. You're not like what I thought you would be like.

You haven't answered my question yet. When you saw my personnel file, when you saw I'd been through treatment, what when through your mind? My father used to Karen, what you did caused a lot of problems; for me, for the President, and for a lot of people we don't even know. But I'm not sure it wasn't a little bit brave.

Then why don't you go unpack your carton and you and I will give each other a second chance? What makes it heartwarming is that Leo understands that she didn't do what she did to gain favour with anyone, or because she was being judgemental about his addictions, but because she was legitimately frightened by the idea that a man with Leo's history of substance abuse could wield so much power. And that he gives her a second chance because it's important to him that she give him a second chance too.

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He doesn't have to care what she thinks of him. In "Two Cathedrals," Charlie comes out to the portico where Bartlet is standing in the storm to tell him that it's time to leave for the press conference. He's wearing a coat and holding one for Bartlet, but Bartlet walks by without putting it on. Back inside, before catching up to him, Charlie lays Bartlet's coat on his desk All of the other staffers wear their coats.

From the Saga of Josh and Donna: The episode 17 People. Donna tells Josh a story about how she was once in a car accident, and her then-boyfriend stopped for a beer with his buddies on his way to see her in the hospital.

Later in the episode, Josh says, "I'm just sayin'. If you were in an accident, I wouldn't stop for a beer. Yeah, that isn't it. Josh's expression when she wakes up, so concerned and hopeful, gets me every time. Not to mention that Donna's first words after surgery was saying Josh's name over and over.

And that she asked to see him before surgery, not her boyfriend. It is also very heartwarming that aside from Donna's new boyfriend nobody bats an eye at Josh leaving the White House during a major crisis to fly to Germany and be with Donna. They all seem to think it's perfectly reasonable given their close connection. Heck, even the reporters that cover the White House turn their questions to Toby instead of Josh, out of respect for his close relationship with Donna.

The scene in "Inauguration: And later in the same episode, Will's utterly flabbergasted reaction to his appointment as Deputy Communications Director. In the sixth season, presidential-candidate Matt Santos gives this gorgeous speech about the power of hope. It's a lovely speech, but what really makes it a Heartwarming Moment is that it's superimposed with President Bartlet slowly pulling himself with canes across the Oval Office after being nearly crippled by multiple sclerosis.

When the Santos team looks to be losing the primary while Matt Santos and his wife are mortgaging their house to keep the campaign afloat, Josh rushes to stop them from putting their financial future in jeopardy over a losing cause, and Matt tells Josh a story. You know, when I got out of the Marines, I hadn't been around in my old neighborhood in Houston in a few years and I just got this job offer from the Pentagon, and it required a full FBI background check.

After a few weeks the investigators came up to me and said "We can't give you the job. We've interviewed all your old friends and neighbors, and they can't confirm anything. Not even your name. I see my neighbor's eleven and thirteen year old kids, they're sitting on the stoop, same as always.

And they see me coming and they start running towards me and shouting "Tio Matt! We told 'em we never heard of you! I am running for President at that Texas primary. And those kids are going to see me do it.

In "He Shall, from Time to Time Jed, of all the things you could have kept from me. You haven't called me Jed since I was elected. Why didn't you tell me? It wouldn't have stopped me from getting you here.

And I could have been a friend. You have been a friend. But when it was time to really When I was lying on my face in the motel parking lot, you were the one I called. When you stood up there today, I was so proud. I wanted to be with you.

the west wing josh and donna relationship advice

I know the feeling. Bartlet to Sam in "Hartsfield's Landing": You can do it. I believe in you. I wanna be the guy. You wanna be the guy the guy counts on. Even better is Bartlet very casually telling Sam that, 1 He needs to spend time with the White House Counsel to see if he's broken any laws, 2 Sam should call Laurie to tell her the White House regrets the inconvenience she's about to face and that she has a cause against the tabloid, 3 Sam should tell her if she passes the bar exam she's about to take, the Attorney General as in the highest ranking law enforcer in the country will personally see to it she's admitted to the bar, and 4 that the President himself congratulates her for getting her degree.

Josh tells Donna she looks great in the "stolen" dress, "The Portland Trip," Season 2 Excellent banter opens up this exchange when Donna puts on a red dress she bought for a date. Josh insists it's stolen, because she plans to return it the next day, but Donna insists she's just being thrifty. On her way out, Josh stops and tells her, "You look really great in that dress tonight, Donna. You should buy it for yourself.

In this Christmas episode, Donna issues repeated pleas for Josh to buy her various items of ski equipment as her gift. He appears playfully disinterested until episode's end when he gifts her a rare book on alpine skiing with a personal note inside. It makes her cry, and he tells her he "meant it. Part 1," "The Midterms, "Noel," Season 2 For the purposes of this ranking, we'll group a few moments together that all showcase Donna's devotion to Josh in the aftermath of the harrowing Rosslyn shooting.

Part 1," when Toby tells Donna that Josh has been shot. It's a brilliant moment of acting from Moloney, whose devastated reaction could not possibly feel more real.

In "The Midterms," Donna takes charge of Josh's recovery-work balance, creating a set of rules dictating how the other Senior Staffers are allowed to interact with him.

And lastly, in "Noel," we find out after Josh has been officially diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that Donna was the one to first notice his symptoms. Josh has a related hand injury, and at episode's end, Donna gently leads him to the car to take him to the emergency room. Josh tells Sam he think it's puzzling that Donna is the one pushing the union -- it's not that he gets jealous when she goes out with other guys, but he does "do everything within [his] considerable capabilities to sabotage it.

But, the poll wouldn't tell you it's because she likes you, and she knows it's beginning to show, and she needs to cover herself with misdirection. Yet the interaction that sticks out most in our mind is between Amy and Donna, safe in the White House late at night.

After Amy makes repeated unsuccessful attempts to try to enlist Donna's help in understanding why a comment she'd made earlier had offended Josh, Donna finally breaks and says "You have to get Josh. After four full seasons of rising tension without a single overt mention of Josh and Donna's "love" from within the show, this scene was, to put it simply, huge.

The West Wing / Heartwarming - TV Tropes

Even though we don't hear Donna respond, the fact that she says nothing as opposed to some kind of quick deflection a la Josh to Joey Lucas in Season 2 is extremely telling. The scene is also notable as the last Josh-Donna nod written by series creator Aaron Sorkin before his departure at the end of season 4.

Josh throws snowballs at Donna's window, "Inauguration Part 2: Over There," Season 4 A very close runner up to the number one spot! What Josh-Donna supporter does not melt when Josh pauses his big good-cop speech in this episode to look at Donna longingly and say "You look amazing"?

Any scene I do with Brad is particularly enjoyable. On their characters, both conceded that the pair belong together. Married with a kid, they agreed. I will not be calm. They bring the funny. Their witty repartee never ceases to entertain me.

Always a delightful dose of sharp dialogue and sizzling chemistry, biting sarcasm permeates their every exchange. At times, most times really, they resemble an old married couple — reluctantly sharing food, dressing each other, having their petty squabbles and sharing the most over-familiar rapport. Both actors have a knack for understated physical comedy and superb comic timing, which lends itself beautifully to the lightness of their scenes. When Donna is caught in a roadside explosion, Josh drops everything and flies to Germany to be with her.

She tried to put it out; he ran outside.

The 10 Best Moments of The West Wing’s Josh and Donna

He went off campaigning; his father died. What do you think makes him walk so fast? They are more tactile than married Jim and Pam, to be quite honest. There is an episode, Stirred a favourite of mine for many reasonswhere she positions herself in his office with her legs up on his desk.